What happens if I don’t Take Birth Control Pill at Same time Every day?

Birth control pills are an effective way of preventing an unplanned pregnancy. However, women have to take these pills throughout their menstrual cycle. During this period, if you miss a pill or delay the intake of your birth control pill, you have to be a little careful when you have sexual intercourse. Medical experts typically advise taking extra protection for any such case. You can speak to your healthcare provider to know more on how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy using birth control pills such as Ovral G. If taken regularly, the contraception medication is effective for women who do not wish to rely on men for a condom or protected sexual intercourse.


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Ovral Birth control pill an effective method of preventing pregnancy

A number of contraceptive pills have taken the internet by storm. With rising awareness about women health, online pharmacies have provided a varied quality of birth control pills.

One of them is the Ovral L oral birth contraceptive pill which is designed to alter the hormonal segment thus inhibiting pregnancy.

What is it?
Ovral L constitute to the class of oral contraceptive pills. With its design, it is termed as a combination of estrogen and progestin, hormones that act upon fertilization of eggs in the ovary. Administered within a specific time limit after an unprotected sexual intercourse, Overall L consists of both the hormones in low doses with limited side effect profile. Menstrual dysfunction serves as the main criteria in the work front of the contraceptive pill.
The medication changes the composition of cervical mucus and uterine lining positioning the fertilized egg in a compromising position to reach the uterus. Additionally, it also prevents the sperm released from a male to reach the uterus.

How does it work?
In women, there is an extensive loop of hormones that act at different biological levels inside the body, Luteinizing hormone(LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) are predominantly two unique hormones that are produced in the brain and acts on the ovary and uterus of females. Consequently, FSH thickens providing the adequate lining of the womb while receiving an egg or zygote, whereas LH gives a bursting to the ovary in during a mid-cycle releasing the required egg for fertilization.

Synthetically modified progestin-estrogen taken orally, Ovral contraceptive blocks the release of the placenta hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), and thus prevents the overall ovulation process.

Extensively, the outer lining of the womb is also made ripen and a bit of saturated due to the combination of the specific hormones in the pill, which stops the implantation of a distinct pregnant egg when sexual intercourse happens.

The natural binding mucus that exists at the mouth of the womb or cervix usually becomes quite thin during the process or mid-cycle when it is influenced by the LH hormone. The ovral pill makes the mucus wall thick while inhibiting sperm movement into the womb and thus making it unlikely for a normal reproduction. The overall number of fatigued sperm is greatly reduced after the introduction of the ovral tablet.

At the time, artificial ripening occurs when the combination of hormone through such medications are administered for a continuous 21 days, with a sudden abrupt stop signal. The artificial ripening is called endometrium and in the absence of both the hormones, it shreds. This makes the body of the female to bleed, with such an artificial bleed being referred to as a withdrawal bleeding.

How reliable?
As such, following the above-detailed mechanism, Ovral pill has been approved by medical professions for an active pill for contraception or unplanned pregnancy. An ovral pill has a very low failure rate as compared to other contraceptive pills, accounting for 1 or 2 pregnancies with an account to 100 women in a specific year.

Women who are using the pill for the first time are advised to start taking the pill within the first day of the menstruation cycle. Conversely, experienced individuals can start taking the pill just after seven days of the last active pill taken to reduce any complications, regardless of any withdrawal bleed.

The ovral pill has been used in an extensive way in the recent years. Additionally, birth control pills have been flooding across various online pharmacy sites, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Consultation with a medical professional is required before diagnosing yourself with any of the online contraceptive pills.

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Family planning and safe abortion information

In recent times, family planning has become more popular with the rising awareness of contraceptives and birth control measures. Though the usage of contraceptives has increased, there are certain circumstances wherein women end up with an unwanted pregnancy and not understanding what needs to be done for the solution.

Medical abortion is one of the best solutions which are opted by most women in the world to end their pregnancy. Women try to end their unwanted pregnancy through the best abortion pill possible which is practicable through a trustworthy and safe online pharmacy. This enables women to buy abortion pills online and perform a medical abortion at home with a complete privacy maintained.

When you get abortion pills to end your pregnancy, physicians may recommend you to buy MTP kit which consists of one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol. You can take the first pill when you receive the pills. This tablet works in stopping the growth of the pregnancy.

While the growth of the pregnancy is seized by the first pill in the drug combination, the second type of pills ( Misoprostol) is taken 24 hours after administering the first one. These pills contain prostaglandin elements which work on the uterine lining causing contractions. The woman faces cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding after taking the pills.

This bleeding does not last for more than 7-10 days and ends the pregnancy with ease. The entire process, however, may take up to 14-15 days to completely recover from the process and get back to the normal phase.

Apart from the after-effects of abortion pills, the user may also experience some side effects which are listed below:

A headache
Chest pain
Fever ( mild )

The side effects of abortion pills are temporary in nature which go away on their own within a few days. Also, every woman may or may not face all the side effects of abortion.

You can perform a home pregnancy test or visit a doctor to confirm your status. Some women even prefer ultrasound test for accurate results.

Medical abortion definitely helps to end an unwanted pregnancy with ease and the homely comfort, however, this does not mean one should ignore the importance of protected sexual intercourse.

To avoid unwanted circumstances such as unintended pregnancy and abortion, you may consider buying contraceptives such as Ovral birth control pills, Loette contraceptive pill etc. This offers successful pregnancy prevention which does not require you to buy a condom every time you get into a sexual activity.

Needless to say, that precaution is better than cure. Family planning is important. While medical abortion saves women from undesirable situations, birth control keeps it away before it occurs.

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Availability of the abortion pills in the US

Abortion has become a common phenomenon in the US with around one in three women having a pregnancy termination during her lifetime. Availability of abortion pills differs region to region depending on the local regulations pharmacies available in the area.

If abortion methods compared on various grounds, medical abortion is the most suitable option for women wanting to end an unwanted and first-trimester pregnancy. In the US, Mifepristone and Misoprostol are two of them the most used medications in women healthcare. There aren’t any regulations which are against the provision of abortion care in most areas.
There are many websites which offer abortion pills online

Food and Drug Administration, The United States has approved a drug combination to abort an early pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks. There are some generic forms of these medications which hold the same efficacy to end a pregnancy while it is available at a lower rate.

Consider the following pills while purchasing online abortion pills.

Antiprogesterone pill:

Generic RU486

Prostaglandin pill:


You can easily buy abortion pills mentioned above through a genuine online pharmacy. These websites are equally effective

Benefits of buying the pills online:

Today, every other product is getting into online buying and selling. Advanced use of technology has enabled to reach our needed products and services only a click away.
Pregnancy termination may not be a great decision but it is often necessary for women in certain circumstances. There are many regions in the US where abortion facilities are unavailable. This results in unsafe practices being followed by women leading to fatal complications at times.
Medical abortion is an effective method of terminating an early pregnancy and women the states should consider the factors where women will not turn to the unsafe practices of abortion. The online purchase allows women to reach the medical assistance at their doorstep.

Women can get safe abortion pills online as there are fewer possibilities of fraudulence. Website with transparency in operations is more likely to be trusted ones. Also, once the prescription is received, the user does not have to go anywhere else to perform the pregnancy termination procedure. It can be performed at home with minimal or no assistance required. Buying the pill MTP kit online allows them to get the assistance at home.

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What are the benefits of abortion pill?

Unwanted pregnancy and its abortion can be a sensitive issue and hence it is expected to be handled well. Women often get confused which method to opt for. While every method has its pros and cons, although, when you compare, pregnancy termination performed through abortion pills is the safest one.

The abortion pills successfully abort an early pregnancy ( first trimester ) with ease and homely comfort. The drug combination involved in the medical abortion process makes hormonal changes in your body and expel the fetus contents from the body through heavy vaginal bleeding. The pregnancy gets aborted within a week or two. Also, during the abortion process, you do not require the physical presence of a medical expert for guidance since the process is simple and can be done on your own.

Maintained privacy:

When you buy MTP kit online, it helps you maintain the complete privacy. The online pharmacies typically offer discreet packaging and hence the privacy is assured. This cannot be the case for surgical abortion as it requires you to share all the details with the clinic.

Abortion at home:

Unlike the case of surgical abortions where you have to go to the clinic to get the abortion done, medical abortion is possible to perform at your comfort. The procedure of medical pregnancy is simple and can be performed at home. With this, you can rest and be in a comfortable environment which further aids in the healing process after the abortion.

No long-term impact on the body:

Surgical abortion may lead to severe infection in the cervix in some cases. Medical abortion, on the other hand, does not involve surgical instruments and hence infection in the cervix is unlikely to occur. Again, the minor side effects of medical abortion such as nausea, diarrhea, headache, mild fever do not last longer than a few days.

No adverse effect on the future pregnancies:

Drugs such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol are safe abortion pills which effectively terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Most importantly, neither the pill affect future pregnancies, nor does it affect the fertility of the woman. If you have performed a medical abortion, you are as fertile as you were before terminating the pregnancy.

Online availability:

You can easily buy abortion pills online and get the medication delivered at your doorstep. Abortion pills may not be available at the local stores, however, purchasing from an online pharmacy makes it easier to reach the right kind of medications. Besides, such websites also offer online guidance through medical experts to solve all your doubts and problems.

If the instructions of medical abortion are followed properly, you abort your unwanted pregnancy and get all the aforementioned benefits.

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How to calculate a pregnancy?

The thoughts of pregnancy keep prancing in our head every time our period is delayed or missed. Most women don’t find it comfortable to visit a doctor to check their pregnancy status. Women are also concerned about the gestation period calculation since they have to manage everything accordingly. If discovered within 8 weeks, you can end your pregnancy with medical abortion. You can easily buy MTP kit from an online pharmacy or a local medical store.

Understanding where exactly in your gestation period can be a bit difficult. So before we jump into the pregnancy calculation, here are some areas you may need to be aware of.

Pregnancy is counted from the start of your last period.

A woman usually ovulates two weeks after their menstrual period, the date may vary by 2-3 days. Most women do not know the day of ovulation since ovulation does not bring a visible change in your body. However, women do remember their LMP, in other words, the last menstrual period and the day it started. It becomes easier for physicians/gynecologists to count your pregnancy from the day of LMP and hence your pregnancy is checked on the basis of your last menstruation date.

How is a trimester calculated?

Trimesters cannot be precisely defined as such, although, it is usually considered to around three months each. In some parts of the world, your second trimester starts when you cross 12 weeks of the gestation period. Your first trimester is a safe period to decide if you wish to continue your pregnancy or abort it. Making the decision at the earliest helps to make decisions for future planning.

In case you want to terminate your pregnancy, you can buy abortion pills online or from a local store and administer it to end your unwanted pregnancy at home. You can abort your pregnancy in your first trimester only. The safe abortion pills which you buy have the highest efficacy for up to 8 weeks of the gestation period.

Ways you can calculate your pregnancy:

Physical examination:

The pregnancy week can be determined by the size of the uterus. Around 10 weeks, the physician can see the feel the uterus above the pelvis. The distance between the fundus and pubic bone remains the same until 18 weeks which grows further at umbilicus after 20 weeks. This gives a rough idea of pregnancy week.

Ultrasound examination:

Ultrasound is the best suitable method to understand your gestation period, especially when you cannot remember your LMP. The Ultrasound method calculates your pregnancy week on the basis of a series of measures of the gestational sac and the fetus.

Your fetus or the embryo is measured from head to toe which helps the sonographer to understand the gestation period of your pregnancy. The growth of the pregnancy tells the doctor the growth of your pregnancy.

It is important to know the gestation period of your pregnancy at the earliest. It can help you further

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How long after having intercourse can I take the emergency contraception?

Intercourse activities can take place in the heat of the moment and hence the cases of unplanned and unprotected intercourse are no less in the world. When you buy Plan B or similar emergency contraceptive, it effectively prevents the implantation in your body, thereby preventing an unwanted pregnancy despite having unprotected sexual intercourse. The sooner the pill is consumed, the better effectiveness will it show. And hence women are suggested to use it at the earliest after having an unprotected intercourse.

The pill is typically administered in following cases:

  • Missed your birth control
  • Torn condom
  • The condom has slipped out of place
  • The absence of a vaginal ring
  • Forced intercourse

Though emergency contraceptive is often known as the morning after pill, it can be administered orally with water up to 5 days after having the unprotected intercourse.

How does the emergency contraceptive work?

Implantation is the process wherein a fertilized egg gets embedded in the uterine wall. This process may occur anywhere between 6-8 days after conception. When you indulge in the sexual intercourse activity, the conception may take place within 5 days.

The hormonal elements present in the emergency contraceptive make hormonal changes in the woman’s body and inhibit the egg implantation into the uterus. The pill works mainly by delaying the release of an egg or ovulation. Since the implantation takes place after 6-8 days, the pill has to be taken before the said period. Most of the elements used in the pill are the ones in the regular birth control pills.

When should you not take the emergency contraceptive?

The pill cannot be taken if the woman has discovered that she is already pregnant or has crossed 5 days after the intercourse. The pill does not abort the pregnancy but prevents it from the conception.

Also, the pill must not be confused with the other methods of birth control/contraceptives which are to be taken before or during the sexual intercourse. When you buy Ovral or similar birth control medications, they help prevent pregnancy before the intercourse. The emergency contraceptive does not work if taken before intercourse.

What can be done if you have had intercourse and crossed the 5th day

If the woman happens to be late for the emergency contraceptive, the chances of her getting pregnant are high. It is advised that you confirm your pregnancy if you have crossed the 5th day after the intercourse and not taken any medical solution to prevent the pregnancy.

Once confirmed, you can buy abortion pills to terminate the unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The pills contain a drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol which together end an unwanted pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks.

Plan B is a reliable method of pregnancy prevention, you only need to follow the instructions given and take the pill at the earliest. To avoid any such circumstances of unwanted pregnancy and unprotected intercourse in the future, buy birth control pills and administer them regularly.

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Can I Live a Normal Life Post-Abortion?

Prevention is always better than cure. To sustain hopes for a normal life after abortion, one must ensure taking the necessary precautions during the procedure itself. The woman must have good knowledge about the medication be it through an online abortion pills consultation or a discussion with the physician in person. She must duly consider all contraindications for the procedure and not make a hastened decision. Women who have an abortion in the right time-window and following the right protocols have a very reduced chance of risking their health.

Nutritional requirements of the fetus are derived from the mother’s body during pregnancy. This already burdened system is further put under stress during abortion due to the hormonal changes. Moreover, ending a pregnancy is not an easy decision. Emotionally, it affects every individual differently. Thus, following a successful pregnancy termination, physical and mental well-being should be the top priorities.

Mental recovery and the grieving process:

There are different reasons why women choose to end their pregnancy. This may be health-related or personal. In either case, most of them experience a sense of relief after a successful termination of pregnancy. However, since medical abortion is a hormonal play, most women experience mixed emotions. Anxiety or extreme sadness may prevail in the recovery phase. Circumstances also shape a woman’s abortion experience.

It is important to understand that with the choice of an abortion comes the responsibility of being able to handle oneself and one’s emotions. There are different ways of coping with this mental stress.

Do not treat abortion as a shame
The impact of not grieving can be a lot more adverse. Abortion is a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with care. But one must always have a support system. Be it a professional counsellor or a close acquaintance, one must be open to talk about it to someone. If abortion is treated as a shame and kept in closure, one might enter the depression phase unable to comprehend the rush of emotions. At times, the guilt also lands a person into a chronic rage.

If your past experiences reflect that your adverse reactions in situations of stress, you must particularly arrange for support and guidance well before the process. There are also plenty of women support groups that you can enquire about to offer you support.

Exploit the internet
The Internet has been a conduit for the right knowledge to reach people despite the prevalence of hackneyed ideas. Proponents of the anti-abortion ideologies claim that most women regret their abortion decision because it can never be undone. Contrary to this popular belief, a lot of them live a very normal life. These strong women very often write or document their stories for their peers to understand the abortion process. One can go online and view these videos to acquire hope for a normal post-abortion life.

Ensuring good physical health:

To ensure the good physical health and a sustained fertility, a woman must understand the abortion medication regimen well. There are various combinations of pills available and they are also known by different trade names. For instance, Mifepristone can also be bought as Generic RU-486 online. It is important to be aware of these facts and also to follow the guidelines for good health after an abortion.

Change Your Lifestyle Choices

One must alter their lifestyle choices to lead a normal life after an abortion. You must quit smoking and drinking to avoid any risks from its constituents to your reproductive health. The vaginal opening and cervix are also highly sensitive during and post an abortion (until recovery). So, women must avoid the use of tampons, stimulation devices and must also opt for a shower rather than a bathtub. These will avoid any stress to the female parts and also prevent infections.

A woman is also advised to refrain from sexual intercourse for about 2-4 weeks. To prevent another undesired pregnancy, she must also opt for contraception immediately after the pregnancy termination procedure.

Eat The Right Foods

Gradually work your way up to the fats. Post-abortion, for the initial few days of recovery, it is essential to consume easily digestible and nutrition-rich diets only. This includes whole grain, fibrous, protein-rich and iron-rich items. You must completely avoid junk food.

As your body recovers, you can eventually shift to your regular diet routine.

Regular follow-ups are a must

Follow-ups are as important as a successful pregnancy confirmation. Even 2 regular ones ensure that you face no infections or complications throughout your life.

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5 Things to Know About Bleeding During a Medical Abortion

The heavy bleeding during a medical abortion frightens some women, however, the turn of events is not as intense as it seems to be. Once you buy abortion pills to end your early pregnancy, you’re expected to bleed in the due course of the abortion procedure. It is important for women to understand what the bleeding during this procedure actually means and things to watch out for abortion healthcare.

Following points explains ins and outs of the bleeding phase during a medical pregnancy termination.

  • You do not necessarily bleed after the second medication:

There’s a misconception in women that a woman undergoing a medical abortion bleeds only after administering the second pill which is Misoprostol. Though it’s a fact that most women bleed soon after consuming the prostaglandin medicine, there is nothing abnormal if you bleed right after the first pill i.e. Mifepristone abortion pill. She can expect vaginal blood discharge to pass within 24 hours of first or second medication.

  • Saying no to tampons:

Any kind of insertion into your vagina during the medical abortion period is nothing but risking for several infections. In a recent survey conducted in the US, it was found that most of the women prefer using tampons than pads during their menstrual periods. There’s no serious harm which can occur with the use of tampons, having said that, using them during a medical abortion has to be strictly avoided. As an alternative, pads or maxi pads can be used for the same.  

  • Bleeding during is actually an indication of the process getting complete:

While the side effects of a medical abortion include heavy bleeding, it is necessary to bleed during the process since the fetus particles pass with through this bleeding. When you bleed, it is an indication that the pregnancy termination is in the process. All the fetus particles are expelled from the body with this bleeding. The woman has to monitor her bleeding to examine the blood clots. She may witness blood clots of lemon size when the blood passes.

  • Cramping:

Consumption of second medication causes uterine contraction which results in abdomen pain. It can vary for every woman depending on the body type. For some, it’s similar to the cramps experienced during menstrual periods, while for others it can be more intense. However, the cramping is, it’s temporary and does not last for more than 2-3 days. Further, it does not require special medication to ge

  • The bleeding time varies for every woman:

The whole process can take up to 7-10 days while for some women experience 4-5 days bleeding similar to their regular menstrual periods. It depends on the body type and pregnancy gestation period and the bleeding pattern of the woman. She can confirm her abortion after 10 days once the bleeding stops.

Excessive bleeding? Here’s what you can do!

It is advised to consult a physician immediately if your bleeding is heavier than expected. To recover the blood loss caused due to noninvasive pregnancy termination, the woman can plan her diet which gives more iron, vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin B-1, B-6, B-12.

For women who can not find abortion pills nearby their region, such women can buy MTP kit online at their convenience. Taking care of yourself during the abortion procedure is very important, it helps you recover from the abortion quickly.

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Aborting an Early Pregnancy with Misoprostol Alone?

The combination of mifepristone and misoprostol is widely used across the globe to terminate an early and unwanted pregnancy. Although the antiprogesterone (Mifepristone) and prostaglandin (Misoprostol) tablets work successfully to end an early pregnancy, a lot of women still have a doubt if one can abort an early pregnancy using Misoprostol alone.  Be sure to read further safety instructions when you buy Misoprostol online.

Misoprostol plays a role in emptying the uterus which causes heavy bleeding. It is capable of expelling all the pregnancy contents from the body, but only after the fetus to be detached from the uterus lining. Misoprostol mechanism does not involve separating the fetus. Mifepristone plays this role.Using only Misoprostol does not terminate your pregnancy completely. The chances of successful abortion through this method are considerably low.

The best way to administer pills:

Take Mifepristone(200 mg)  orally the day you receive the pills. Misoprostol (200 mcg) can be taken buccally or vaginally in the next 48hrs. Vaginal administration of Misoprostol has shown more efficacy compared to buccal consumption. The instructions for the same are as follow:


When you administer the pills buccally, you’re expected to keep the four pills (200mcg each) in your both cheek pouches. You can keep two pills each side. The tablets usually get dissolved within half an hour. In case the pills don’t get dissolved within the said period, you can gulp down the remainders later.


Insert the 4 pills (200 mcg each) into your vagina carefully. The medicines can be placed one by one. Once the medicines are placed, it is advised not to pass urine for at least half an hour. The vaginal administration is a better option in the process because even if you feel nauseous and vomit after the medication intake, the pills will continue to function in your body.

What to expect post Abortion:

Women who buy abortion pills and administer them as mentioned should expect following things_

  • Bleeding after 4-8 hours of misoprostol intake.
  • Some cases observe vaginal bleeding a few hours before or later depending on how the body reacts to medications.
  • It is normal to see blood clots passing which may be of lemon size at times.

The blood clot is nothing but an embryonic sac which must be removed from your body. This is an indication that the abortion process is getting completed while the fetus contents are being expelled from the body. Cramping is also another expected side effect of an abortion.

In case you do not experience the aforementioned symptoms, you can consider taking another dose of 4 Misoprostol pills after 8-9 hours. This way, you can successfully terminate your early pregnancy using abortion pills.The medical abortion procedure has a few minor side effects which are temporary in nature. These are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Mild fever
  • Flashes

Since these side effects are minor and temporary, they do not require serious medical attention. The effects are expected to get heal inevitably.

If the misoprostol intake is more, you could take other over-the-counter medications to lower the abdomen cramps and pain caused due to the drug. However, if you experience an extreme case of any of above side effects, the person is suggested to visit a physician at the earliest.

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