Tips for Safe Breastfeeding After Using Abortion Pills

It is possible for a woman who is already breastfeeding may have the need for medical abortion for an unplanned pregnancy. If you are facing something similar, you can buy abortion pill online safely without having to worry about its impact on nursing the infant. The medications used in the procedure are safe, and you just have to follow a few precautions to avoid any complications for your baby. The experience of pregnancy termination with pills is like a natural miscarriage, and we will discuss that in detail in the following.

Abortion Pills Effects on Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding, and at that time detected with pregnancy, do not panic. We understand you are not ready to go through another pregnancy right away. So, there is a solution with a treatment, wherein you do not have to visit any hospital or leave your infant behind.

· Take abortion pills instead, but they will only work for an intrauterine pregnancy, which is within 9 weeks of gestation. If that is where you are, then medicines are one of the safest and most comfortable treatments for an undesired pregnancy at home.

· Mifepristone and Misoprostol may not have any negative effects on the lactation process. Some data suggest that Mifepristone if present in breast milk, is in low quantity and does not have adverse effects on the baby.

· So, you can continue to breastfeed the infant without interruptions during and after a pregnancy termination with medicines. Data does however indicate that you must not breastfeed the baby till 5 hours after using Misoprostol medicine. And

· Also, if you use Misoprostol orally, the medicine could be passed into the breast milk. However, it is harmless because only a small amount may get into the milk, which gets eliminated soon. Thus, again, there is no need to stop breastfeeding during a medical abortion

· But keep a check on the health of the baby for side effects such as poor feeding, nausea, and vomiting. If that happens, then consult your healthcare provider to understand how long you may have to stop breastfeeding while and after pregnancy termination.

How to Use Abortion Pills When Breastfeeding?

Here is more to know about medical abortion:

· Take Mifepristone 200mg on day 1. It is an anti-progesterone, which halts the progress of pregnancy by breaking the endometrial lining and detaching the embryo from the uterus wall. The implantation does not stay on, and the pregnancy parts remain in the uterus to be removed with another dose of pills.

· After 24 to 48 hours, take 200mcg x 4 pills of Misoprostol buccally or vaginally. A prostaglandin E1 analog, the pill expels the pregnancy portions out of the womb. The expelling occurs over heavy vaginal bleeding, which may contain large blood clots with pregnancy tissues, the sac, and the embryo.

· Misoprostol also loosens the cervix for the passing of the products of conception. It causes uterine contractions for the eviction of these contents from the uterus. You may encounter cramps and lower abdomen pain, and a few side effects such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, headache, tiredness, and vomiting.

To Conclude

You can continue to breastfeed after taking abortion pills by following the necessary intervals and precautions to safeguard the infant’s health and have your pregnancy terminated safely.

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Abortion with Mifeprex and When You Will Get Menses Thereafter

A medication procedure is 99% effective with the combination of Mifeprex and Misoprostol pills. Since Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone and can only stop the pregnancy hormone so that the fetus does not grow ahead, it does not evict the pregnancy parts out of the body. But the medicine breaks the endometrial lining so that the embryo does not stay attached to the uterus wall anymore. Thus, the implantation does not last. However, after the successful mechanism of the pill, the pregnancy remains are still present in the womb.

How to Termination Early Pregnancy Completely?

For complete expelling of the pregnancy tissues, sac, and embryo, you need to take another type of medicine – Misoprostol or Cytolog. While taking Mifeprex 200mg orally with water on day 1, you must administer Misoprostol 4 x 200mcg pills after 24 to 48 hours. And there are two ways to take this medication.

· Buccally: Put two pills in one of the cheek pouches, and repeat the same with the other cheek cavity. Then let the medicine remain here for half an hour. Do not eat or drink anything during this duration. After half an hour, consume the melted contents orally with a sip of water.

· Vaginally: Or, put the pill one after the other inside your vagina with the help of your fingers. Make sure the pills go deep inside and near to the cervix and then lay down for half an hour. By doing this, the pills will melt soon and get into the uterus to cause the necessary actions.

With Mifeprex and Misoprostol administration, you will start to experience cramps from uterine contractions within an hour or two. And then within 2 to 4 hours, heavy bleeding will begin to flush the pregnancy portions out of the womb and outside the vagina. You can use large sanitary napkins for the bleeding. But avoid tampons and menstrual cups.

Where to Get the Abortion Pills?

You can buy Mifeprex online from a pharmacy of your choice. But you may have to register on the platform, and that shall take just a few minutes. Then proceed to select the product and choose the number of pills you need. Remember, a legit platform will ask for an e-prescription for the medicine or offer support to help you legally obtain the pills. Add your shipping address and choose the shipping type, like how many days you need the medicine.

You will now get to see the total cost of the order along with the shipping charges and get the payment link to your registered email id. Depending on the payment mode chosen, complete the payment to receive the order information with the tracking id on your email. Within the stipulated time, you will get the pills at your address that too in a discrete package. For any doubts or queries, you can always reach out to customer care.

When Does Menses Happen?

Bleeding after abortion can continue for a few weeks. That purely depends on how further you were into gestation when you underwent the medication abortion at home. Usually, it can last for 4 to 8 weeks. The amount of bleeding will reduce after the expelling of pregnancy parts from the uterus. So, the bleeding will be light or moderate, tapering off to spotting and then stopping completely. Only after this, the menses will regularize.

You may see a change in the date of menses from your original cycle. This is because of pregnancy and abortion and the changes in the hormonal balance in the body during the period. All these occurrences are normal and there is nothing to worry about. It can take 2 to 3 cycles for the menses to follow a pattern, which you can keep an account of for future cycles.

To Conclude

Mifeprex pills are essential to cause a medical abortion. But along with that, you will require Misoprostol for complete pregnancy termination. Bleeding is a common symptom along with cramps due to uterine contractions. But menses can take a few weeks to come back to normalcy after a successful abortion.

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Why Should Abortion Be Considered A Kind Of Self-Care?

Self-love is a lot greater than any other form of love. It should be unconditional yet real. There are many ways everyone has opted for self-care, whether they got their findings, whether they failed or succeeded in something. We hear a lot of stories about self-love in every way, but when it comes to abortion, we are very much unaware of it. Abortions are very common. If you’re dealing with the guilt of an unplanned pregnancy, then don’t feel so. Abortion should be a relief rather than anything else. Here’s why we think abortion should be appreciated by self-love.

Abortion is common and we should normalise it.

Abortion is a very common subject. If you’re having an unplanned pregnancy and want to get rid of it, you might consider having an abortion, which is not something to be ashamed of. Many resources provide the primary solution to abortion. There is information and abortion stories out there to help you in order to normalise it. You may also share your experience and stories with others who are having a hard time with abortion.

Undergoing an abortion is completely your decision and nobody else’s. Women can carefully consider their decisions as well as carry them out by themselves. Abortion is accessible in nearly every country for women older than 18. For that, you might consult a medical assistant or visit our online pharmacy. Abortion care is a woman’s right, not wrongdoing.

Abortion is not an excuse and has valid reasons. 

Many women face unplanned pregnancies every year and get rid of them, and their abortion stories or experiences vary from one another. The abortion reasons may be based on one’s responsibility to their family, themselves, and any future children. It can have personal, family, societal, moral, and economic aspects too. In such circumstances, having an abortion is commonly considered a valid option for a needy individual. 

If you still believe abortion would damage your career, you should consider having a medical abortion. Medical abortion is a fully risk-free alternative to surgical abortion. Physician abortion, unlike any other form of anesthesia, does not even need medical visits, making it even more discreet. All you have to do is take the abortion pills carefully. You may purchase them while maintaining your privacy. If you want, you can buy abortion pills online from a website at an affordable price. 

Abortion comes with relief, not regret. 

Unlike any excuse, abortion comes with a sense of relief rather than regret. Having an abortion does not mean or define an individual as a careless person. Many women consider abortion an appropriate decision because it helps them get rid of an unplanned pregnancy. There is no need to feel guilty or embarrassed about going through it. If you do so, remember that only an unplanned pregnancy has regretful emotions, and to end them, you choose the right decision. Allow yourself to experience the feelings in order to accept them and move on.

Don’t let abortion myths affect your decision.

Many myths about abortion circulate, such as the belief that it causes infertility or that it is dangerous, both of which are completely false. Whether you choose medical or surgical abortion, both of these methods are completely safe. Medical abortion involves the consumption of FDA-approved yet 100% genuine tablets, whereas surgical abortion is taken under the supervision of a medical professional. None of these methods is harmful to one another. This does come with mild side effects, which are curable. 

Aside from physical beliefs, there are a few emotional myths, such as abortion-causing depression or any type of medical condition. Abortion is simply a method of discontinuing an undesired pregnancy, not a dangerous act.

Abortions are safe, but if you’re facing any complications in physical form, try to consult a medical professional. Or if you’re dealing with any emotional discomfort, try to have a conversation with your family, friends, or anybody who can provide you with comfort.

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How Will I Know I’m in Menopause

As you age, hormonal changes are different which impact your health, physically and emotionally. Menopause is one such phase. Women may have a lot of questions such as How long does menopause last? Or At what age does a woman typically reach menopause? You should speak to your healthcare provider if you come across any of the symptoms this blog talks about.

Following are the symptoms of Menopause that can help you determine if you are in the natural menopause phase.

What is perimenopause?

Irregular periods before you menopause phase. This is the obvious symptom of Menopause phase which begins soon before the menopause occurs. This phase is called the perimenopause phase during which you get heavier or lighter menstruation. Some may women experience shorter while others may observe longer menstruation days. Not just the menstrual cycle but also the menstruation pattern is difficult to guess during the perimenopause phase. Women who are getting menopausal menstruation can find difficulties to conceive.

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How to Take Pills For Your Abortion and What to Expect

Medical abortion is the most preferred method of early pregnancy termination in women. Its procedure is simple if one understood how to administer the abortion pills and observe the changes which the body goes through. Women typically choose medical abortion method as (1) they wish to maintain privacy (2) have pregnancy ended at a low cost (3) ensure the procedure is safe. All these things are well taken care of when women take abortion pills from an online pharmacy.

The same online pharmacies are also likely to educate women on medical abortion and address FAQs of women. How to take abortion pills and What to expect tops the FAQs list when it comes to understanding the medical pregnancy termination procedure. Hence, this blog aims to explain the administering part and after effects of medical abortion.


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The Need Of Counseling Before And After The Abortion

Finding suitable medication for abortion is indeed important. However, apart from offering safe abortion pills, the abortion pill website should also aid women with their reproductive health-related doubts and queries, especially associated with pregnancy and its termination.

To ensure that you undergo a safe procedure, the pharmacies confirm the following points before giving you the medication.

  • Confirm that you’re pregnant ( with normal pregnancy)
  • The gestation up to 9 weeks
  • You are aware of the medical abortion procedure
  • You are 18 + of your age
  • Your healthcare provider approves of medical abortion

To confirm all the aforementioned parameters, the team asks for a prescription letter to be submitted at the time of purchasing. A physician prescribes abortion pills only after examining your pregnancy. Getting a prescription while abortion pill purchase helps women with the right medication that best suits them.

How does it help women after the abortion pill purchase:

Many a time, women struggle in understanding how they should be administering the pregnancy termination pills at home. helps women how they should take MTP kit abortion pills. There are also various other concerns which women have regarding medical termination of pregnancy. They are as follow:

  • When to take which tablets?
  • Which method of MTP kit consumption is better?
  • What to expect after taking the pills?
  • I am not bleeding, what should I do?
  • What are the side effects of pills?
  • When should I expect a successful termination of pregnancy?
  • When can I get pregnant again?
  • When can I start having sexual intercourse?
  • When can resume my work/exercises/drinking/breastfeeding etc
  • Will the side effects of pill be for a longer period?

A woman always strives to find answers to the questions give above and many other such queries and doubts. Most of these queries require prompt answers and solutions. If they are not answered on -time, women may seek a solution on their own which could be unsafe at times.

Hence it is important that women who are undergoing the medical termination of pregnancy are receiving counseling help even after the pill purchase. It helps women in the following ways:

  • Warns them possible about risks and complications.
  • Help them heal faster from the process
  • Lead them in the right direction
  • Saves their time spent on traveling to a physician again and again
  • Assure them of safety in the medical pregnancy termination procedure.

Hence women are advised to get medication of pregnancy termination from one such website that offers the best of both worlds. is one such website which not only offers safe pregnancy termination pills but also offers other help before and after making the pill purchase.

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Healthcare Rights: Happy International Women’s Day 2019

International women’s day is on its way, and here we sit seeing the debatable reality of women healthcare conditions and their rights. Of course, there are attempts made to constantly improve the conditions in women healthcare. However, the process still lacks the fundamental areas in the women’s healthcare rights of women.

This blog intends to educate women about their sexual and reproductive health-related rights on the occasion of women’s day.

Following are the basic rights that women need to be aware of:

  • Right to life
  • Right to be free form torture
  • Right to health
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to education
  • Prohibition of discrimination

The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women emphasizes how women’s right to health involves the rights concerning sexual and reproductive health. With this, the regulations and right also obligates men and women to not only respect but also protect the liberty of women concerning their sexual and reproductive health.

Though the rights address the sexual and reproductive health of women, there are still some additions which should be made to the rights and regulations. Women today still struggle to find a safe solution to deal with their unplanned pregnancy.

Taking women’s healthcare an utmost priority, the regulations should be tightened to help women attain safe and secure health maintains. Not only physical but also the mental health should be made prime concern when it comes to women healthcare.

The facilities offered to women in any state should be available in sufficient numbers. Also, the services offered in the states should be easily reachable. Efforts should be made to break the economic barriers between safe healthcare services and women.

Although there are obligations made to attain all the aforementioned motives of women healthcare, the breach of women’s sexual and reproductive health rights are a common issue. Poor quality services, disrespectful behavior in the women healthcare services procedure are some of the problems faced by women.

There have also been cases of a third party making decisions about women’s health without their consent. This includes forced virginity examinations, forced continued unplanned pregnancy, forced sterilization etc.

Be it any state, there should be laws made making women healthcare education a compulsion along with spreading information on the women’s healthcare rights. The regulatory bodies in the state should also implement sex education in women healthcare policies. Women should be taught different ways of safe pregnancy prevention. If any woman is stuck with an unplanned pregnancy, she should be availed with safe abortion services.

This women’s day, let’s pledge for a better tomorrow in the world of women health and their medical growth.

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Physical Development In Girls After Puberty

A menstrual period is often considered as the first sign of puberty changes. That may be true, but the physical changes in a girl’s body can begin even before she gets her first ever menstrual period. Women’s health concerns also start changing when a girl gets transformed into a woman. This blog explains the different physical development changes that take place after the girl hits puberty.

Here are key physical changes that take place with a woman’s body.

When she is of 10-11 years old:

Your daughter may start looking at the mirror with her small breasts developing slowly. Breasts begin developing during these years. The speed of both breasts may be different but there’s nothing abnormal in it. If you want your daughter to wear a bra, you can consider giving her a sports bra or something that soft and short. The breasts may appear tender to your daughter which again is normal at the beginning.

The second important change that takes place while growing at the time puberty is your height! Your height changes with a rather faster speed than before. Similarly, many of her body parts grow along with her breasts. For example, her face, hands may develop faster than the other parts of the body.

The physical growth of girls typically stops around 17-21 years. You daughter may feel out of proportion for a few months or a year, but you can explain to her that it won’t last long.

The puberty also changes the shape of the body. The widened buttocks and grown breasts will give the belly a more obvious shape.

The external genitals will also grow when she’s 13 and she’ll be introduced to pubic hair which will get thicker with time.

When your daughter turns 13 or 14:

Your daughter may encounter clear or whitish discharge a few months before she gets her first menstrual period. The discharge passing from the vagina is normal until it does not have an odor, does cause itching or pain. If the reverse is the case, you must consider visiting a gynecologist. She will also experience hair growing under her arms around this age.

When she’s 20:

Your daughter’s body becomes grown enough to handle a pregnancy. However, managing pregnancy is not just a physical thing but she should also be prepared mentally, emotionally and financially. If she happens to get into such an unplanned pregnancy and wishes to end it, she must do it in the first trimester.

To successfully end an unplanned pregnancy in the first trimester, she can get abortion pills online and administer them at home. Be with her to guide and support her during the abortion procedure.

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Dear Ladies, Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day comes with freshness and love in the air. Even the person who is single feels the need to have a partner on the day valentine’s day. Dates and after-date sex are the two parts are seldom two different things, you would most often come across.

Valentine’s day has a different level of charm that it takes a few minutes to take you to bed and bath in you in lovemaking and sexual intercourse. Since things can happen in the heat of the night, women must ensure that there’s protection while you have sexual intercourse.

This is major because of the unplanned pregnancy after effects can have a long term impact on the body. It is better to take precautionary measures during such times. This blog helps you to understand how you can prepare for valentine’s night apart from getting glam up for your partner.

How can you be ready for Valentine’s night?

Birth Control Pills:

Ovral & Ovral G are some popular birth control pills which help women prevent an unplanned pregnancy. The 21 or 28-days pills can be taken as instructed. As per recent research, birth control pills are bought more in the month of January & February from all over the world. This is because women wish to prevent unplanned pregnancy.


In case you have forgotten to take birth control pills, a condom is something you can always rely on. Using a condom saves you from an unplanned pregnancy. With the help of a condom, you can further have safe and protected sexual intercourse where diseases which are transmitted through sexual intercourse are not spread.

Emergency contraceptive pills:

Emergency contraceptive pills come to save you from an unplanned pregnancy after you have had unprotected sexual intercourse. The pills work similar to birth control pills, however, their functioning and components slightly differ from them. Hence, these should not be misunderstood for birth control pills. Consume it within 72 hours of having sexual intercourse. The pill may not work if you take it after 72 hours.

This valentines day, let’s say no to unplanned pregnancy and negative life that it may lead you to. In worst case scenarios, you can buy safe abortion pills online or from local stores and end the pregnancy at home. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the abortion pills which can be used to terminate your pregnancy.

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Fetal growth from 4 to 40 weeks

Finally after months of waiting; you get the good news- you are pregnant. You happily peer at the positive result of your pregnancy test kit from perhaps an online pharmacy. And after this, all you can think about is your baby and how it will grow each passing day/week. The growth of the baby during a certain period of time can be checked by the following scans:

1. Dating and Viability scan:
Dating and viability scans usually are done in the first semester of a pregnancy. A dating scan determines how many weeks pregnant you are, and your due-date (EDC-Expected Date of Confinement). Whereas viability scan is done to guarantee that growth of the baby is going smooth and normal.

2. Anomaly Scan (level 2 ultrasound):
It is also called as a mid-pregnancy scan, is done to examine each part of the fetus body and find abnormalities if any.

3. Growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan:
An ultrasound scan usually is done in the third semester to determine the fetal weight and other standard measurements. Also, baby’s breathing and movements can be monitored with the help of this scan.

The weeks of the pregnancy are measured from the first day of your last period.
As per the study, unwanted pregnancy is a universal issue which affects women, their families, and society. In the case of unwanted pregnancy, further decisions should be taken wisely. The early weeks of pregnancy are the right time to decide if you want to keep the baby or not. If you do not wish to continue a pregnancy, Online Abortion Pills can be your safest go-to. These pills are easily available at Online Pharmacy stores and can be ordered anytime.

The growth of the baby can be clearly observed and monitored when divided into trimesters. The growth spectrum of the baby is as follows:

First Trimester(1-14 weeks):

From the process of fertilization, a zygote is born. A zygote is a cell formed by a combination of two cells. The zygote’s DNA has all the information about the gender, hair and eye color, height, and the skin tone of the child. An embryo gradually develops from the zygote within the first two weeks. In the third week, embryo’s heart starts beating. The baby has little arms, legs, ears, and eyes which can be seen. The hearing capacity of the baby gets fully developed by the end of the fourth week. Also, the respiratory system of the baby starts developing. The beginning of the spinal cord, nerves, and muscles is clearly visible. Nostrils and eye lenses start to form. The brainwave activity begins in the 8th week and the hands and the legs start to grow longer till the end of 10th week. Also, facial features begin to develop in the 11th week and up to the 14th week, the baby starts making its own blood cells, it gets tooth buds and has completely developed nose and eyes.

Second trimester(15-28 weeks):

All delicate details of the baby’s body, like hair, and fingernails grow from the 15 to the 21st week. Your baby can hear you talking or singing and can feel the pain. Also, you can notice your baby’s movements, as it becomes very active during this period.
Up to the 28th week, the baby’s hearing capacity and eyesight are fully developed. Also, the baby can create tears.

Third Trimester(29-40 weeks):

In the 29th week, the lungs of the baby are almost developed, which means the baby is capable of breathing. In 32nd week, the baby can control its eye movements, like opening and closing eyes. The baby sleeps with closed eyes while perceives the world during a day with open eyes. At the end of 37th week, the baby has fully developed muscles and bones. The baby could be born any day during the 38th week to the end of the 40th week.

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