Can I Live a Normal Life Post-Abortion?

after an aborionPrevention is always better than cure. To sustain hopes for a normal life after abortion, one must ensure taking the necessary precautions during the procedure itself. The woman must have good knowledge about the medication be it through an online abortion pills consultation or a discussion with the physician in person. She must duly consider all contraindications for the procedure and not make a hastened decision. Women who have an abortion in the right time-window and following the right protocols have a very reduced chance of risking their health.


Nutritional requirements of the fetus are derived from the mother’s body during pregnancy. This already burdened system is further put under stress during abortion due to the hormonal changes. Moreover, ending a pregnancy is not an easy decision. Emotionally, it affects every individual differently. Thus, following a successful pregnancy termination, physical and mental well-being should be the top priorities.


Mental recovery and the grieving process:

There are different reasons why women choose to end their pregnancy. This may be health-related or personal. In either case, most of them experience a sense of relief after a successful termination of pregnancy. However, since medical abortion is a hormonal play, most women experience mixed emotions. Anxiety or extreme sadness may prevail in the recovery phase. Circumstances also shape a woman’s abortion experience.

It is important to understand that with the choice of an abortion comes the responsibility of being able to handle oneself and one’s emotions. There are different ways of coping with this mental stress.


Do not treat abortion as a shame
The impact of not grieving can be a lot more adverse. Abortion is a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with care. But one must always have a support system. Be it a professional counsellor or a close acquaintance, one must be open to talk about it to someone. If abortion is treated as a shame and kept in closure, one might enter the depression phase unable to comprehend the rush of emotions. At times, the guilt also lands a person into a chronic rage.

If your past experiences reflect that your adverse reactions in situations of stress, you must particularly arrange for support and guidance well before the process. There are also plenty of women support groups that you can enquire about to offer you support.


Exploit the internet
The Internet has been a conduit for the right knowledge to reach people despite the prevalence of hackneyed ideas. Proponents of the anti-abortion ideologies claim that most women regret their abortion decision because it can never be undone. Contrary to this popular belief, a lot of them live a very normal life. These strong women very often write or document their stories for their peers to understand the abortion process. One can go online and view these videos to acquire hope for a normal post-abortion life.


Ensuring good physical health:

To ensure the good physical health and a sustained fertility, a woman must understand the abortion medication regimen well. There are various combinations of pills available and they are also known by different trade names. For instance, Mifepristone can also be bought as Generic RU-486 online. It is important to be aware of these facts and also to follow the guidelines for good health after an abortion.


Change Your Lifestyle Choices

One must alter their lifestyle choices to lead a normal life after an abortion. You must quit smoking and drinking to avoid any risks from its constituents to your reproductive health. The vaginal opening and cervix are also highly sensitive during and post an abortion (until recovery). So, women must avoid the use of tampons, stimulation devices and must also opt for a shower rather than a bathtub. These will avoid any stress to the female parts and also prevent infections.

A woman is also advised to refrain from sexual intercourse for about 2-4 weeks. To prevent another undesired pregnancy, she must also opt for contraception immediately after the pregnancy termination procedure.


Eat The Right Foods

Gradually work your way up to the fats. Post-abortion, for the initial few days of recovery, it is essential to consume easily digestible and nutrition-rich diets only. This includes whole grain, fibrous, protein-rich and iron-rich items. You must completely avoid junk food.

As your body recovers, you can eventually shift to your regular diet routine.


Regular follow-ups are a must

Follow-ups are as important as a successful pregnancy confirmation. Even 2 regular ones ensure that you face no infections or complications throughout your life.

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