The Process Of Menstruation And The Effect On The Body

The body of a woman goes through a series of processes between puberty and subsequently menopause. The changes are mainly adapted to get the body ready for a future pregnancy. The menstrual cycle put forward a process in which an egg is developed and released from the ovaries. Consequently, the lining of the uterus gets build up during the process. When a pregnancy doesn’t tend to happen, this lining of uterine further sheds off in the menstrual period.

If the pregnancy is unwanted, women prefer aborting it using abortion pills. The Abortion Pill Pack offered online greatly puts such general notions of hormones into a different phase, thus deregulating the process. Consequently, these series of hormone-driven events is known to as a menstrual cycle.

This process tends to happen every month, and the cycle continues until menopause occurs.
The use of safe abortion pills online like Mifepristone and Misoprostol puts and blocks a number of hormones which prevails the subsequent process of menstruation.

There are phases of a menstruation cycle:

Menstrual Phase:

This is termed as the first stage of a menstrual cycle, normally when one starts to experience it.
The phase begins with an egg from the previous menstruation cycle that hasn’t been fertilized as a result of non-pregnancy. Because of no occurrence of pregnancy, there is an increased level of estrogen and low progesterone.
The period induces a release of combining blood, mucus, and tissues from the uterus. Consequently, the thick lining of the uterus which would have supported a pregnancy is no longer needed so it gets flushed from the vagina.

Follicular Phase:
This phase starts on the first day of the period day, at times overlapping with the menstrual phase. The phase ends with a subsequent edge to the overall ovulation. The follicular phase starts with the signalling of hypothalamus to pituitary gland for releasing follicle stimulating hormone or FSH. FSH continuously stimulates the ovaries to produce around 25 sacs called follicles. These sacs can number from 5 to 25, depending on the body. Each of the follicles contains an immature egg inside.
Subsequently, only the healthiest egg will be eventually maturing. With the rest of the follicles being reabsorbed by the body later.

Ovulation Phase:
Estrogen levels trigger pituitary gland for releasing Luteinizing hormone, which then starts the process of ovulation.
Ovulation starts with the ovary releasing a matured egg. The egg then further travels towards the fallopian tube and the uterus to be fertilized by sperm.
The ovulation phase is the only phase during the menstruation when one can get pregnant. Ordinarily, ovulation happens during the 14th day of a 28-day cycle, foremost in the middle of a menstrual cycle. The period lasts for about 24 days of ovulation, after which the egg may die or dissolve if it doesn’t get fertilized.

Luteal phase:
The release of an egg from the follicle, makes it turn into the corpus luteum. The overall process further releases hormones namely estrogen and progesterone. Subsequently, the rise in hormones keeps the lining of uterine thick and ready for a fertilized egg to get implanted.
In this stage, if one does get pregnant, the body will further produce the HCG hormone, called as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. This particular hormone detects pregnancy and helps maintain the luteum while keeping the uterine lining thick.
Conversely, if one doesn’t get pregnant then the corpus luteum would shrink and get reabsorbed. This would further lead to decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone which can cause the onset of the next period.

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Guide To Maintain Good Vaginal Health

A woman who talks a lot may shut her mouth for her vaginal problems. That’s how the case is with most women. They seldom talk about their vaginal discomforts. Consulting an expert for such problems is a next level expectation for such women. Thanks to online pharmacies and women healthcare websites which are spreading vaginal health words to the women all around the world.

Following guidelines help you maintain good vaginal health.

Protecting vaginal pH balance

The normal pH level in a woman’s vagina should remain around 3.8 to 4.5. However, when you douche, it the vaginal pH level can get disturbed. The pH acid in the vagina is necessary and you reduce it with unnecessary douching. This makes your vagina prone to bacterial infections.
Do not wash your vagina with water. You are blessed with a self-cleansing mechanism which keeps itself clean and hence unnecessary washing/ douching is not required.

Here’s what you can do:

Do not douche!
Do not use soaps or perfume near the vaginal area.

When to see a doctor:

If the vagina continuously smells badly or strong weird odor.

Healthy Diet
A maintained diet helps not only your body shape and digestive system but also to your reproductive organs. In certain cases, experts suggest changes in your diet as a solution for particular vaginal health problems.

Here’s what you can do:

Drink lots of water
Have yogurt base foods

When to see a doctor:

If you counter prolonged urinary tract infections

Practice safe sexual intercourse

Surgical abortions have more risks of infections. You can buy safe abortion pills online or from the local stores and terminate your unwanted pregnancy at home as medical abortion is one of the safest methods of abortions. Use condom contraception methods while having intercourse with your partner. You must not share your sex toys with any other person.

Here’s what you can do:

Contraception use
STD checkup every time you have intercourse with a new partner.

When to see a doctor:

If you experience painful sexual intercourse
Pain when urinating after intercourse.

Maintain hygiene

Do not wash your anal to the vagina. The movement should always be from the vagina to the anal. The reverse can lead to severe bacterial infections. Regularly change your pads and tampons. For After-pregnancy or post medical abortion bleeding, you must you must use pads and not tampons. To avoid excessive bleeding after an abortion, you can use the abortion pill pack which contains medicines to treat the excessive bleeding side effect.

Here’s what you can do:

Follow the aforementioned tips

When to see a doctor:

Uncontrolled excessive bleeding and pain near the vagina during menstrual periods.

Some more tips:

Treat your infection as early as possible. An online pharmacy generally provides guidance on woman healthcare. You may get information for home remedies. If that does not solve your problem, you must meet your healthcare provider at the earliest. Some of the infections or vaginal problems can lead to severe complications if ignored.

Use underpants which allow breathing well. Do not use over-tight and uncomfortable panties. You may feel good in such bikinis but that prettiness may be turned out to be a nightmare for its health.

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Fetal growth from 4 to 40 weeks

Finally after months of waiting; you get the good news- you are pregnant. You happily peer at the positive result of your pregnancy test kit from perhaps an online pharmacy. And after this, all you can think about is your baby and how it will grow each passing day/week. The growth of the baby during a certain period of time can be checked by the following scans:

1. Dating and Viability scan:
Dating and viability scans usually are done in the first semester of a pregnancy. A dating scan determines how many weeks pregnant you are, and your due-date (EDC-Expected Date of Confinement). Whereas viability scan is done to guarantee that growth of the baby is going smooth and normal.

2. Anomaly Scan (level 2 ultrasound):
It is also called as a mid-pregnancy scan, is done to examine each part of the fetus body and find abnormalities if any.

3. Growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan:
An ultrasound scan usually is done in the third semester to determine the fetal weight and other standard measurements. Also, baby’s breathing and movements can be monitored with the help of this scan.

The weeks of the pregnancy are measured from the first day of your last period.
As per the study, unwanted pregnancy is a universal issue which affects women, their families, and society. In the case of unwanted pregnancy, further decisions should be taken wisely. The early weeks of pregnancy are the right time to decide if you want to keep the baby or not. If you do not wish to continue a pregnancy, Online Abortion Pills can be your safest go-to. These pills are easily available at Online Pharmacy stores and can be ordered anytime.

The growth of the baby can be clearly observed and monitored when divided into trimesters. The growth spectrum of the baby is as follows:

First Trimester(1-14 weeks):

From the process of fertilization, a zygote is born. A zygote is a cell formed by a combination of two cells. The zygote’s DNA has all the information about the gender, hair and eye color, height, and the skin tone of the child. An embryo gradually develops from the zygote within the first two weeks. In the third week, embryo’s heart starts beating. The baby has little arms, legs, ears, and eyes which can be seen. The hearing capacity of the baby gets fully developed by the end of the fourth week. Also, the respiratory system of the baby starts developing. The beginning of the spinal cord, nerves, and muscles is clearly visible. Nostrils and eye lenses start to form. The brainwave activity begins in the 8th week and the hands and the legs start to grow longer till the end of 10th week. Also, facial features begin to develop in the 11th week and up to the 14th week, the baby starts making its own blood cells, it gets tooth buds and has completely developed nose and eyes.

Second trimester(15-28 weeks):

All delicate details of the baby’s body, like hair, and fingernails grow from the 15 to the 21st week. Your baby can hear you talking or singing and can feel the pain. Also, you can notice your baby’s movements, as it becomes very active during this period.
Up to the 28th week, the baby’s hearing capacity and eyesight are fully developed. Also, the baby can create tears.

Third Trimester(29-40 weeks):

In the 29th week, the lungs of the baby are almost developed, which means the baby is capable of breathing. In 32nd week, the baby can control its eye movements, like opening and closing eyes. The baby sleeps with closed eyes while perceives the world during a day with open eyes. At the end of 37th week, the baby has fully developed muscles and bones. The baby could be born any day during the 38th week to the end of the 40th week.

What to say to your teen about sexual intercourse and safety

The discomfort in the discussion of sexual intercourse and its safety between parents and teen has been a common scenario in families. Notwithstanding, it is in face one of the important subjects that teens need to be taught before they learn unhealthy practices from wrong sources.

Research says, unplanned pregnancy cases are more in teens and women early twenties and the number is increasing every year.

Here’s a guide on what to say to your teens about sexual intercourse and its safety.

Parents are the most important educators for Guide them to right kind of articles of sexual intercourse and safe practices.

Online education:

Most parents find it difficult to begin the topic. In such a case, you can guide them to a trustworthy online pharmacy or any other reliable online website. Tell your kids about the website. There are many women healthcare websites which offer birth control pills, MTP kits, condoms and other products and services for reproductive health care. Such websites are especially recommended for useful sexual information to forward to your teens. This can be a great start for your speak up with your son/daughter.

Clear doubts:

Clear the doubts of your kids. Speak to them more often. Talk about relationships. Understand their relationships and help them understand what needs to be done during complicated situations. You can also tell them stories of people and how they tackled a complicated relationship. Sexual intercourse is often considered an integral part of a relationship. If that isn’t taught properly, it may also hamper the relationship.


There may be moments of unwanted pregnancy. Make sure your teen does not fall into any such situations. And hence education regarding safe sexual intercourse and pregnancy prevention methods is a must. You can educate them that how an unwanted pregnancy can be dealt with. How women in twenties buy abortion pills and perform a medical abortion at home. what to say to your teens about sexual intercourse and its safety.

What should be the topics to talk about sexual intercourse and its safety:

Sexual Intercourse
How Alcohol and Other Drugs Affect Decisions
Male & Female Reproductive Systems
Unwanted pregnancy and medical pregnancy termination
Abstinence/Postponing Sex
Measures of Birth Control
Safe sexual intercourse.
Sexual Orientation
HIV/AIDS and other STDs
Consequences of forceful intercourse

The more you talk to your teens, the more will they open up. That the key to speaking to your teen about sexual intercourse and safety. Studies have found that parents who speak to their teens about sexual intercourse, those teens are more likely to wait for the right age and right moment for intercourse. Also, such teens found using birth control measures/contraception while having sexual intercourse.

Educate yourself about safe medical abortion procedures

Before we move onto explaining the process and educating women about the medical termination of pregnancy, you must reach the following criteria for women wanting to end their pregnancy with the help of MTP kit. Are you eligible for a medical abortion?

There are various factors come into play before taking the medical abortion decision.

  • Medical abortion is for women with 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. Ensure that the gestation of your unwanted pregnancy does not cross 10 weeks.
  • You must reconfirm that you are not allergic to any of the abortion pill elements.
  • There is no simultaneous medication going on.
  • Your age is more than 18 years.
  • You have consulted a doctor and hold a prescription to buy abortion pills.

What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion, often known as pill-induced pregnancy termination is essentially performed through two pills. Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The two tablets make hormonal changes in the body and expel pregnancy tissues from the body. We’ll see how both the tablets work.


In the drug combination, physicians typically prescribe 1 tablet of 200 mg Mifepristone which they tell you to take orally with water. Administer the pill as soon as you receive it.

It works against a type of hormone which causes pregnancy growth. By stopping the growth of the pregnancy, it becomes easier to expel the tissues from the uterine lining.

There are no immediate effects of Mifepristone. However, this does not mean that the pill isn’t working. One must be patient and take the second pill after 24 hours. In rare cases, women begin bleeding or suspect spotting after taking Mifepristone. You must continue the procedure even after experiencing bleeding on the first day of medication.


A day after taking Mifepristone, Misoprostol pills are administered. For a pregnancy up to 56 days, physicians advise 4 Misoprostol tablets ( 200 mcg each). Though there are 2 methods of administering the pill, a Vaginal method is a safer one as per the experts. We’ll see both methods in the following explanation:

In the buccal administration, you must place the pills in both cheek pouches. You cannot swallow the pills until 30 minutes.
In the vaginal method, you have to carefully place the tablets in the vagina. Women prefer squatting or standing one leg to insert the tablets in the vagina and then push them with their index finger.

Constituents of the pills work on the uterine lining and contract them to remove fetal tissues. You may suspect cramps which can be similar to menstrual periods depending on the body type and pregnancy gestation. Similar is the case with vaginal bleeding which lasts up to a week.

Side effects:

The side effects of medical pregnancy termination are not as intense as in the case with other methods of abortion. A migraine, vomiting, nausea, mild fever some of the side effects which get treated eventually and does not require special medication. Although it rarely occurs, you must consult a doctor if the case is extreme.

The procedure ends in a week or two, following which women can confirm their pregnancy status through a trusted pregnancy checking method. Women must educate themselves about the medical termination of pregnancy and most importantly, measures that can be taken to prevent such unwanted pregnancy situation.

Understanding the abortion cases in different age groups

Speaking of pregnancy termination, there remains an unusual dissimilarity among women with different age groups. Learning the psychology behind abortion cases can help women find solutions to deal with unwanted pregnancy situations and understand pregnancy prevention methods.

Surgical abortion and medical abortion are the two methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. After FDA approving Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills use for ending an unwanted pregnancy, there’s a rise in the number of women undergoing medical abortion or buying abortion pills online.

We’ll see how women in different age groups perform abortions and try to understand the reasons behind opting for pregnancy termination.

18 below:

The number of abortion is, of course, smaller compared to older women. However, even amongst the women who undergo pregnancy termination are more likely to perform unhealthy abortion practices. This occurs more in this age as teenagers fail to share such incidents with their parents. Also, online pharmacies do not sell abortion pills to women below 18. Women in the age must be nurtured well and must be educated well about the importance of contraception and safe intercourse.


The number of abortions in this age group is on a constant rise. Failure of contraception or unprotected intercourse being the primary reason for pregnancy termination, the following are other secondary reasons why women in this age opt for an abortion.

Incomplete education
Career opportunities
Unstable relationship
Unprepared for a pregnancy
Unmarried status
Financial dependency

Since financial constraint is one of the major reasons for performing an abortion, such women prefer to buy an abortion pill to end their pregnancy rather than going with a surgical abortion method.


If you compare the abortion cases number, not many women opt for abortion during this age. Most women consider this age as the right time to conceive and start a family. Earlier, 25-28 was considered as the best years getting pregnant for a woman, however, it gradually getting shifted to the early thirties.

Today’s women with between 30-35 feel financially stable and prepared for a pregnancy during this time. Women who perform an abortion during this age is often due to broken relationships, unmarried status or other personal reasons.

35 & above:

There isn’t much rise in the number of abortion in women of this age group. These women often perform pregnancy termination as they feel content with the family that they have. Having another child in the family puts financial pressure on the couple and hence women come to terms of aborting the pregnancy.

Abortion should is never a choice for women. Circumstances make them abort their pregnancy. Women must understand how they can avoid such pregnancy termination situations. Women should practice protected and safe intercourse, use effective birth control pills such as Ovral G or use other contraception methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Safeabortionpillrx offers best online pharmacy services is an online pharmacy which is dedicated for women healthcare, aiding them to choose safe abortion pills to end their unwanted pregnancy. There are many online pharmacies which offer abortion pills to women. However, what makes it different than others are the services that the website offers. Whenever you think of buying MTP kit online, is always at your beck and call striving to offer the best services to its customers.

Abortion pill pack:

Apart from Mifepristone, Misoprostol or MTP kit, the website also offers a special abortion medication, abortion pill pack. Not only does the pill kit contain the drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol but also other medicines to deal with the side effects of medical pregnancy termination process. It essentially mitigates the after-effects such as heavy bleeding, nausea, headache etc. This product is available on very few websites, being one of them.

On time delivery:

Safeabortionpillrx understands the need for abortion pills and hence the team works hard to deliver the medicines on time. There are many regions where abortion care is not adequate enough to safely abort the pregnancy. Safeabortionpillrx still reaches out all such places and deliver the pregnancy termination tablets on time.

Careful Packaging:

Safeabortionpillrx offers discreet packaging of the abortion pills which enables women to have complete privacy during the process of abortion pill purchase. There have been many cases where women felt uncomfortable while buying abortion pills online.

24×7 Support:

Abortion does not often every now and then with a woman. Some unwanted and unintended circumstances events lead women to this brutal but necessary decision. The team helps users to understand every phase of the medical abortion. Whenever the customer has any doubt or problem, it reaches them out at the earliest to solve the problem.


Every blog posted on the website educates women about various aspects of medical abortion and enlightens them about the whole medical pregnancy termination picture. Furthermore, it gives information to them about various women healthcare topics.

Medical abortion is an easy process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. The has been there offering the best services for all women. It has always offered FDA approved medications for abortion, pregnancy prevention and other women healthcare products.

The website receives reviews of their customers from all across the world and it fascinates people how the women feel relieved to come out of the unwanted and distressing situation. The website has an ideology that no woman in the should end up with false and unhealthy practices of medical abortion welcome unwanting health risks and hence it endeavors to offer its products to every needy woman out there.

What are the signs of early pregnancy

Pregnancy is a process, that makes a couple extremely anxious. Whether they are expecting or not, the doubts about pregnancy can be seen in both unplanned and planned circumstances. Overall, the process of knowing whether you are expecting takes in a lot of effort. If you identify your pregnancy in the first trimester, it becomes easier to make decisions. If you want to continue it or buy abortion pills and end the pregnancy. Since the issue is very delicate, make sure your medications are right. Even if you want to abort it, ensure that you have taken safe abortion pills.
Additionally, whether a planned pregnancy worked, or an unplanned one came uninvited greatly depends on the signs and traits. Although one can opt for a pregnancy test by referring online pharmacy sites, let us review some major bodily changes faced by women during pregnancy

Menstrual Cycles: They are quite likely to be categorized as the primary indicator of whether you have been impregnated. A delay in cycles pre exits at times but surely it cannot disappear. Tracking the monthly time will help you know whether it was sexual intercourse or stress-induced hormones. At times even light to blur bleeding occurs in the early stages of detection. Carefully observe your menstruation and take minute details noticed along with the color and density of the blood.
Enlarged breasts: Prolactin develops after an egg is fertilized in the mother’s womb. This results in the enlargement of breasts, which clearly depicts that a woman is pregnant. Additionally, hormones are secreted in a balanced manner just after an egg is fertilized. This results in making the body respond positively to the acquired changes following breast tenderness.

Body cramps: Most cramps that happen in the body after sexual intercourse can actually tell if it has resulted in a pregnancy. Additionally, Estrogen and progesterone levels rise profoundly during reproduction, which causes severe body cramps along with the delay in menstruation. Moreover, if the body does show signs of both, it’s time to take the test.

Nausea, tiredness and throwing up!: Vomits are constant after you get pregnant. In fact, it accounts for the second most reliable signal that the sexual intercourse has worked. Accordingly, several women have also experienced reduced appetite which results in fatigues. As such these indicate a positive sign that you are to expect a new member in your life.

Mood disorder and swings: Its common that estrogen would be high and HCG hormone are providing the food to the baby. Nevertheless, progesterone even drops and increases at times, resulting in severe mood disorders. However, they may not be constant and one has to carefully observe the overall tendency to decide whether she is pregnant.

Sour Cravings: This depends on the regulation of mood and hormone. Ordinarily, if the body is working well, cravings of sour items would rise tremendously. Often, women resulting in crunching of pickles after getting pregnant was uncontrollable which depicts an adequate sign of pregnancy.

There are several signs that a woman experiences during pregnancy, Just by getting one of the above doesn’t really point out that a sexual intercourse has worked. Weight gain and constipation are even indications that you are conceived by the sperm. It is therefore required to observe thoroughly and opt for simple pregnancy tests at home to get adequate results.

Medical abortion and sexual health

Medical abortion is a process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy at home. Since pregnancy and medical abortion are associated with women’s sexual health, women have to be careful while performing the ending the pregnancy through abortion pills.

It is advised not to indulge in any intense physical activity during the medical abortion process. You may ask your pals to buy abortion pills through a nearby store. If you’re alone, you can easily buy online abortion pills through an online pharmacy. There are a couple of websites which dedicatedly offer safe abortion pills to the needy woman at reasonable rates.

Here are some of the factors that women have to look after during the process of medical abortion.

Do not have sexual intercourse during or immediately after the process of abortion:

At this moment, the vagina becomes vulnerable. Sexual intercourse can lead to severe several unavoidable infections during the medical abortion procedure.

Do not use tampons during the medical abortion procedure: 

Anything inserted into the vagina expose it to various bacterial infections and hence it is advised that the tampons should not be used during the entire process. Women can choose maxi pads which soak blood clots and the heavy bleeding.

Have a hot bath and gently clean your genitals:

Women should take care of the genital areas since they become weak during the process of pregnancy termination. You may consider having a hot bath and carefully clean the genital area. It is important here to understand that the vagina has a natural self-cleaning process which does require any additional external cleansing. Do not douche or use scented perfumes to clean the genital parts:

Like every other medication, abortion pills have certain side effects which include nausea, sickness, diarrhea, headache etc. All these side effects are temporary and do not have a long-term impact on the body.
Speaking of women’s sexual health, the abortion pills do not permanently impact the sexual organs with adverse effects on it. Also, the medical abortion does not affect future pregnancies of women. The user remains as fertile as she was before terminating the pregnancy through abortion pills. You can buy RU 486 and Cytolog combination to terminate your pregnancy.
When you perform a medical abortion and follow the instructions properly the tablets show the highest efficacy throughout the process. The importance is given to the sexual health during the procedure and precautionary care being taken keeps the complications at bay. The woman experiences faster recovery from the procedure and gets back to the regular healthy life.

Availability of the abortion pills in the US

Abortion has become a common phenomenon in the US with around one in three women having a pregnancy termination during her lifetime. Availability of abortion pills differs region to region depending on the local regulations pharmacies available in the area.

If abortion methods compared on various grounds, medical abortion is the most suitable option for women wanting to end an unwanted and first-trimester pregnancy. In the US, Mifepristone and Misoprostol are two of them the most used medications in women healthcare. There aren’t any regulations which are against the provision of abortion care in most areas.
There are many websites which offer abortion pills online

Food and Drug Administration, The United States has approved a drug combination to abort an early pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks. There are some generic forms of these medications which hold the same efficacy to end a pregnancy while it is available at a lower rate.

Consider the following pills while purchasing online abortion pills.

Antiprogesterone pill:

Generic RU486

Prostaglandin pill:


You can easily buy abortion pills mentioned above through a genuine online pharmacy. These websites are equally effective

Benefits of buying the pills online:

Today, every other product is getting into online buying and selling. Advanced use of technology has enabled to reach our needed products and services only a click away.
Pregnancy termination may not be a great decision but it is often necessary for women in certain circumstances. There are many regions in the US where abortion facilities are unavailable. This results in unsafe practices being followed by women leading to fatal complications at times.
Medical abortion is an effective method of terminating an early pregnancy and women the states should consider the factors where women will not turn to the unsafe practices of abortion. The online purchase allows women to reach the medical assistance at their doorstep.

Women can get safe abortion pills online as there are fewer possibilities of fraudulence. Website with transparency in operations is more likely to be trusted ones. Also, once the prescription is received, the user does not have to go anywhere else to perform the pregnancy termination procedure. It can be performed at home with minimal or no assistance required. Buying the pill MTP kit online allows them to get the assistance at home.