Understanding the abortion cases in different age groups

Speaking of pregnancy termination, there remains an unusual dissimilarity among women with different age groups. Learning the psychology behind abortion cases can help women find solutions to deal with unwanted pregnancy situations and understand pregnancy prevention methods.

Surgical abortion and medical abortion are the two methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. After FDA approving Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills use for ending an unwanted pregnancy, there’s a rise in the number of women undergoing medical abortion or buying abortion pills online.

We’ll see how women in different age groups perform abortions and try to understand the reasons behind opting for pregnancy termination.

18 below:

The number of abortion is, of course, smaller compared to older women. However, even amongst the women who undergo pregnancy termination are more likely to perform unhealthy abortion practices. This occurs more in this age as teenagers fail to share such incidents with their parents. Also, online pharmacies do not sell abortion pills to women below 18. Women in the age must be nurtured well and must be educated well about the importance of contraception and safe intercourse.


The number of abortions in this age group is on a constant rise. Failure of contraception or unprotected intercourse being the primary reason for pregnancy termination, the following are other secondary reasons why women in this age opt for an abortion.

Incomplete education
Career opportunities
Unstable relationship
Unprepared for a pregnancy
Unmarried status
Financial dependency

Since financial constraint is one of the major reasons for performing an abortion, such women prefer to buy an abortion pill to end their pregnancy rather than going with a surgical abortion method.


If you compare the abortion cases number, not many women opt for abortion during this age. Most women consider this age as the right time to conceive and start a family. Earlier, 25-28 was considered as the best years getting pregnant for a woman, however, it gradually getting shifted to the early thirties.

Today’s women with between 30-35 feel financially stable and prepared for a pregnancy during this time. Women who perform an abortion during this age is often due to broken relationships, unmarried status or other personal reasons.

35 & above:

There isn’t much rise in the number of abortion in women of this age group. These women often perform pregnancy termination as they feel content with the family that they have. Having another child in the family puts financial pressure on the couple and hence women come to terms of aborting the pregnancy.

Abortion should is never a choice for women. Circumstances make them abort their pregnancy. Women must understand how they can avoid such pregnancy termination situations. Women should practice protected and safe intercourse, use effective birth control pills such as Ovral G or use other contraception methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

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Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) non-surgical method

There are many ways of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is one of them. The methods for the same are various and the suitability depends on factors such as body type, the gestation of pregnancy, the level of complications etc. Medical termination of pregnancy is one of the safest methods of abortion which is used to end the pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks.

The kit available for the same is called MTP kit which contains safe abortion pills and it is available in many parts of the world.

What does an MTP kit contain?

The MTP kit contains 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol. MTP kit is available in many regions in the world. You can easily get MTP kit online at a cheaper cost.

How does the Mifepristone work?

The pill is taken orally with a glass of water. You are expected to take the pill at the earliest. There’s no specific time at which the pill must be taken. The Mifepristone is the first pill to be taken in the drug combination. The pill is consumed to stop the growth of the pregnancy. It has anti-progesterone elements which work against the progesterone hormone in the body. The result is stopped pregnancy growth.

How does Misoprostol work?

The four Misoprostol pills can be consumed in two ways. (1) vaginal consumption (2) buccal consumption. If you have bought the pills online, the online pharmacy shall also help you with the administration of Misoprostol. If you have chosen a vaginal method for the consumption, be careful while inserting the pill into the vagina.

The pill is taken to contract uterine lining and causes heavy vaginal bleeding and abdomen cramping. The pill essentially is taken pass pregnancy contents from the body. The size of blood clots/ pregnancy contents depends on the gestation of pregnancy and the body type.

There are some side effects of MTP kit:

One must note that abdomen cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding are not the side effects of pregnancy termination. These two are symptoms of a pregnancy termination which must occur with every woman. Without these, after effects, the termination of pregnancy through MTP kit cannot be called successful. Though the case is rare, you can consult a doctor if you suspect no sign of bleeding.

The side effects of MTP kit are nausea, sickness, stomach upset, headache etc. These side effects of MTP kit are not permanent. You are expected to heal as soon as the pregnancy termination procedure gets completed. Visit your nearest clinic if you experience prolonged MTP kit side effects. You can consider buying painkillers and medicines for diarrhea in advance.

The complete procedure of ending an unwanted pregnancy takes around a week or more. Experts suggest one must confirm the efficacy of abortion pills after 10-14 days with a pregnancy test being performed.

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The Process Of Buying Abortion Pills Online

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are contemplated to be the ideal drug combination to end an unwanted pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks of gestation. The availability of pregnancy termination medication may not be available in every region. Thanks to technology that has made it possible to buy abortion pill online. However, one has to be careful with the purchase. It becomes the even more convenient option when you don’t want step out and face judgemental faces while buying tablets. The online purchase lets you reach the pill at home.

Having said that, you must follow the instructions properly to experience a smooth abortion process and recover from the situation at the earliest.

When you considering online pharmacy for abortion pills:

Before you make any decision on online abortion pill purchase, make sure that the website you are referring to is safe and offers FDA approved medications only. Also, you can consider talking to their customer care or medical expert team to confirm that the site is genuine and the team helps you with everything. In such a case, you must ensure that there’s no case of fraudulence.

How to register yourself to the website?

When you land on the homepage, you shall see a create account icon on the right top corner which will take you to the registration form. Fill in the details to get registered. On submitting the form to the website, you shall receive a confirmation email for the same.

If you have already registered on the website before buying these pills, you can directly log in to the account, to begin with, the product purchase.

What are the pills available for medical abortion?

Anti-progesterone pill:

  • Mifepristone
  • Mifeprex
  • Generic RU486

Prostaglandin pill:

  • Misoprostol
  • Cytolog

Anyone of the anti-progesterone along with any one of the prostaglandin pill product is effective enough to end an unwanted pregnancy within a week or two.

Here are a few guidelines for buying abortion pills online on pharmacies such as safeabortionpillrx.com

  • Browse the website and look for the medicines as per your choice and prescription. You may see a product list on the left side which would have all abortion, birth control, and other women healthcare pills.
  • Select the product and quantity you have been prescribed for consumption.
  • Fill in the details of medical form and read terms and conditions carefully before buying the product.
  • Click on the check out icon to proceed further and may payment.
  • The website shall guide you about the further procedure. Follow the instructions for same.

Why should you purchase abortion pills online?

Buying abortion pills online gives you complete privacy about the unwanted pregnancy and pregnancy termination. Besides, when you from a safe online pharmacy, you are additionally benefitted with their services such as carefully packed product, easy payment, 24×7 support, and other services too.

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Ovral Birth control pill an effective method of preventing pregnancy

A number of contraceptive pills have taken the internet by storm. With rising awareness about women health, online pharmacies have provided a varied quality of birth control pills.

One of them is the Ovral L oral birth contraceptive pill which is designed to alter the hormonal segment thus inhibiting pregnancy.

What is it?
Ovral L constitute to the class of oral contraceptive pills. With its design, it is termed as a combination of estrogen and progestin, hormones that act upon fertilization of eggs in the ovary. Administered within a specific time limit after an unprotected sexual intercourse, Overall L consists of both the hormones in low doses with limited side effect profile. Menstrual dysfunction serves as the main criteria in the work front of the contraceptive pill.
The medication changes the composition of cervical mucus and uterine lining positioning the fertilized egg in a compromising position to reach the uterus. Additionally, it also prevents the sperm released from a male to reach the uterus.

How does it work?
In women, there is an extensive loop of hormones that act at different biological levels inside the body, Luteinizing hormone(LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) are predominantly two unique hormones that are produced in the brain and acts on the ovary and uterus of females. Consequently, FSH thickens providing the adequate lining of the womb while receiving an egg or zygote, whereas LH gives a bursting to the ovary in during a mid-cycle releasing the required egg for fertilization.

Synthetically modified progestin-estrogen taken orally, Ovral contraceptive blocks the release of the placenta hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), and thus prevents the overall ovulation process.

Extensively, the outer lining of the womb is also made ripen and a bit of saturated due to the combination of the specific hormones in the pill, which stops the implantation of a distinct pregnant egg when sexual intercourse happens.

The natural binding mucus that exists at the mouth of the womb or cervix usually becomes quite thin during the process or mid-cycle when it is influenced by the LH hormone. The ovral pill makes the mucus wall thick while inhibiting sperm movement into the womb and thus making it unlikely for a normal reproduction. The overall number of fatigued sperm is greatly reduced after the introduction of the ovral tablet.

At the time, artificial ripening occurs when the combination of hormone through such medications are administered for a continuous 21 days, with a sudden abrupt stop signal. The artificial ripening is called endometrium and in the absence of both the hormones, it shreds. This makes the body of the female to bleed, with such an artificial bleed being referred to as a withdrawal bleeding.

How reliable?
As such, following the above-detailed mechanism, Ovral pill has been approved by medical professions for an active pill for contraception or unplanned pregnancy. An ovral pill has a very low failure rate as compared to other contraceptive pills, accounting for 1 or 2 pregnancies with an account to 100 women in a specific year.

Women who are using the pill for the first time are advised to start taking the pill within the first day of the menstruation cycle. Conversely, experienced individuals can start taking the pill just after seven days of the last active pill taken to reduce any complications, regardless of any withdrawal bleed.

The ovral pill has been used in an extensive way in the recent years. Additionally, birth control pills have been flooding across various online pharmacy sites, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Consultation with a medical professional is required before diagnosing yourself with any of the online contraceptive pills.

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What are the signs of early pregnancy

Pregnancy is a process, that makes a couple extremely anxious. Whether they are expecting or not, the doubts about pregnancy can be seen in both unplanned and planned circumstances. Overall, the process of knowing whether you are expecting takes in a lot of effort. If you identify your pregnancy in the first trimester, it becomes easier to make decisions. If you want to continue it or buy abortion pills and end the pregnancy. Since the issue is very delicate, make sure your medications are right. Even if you want to abort it, ensure that you have taken safe abortion pills.
Additionally, whether a planned pregnancy worked, or an unplanned one came uninvited greatly depends on the signs and traits. Although one can opt for a pregnancy test by referring online pharmacy sites, let us review some major bodily changes faced by women during pregnancy

Menstrual Cycles: They are quite likely to be categorized as the primary indicator of whether you have been impregnated. A delay in cycles pre exits at times but surely it cannot disappear. Tracking the monthly time will help you know whether it was sexual intercourse or stress-induced hormones. At times even light to blur bleeding occurs in the early stages of detection. Carefully observe your menstruation and take minute details noticed along with the color and density of the blood.
Enlarged breasts: Prolactin develops after an egg is fertilized in the mother’s womb. This results in the enlargement of breasts, which clearly depicts that a woman is pregnant. Additionally, hormones are secreted in a balanced manner just after an egg is fertilized. This results in making the body respond positively to the acquired changes following breast tenderness.

Body cramps: Most cramps that happen in the body after sexual intercourse can actually tell if it has resulted in a pregnancy. Additionally, Estrogen and progesterone levels rise profoundly during reproduction, which causes severe body cramps along with the delay in menstruation. Moreover, if the body does show signs of both, it’s time to take the test.

Nausea, tiredness and throwing up!: Vomits are constant after you get pregnant. In fact, it accounts for the second most reliable signal that the sexual intercourse has worked. Accordingly, several women have also experienced reduced appetite which results in fatigues. As such these indicate a positive sign that you are to expect a new member in your life.

Mood disorder and swings: Its common that estrogen would be high and HCG hormone are providing the food to the baby. Nevertheless, progesterone even drops and increases at times, resulting in severe mood disorders. However, they may not be constant and one has to carefully observe the overall tendency to decide whether she is pregnant.

Sour Cravings: This depends on the regulation of mood and hormone. Ordinarily, if the body is working well, cravings of sour items would rise tremendously. Often, women resulting in crunching of pickles after getting pregnant was uncontrollable which depicts an adequate sign of pregnancy.

There are several signs that a woman experiences during pregnancy, Just by getting one of the above doesn’t really point out that a sexual intercourse has worked. Weight gain and constipation are even indications that you are conceived by the sperm. It is therefore required to observe thoroughly and opt for simple pregnancy tests at home to get adequate results.

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Why do women in the US opt for abortion

Abortion is a practice that has been a decision made by women on a global scale. Each has its own way of revealing the need for abortion. As such some claim the reason to be of personal sovereignty, while others have to fight for the unconditional reverence for the holiness of the never-ending life.

Circumstances dominate making women buy abortion pill online or from the local stores the only best way for some unplanned pregnancies. There’s also a rising trend of buying online abortion pills to end an early pregnancy.

In the US, abortion is termed as a more profound mindset referring to as pregnancy termination. While there are many reasons to comply, listed below are some major factors that women undertook in the recent times that resulted in medical abortion.

Financial Crisis: No doubt a major cause to drop off the fetus is because of heavy financial burden. A new life needs constant resources which would obviously demand more monetary funds. A couple who opt for abortion often isn’t well-prepared to bear a child. Unplanned pregnancy due to the failure of countermeasure, forces them to turn into medical abortion. As such financial crisis hold the topmost reason for most of the abortions.

Singlehood, Disturbed Relationship: Often relationship of couple sores after a physical relationship. Call it a fling or a casual date, even long-term relationships go for a toss and it results in an unplanned pregnancy for the female. Since raising a child all alone is a tedious task, single mother opt for abortions the sooner they learn that they are pregnant.

Pressure from family/Partner: Aborting a fetus is nevertheless the most repugnant thing for a mother. Pressurized by her partner and family some women are forced to take the step. Childbearing before marriage questions a lot about the woman’s character, especially if she is a teen. In such cases, abortion happens to be forcefully implemented by her parents. Nevertheless, teenage abortions and unprotected sexual intercourse have an adverse effect on the girl. Therefore, measures should be taken to avoid pregnancy at such an early age.

Health Issues: A woman who is expecting lives a dual life. As soon as the placenta develops HCG hormone, the mother starts to provide food to the embryo from inside. Consequently, being healthy is of utmost importance for the mother. Often poorly nourished women have unplanned pregnancy which greatly affects their physical health. They are left with no choice than abortion. As bearing a child without proper health standards can be fatal.

Secret Relationships: Usually Women tend to focus solely on relationships that are private. Often after a sexual encounter, they merely have anyone to blame for. The relationship was itself a fake, so they chose to bury the mistakes on their own and move on. Fearing about the society, and probably having an imbalanced lifestyle due to an unplanned pregnancy, urges them to take the necessary step of medical abortion.

Already have children!: This happens mostly with married women. As they are already having a family with children to look after, an unplanned pregnancy would hinder their daily routine. So, in order to maintain a healthy family routine, they opt for an abortion. Ordinarily, it is advisable for married women to opt for surgical procedures to avoid unwanted pregnancy and enjoy the sex life.

No matter whatever the reason for pregnancy is, it is still a wearisome process which is dark! Killing a fetus is similar to murder, the only difference being the unborn hasn’t been fully alive. Several countries have stringent rules encompassing adequate measures that could be taken if anyone violates them. Still, a proper valuation on the case is needed, before jumping to any conclusions. If there is no other way, it is also advisable to buy abortion pills considering the pill is taken within the required time period.

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Planning and Considerations: Abortion Pill Procedure

Planning to have a medical abortion is a safe and convenient option for females who want to terminate their first trimester pregnancy, without the intervention of any invasive technique. But, there are certain protocols for this method that one needs to know. If you are minor, that is under the age of 18 years they are not allowed to buy abortion pills. The two abortion medication: Mifepristone and Misoprostol- together are utilized for pregnancy ending. Ultrasound of an embryo to affirm its age is essential. Only those who have gestation within 10 weeks must select this procedure.

What do you require prior to discontinuing pregnancy?

Those higher than 10 weeks gestation can choose for surgical curettage. Before you move on to order abortion pill kit online to begin pregnancy end, get physical examination for liver, heart, kidney, uterus, immune system, hormones, blood, etc. Diseases related to mentioned systems and organs can prohibit you from undertaking drugs for abortion. If your pregnancy is ectopic, then vacuum aspiration process is compulsory.

Once you are clear of health problems constraints use of medication procedure to stop fetus stay in womb, you can buy MTP Kit (abortion pill kit). Keep a contact number of nearby hospital, carry things like sanitary napkins, heating pads, water bottle, thermometer, comfort clothes, etc. , take in confidence a close person, and seek help for the procedure if required. If considering visiting a hospital for the procedure, then talk to physician regarding drug dose and its consumption cycle, what to expect, side effects, precautions, etc.

You need to arrange finances for after care and emergency help (if needed) during abortion. If not able to visit chemist for medicines, order abortion pills online, and benefit from low cost. Although a number of women prefer terminating pregnancy as personal affair, they shouldn’t compromise with their health. As abdominal cramps and vaginal bleeding are indispensible consequences of the method, nutritious diet and avoidance of physically tasking routine will help greatly.

Precautions and Methods of Pregnancy ending medicines:

On consuming Mifepristone, anti-progesterone action detaches fetus, ceases the supply of oxygen and nutrients, and eradicates pregnancy parts from uterus lining by cervical dilation. By consuming Misoprostol either buccally or vaginally, womb contractions will assist you to release pregnancy parts from vagina as menstrual bleeding but heavier, will start.

Avoid unsafe methods to outdo pregnancy. Particularly, avoid use instruments or object on uterus by self to induce discontinuation of pregnancy or miscarriage, as it can cause death. Consume abortion pills with appropriate regimen and instructions provided. Overuse of the drugs or neglecting linked precautions can harm health. Do not miss any dose as medicine effectiveness will lessen otherwise.

How to manage Post-Abortion effect?

These drugs can cause headache, diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and body pain etc. because of its strong, yet effective mechanism. Before you buy abortion pills, you can get required drugs and treatment advises from doctor to control these consequences. If you are breastfeeding, then you must not administer these drugs, as it can cause side effects to the child being nurse as well.

Avoid having intercourse during recovery period immediately after abortion. For each consumption cycle, always ask your doctor for required tests. This product does not deter sexually transmitted diseases and not a birth control. You will get vaginally bleeding for a few weeks, prior to regular menstrual cycle commences.


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Women and Abortion: Things You Need to Know

A woman has many decisions to make when thinking about ending pregnancy. If you are one of them, then talk to your healthcare provider to understand different method to terminate pregnancy. In early stage to about 4 until 10 weeks of gestation, you have option to buy Mifeprex online, the medication which helps remove pregnancy over two weeks causing biological changes in body to support the regimen. All is done without assistance of in-clinic procedure or instruments, thus no surgery is required.

Medication pregnancy termination could be best if you need complete privacy and wish to be in control of the facility. With Mifeprex anti-progesterone 200mg, you have a clear way to successful pregnancy end when the prostaglandin medicines are combined along. Together the rate of completion is 95 to 98 percent with the drugs, and 60 to 80 percent when taken alone. So, using the drugs combined is advisable, though many use the secondary medicine more often by itself.

Experiences Explained

It is common for a person to be nervous about ending pregnancy just like when going in for other medical treatments. But, many of us are better equipped when they know what to expect. You must understand that during the process, you are bound to experience uterine contractions, which result in heavy bleeding and abdomen cramps. Some women bleed moderate and others more than what they get during their periods. Even the cramping may differ, but mostly these are moderate to strong.

Teenage Pregnancy Termination

If you are less than 18 years of age, the state may require both or one parent to give permission to end pregnancy on your choice. But, in some states you can ask a judge for excusing you from these requirements. However, to obtain Mifeprex online you need a prescription and must be at least 18 years old or more than that. You can be confident about the medical regimen. If it fails (that is rare), you can get the pregnancy removed by surgery, and that is not a tedious process either.

Going for a Follow-up

You must follow up after 14 days of taking the medications. Visit a certified health clinic that can advise of birth control after ending pregnancy and perform an ultrasound to judge the results of the medical regimen. Mostly women choose Mifeprex buy online UK option as the access is unrestricted and promises completed pregnancy ceasing at home, so you do not have to really fear of a disrupted or blotched process, which may happen if the surgical procedure goes wrong.

How to be Safe?

It is very important to be safe during any medication treatment. Even pregnancy termination has its own pros and cons, precautions, drug interactions, contraindications. For example, if you are over 12 weeks pregnant or have a pregnancy outside uterus, suffer from diabetes, uterine problems, very high blood pressure, allergic to the medicines used, then you must choose an alternate method instead of tablets. Similarly certain habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol are contraindications. To know more about safety tips, consult other reading material on here or speak to a pregnancy care doctor.

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Why Are Abortion Numbers Going Down?

The Centers for Disease Control announced that rate to pregnancy terminations in the U.S. were the lowest levels since tracking for statistics began, which may mean good news? But, the truth may seem harsher. The reactions administrators, owners, doctors of clinics that provided services to end pregnancies have a different story to tell. While speculating that it is the women’s will that could have convinced her to go ahead with the pregnancy, the reason was not so. The record to illegal or unrecognized pregnancy terminations is however fairing high.

Abortion Restrictions

Why women are visiting less of the clinics and looking for simpler option to end pregnancy? More women began to look for services outside the hospitals like buy abortion pill online, the back-alley regimens and lot more ways of seeking pregnancy termination from third party sources. How does that affect a person’s health? It is sure that not all sources, which provide the healthcare, are up to the mark for protecting a female’s reproductive well being.

Some of the providers think only about money and may not take precautions to upkeep the person’s health. It is fact that few bad apples exist. But clinics that are running since years may have made it a business that caters to first taking care of women and her concerns than only a money minting process.

Aggressive Pro-Life Campaigns

However, women have lost faith in pregnancy termination facilities, not because they do not want to end pregnancy, but they are constantly riddled with fake news of complications resulting from the procedure, thus influencing their decisions by inaccurate information. Females order abortion pills from other pharmacies than going physically to the clinic because they are scared about threats or stress those pro-lifers throw at them. How does that actually bring pregnancy termination rate down?

Lack of facilities for ending pregnancy also results from closure of the clinics that give the relevant care. Women then think of taking on an unwilling pregnancy ahead and may not buy abortion pills online even if it is necessary to end the conception. So if the numbers are really going down because women are taken a conscious and well aware decision to not end pregnancy, it is good, but otherwise it is really a bad thing.

Illegal Pregnancy Terminations

Few of the stories are actually sad where women are forced into ending pregnancies by family members or the person is unwilling to end pregnancy but has a health issue. If the clinic understands the female is being forced, then it can help the person access legal ways to protect her decision. At the same time, if the pregnancy termination is because if inevitable condition, then counseling support can be provided.

Some of the internet pharmacies could dispense fake medicines or not supply the products at all. The risks are endless. Another misconception pro-life movement activists believe that it is their effort and campaigns that has deterred women from ending her pregnancy. Very well it is true, but not by the reason the activists believe.

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Why Home Abortion is Easiest in Early Pregnancy?

When you talk about pregnancy termination, one may immediately think about clinical centers that may offer the services. But, the fact remains is most pregnancy ended are in early stage, when medicines can be easily used at home to serve the same purpose of ending pregnancy. Yes, you heard it right- no anesthesia or surgery or visit to clinic required if you take the abortion pills. It is a complete privacy method, which will save women trouble of monetary expenses and physical stress.

What are the Lead Benefits of Abortion Pills?

As ridiculous it may sound- like how a medicine can perform what surgery has been doing for so many years, the answer is, scientifically there are certain hormonal compositions that can expel pregnancy contents without invasively making way into the person. To get the medicine, one needs to get the abortion pill kit online, or just visit a clinic that caters medicines for pregnancy ending. Once the medication is with the person, she can follow the guidelines and take the tablets, be freed of the pregnancy in 2 weeks.

When we can medication method is easiest for ending pregnancy in home, here are the reasons how we are so confident about it.

  1. Anyone can buy abortion pills for themselves. This means a female who wishes to end pregnancy on producing valid prescription can get the tablets. It necessarily does not have to be in hospital but any online store like ours.


  1. No tension of injections, instruments going in vagina. Just take the tablets orally and wait for the expelling of fetal contents to happen. It may cause few more cramps and bleeding than what occurs in surgical treatment, but nonetheless effective.


  1. Complete control over the regimen is the key advantage. No doctors to worry about or anyone who must not know about the procedure, until the female herself asks for a third-party involvement. And when at home one can relax, and be in homely atmosphere than that of a care center.

How Women Find Their Way Through?

It may sound that medicines are something women can take as they want. However, there are few safety protocols to it. For example, if a female has tubal pregnancy, allergic to Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets, or more than 12 weeks pregnant, she cannot qualify for the medication process. It is best to at least get confirmed with a doctor if medical way is suitable for health or not. This may vary from person to person. Nonetheless, the tablets have causes pregnancy terminations majority of times for all first-trimester pregnancy endings.

To learn how to use the tablets, one can refer to our product page or talk to their healthcare provider. Mifepristone is taken orally with water, which is also the first medicine to be consumed. Then on the second or third day, 4 Misoprostol tablets of 200mcg each are taken vaginally or buccally (recommended) to cause instant pregnancy termination. After the second medicine, there will be start of uterine contractions and expel of pregnancy parts from the uterus that marks the end of pregnancy when an ultrasound confirms results.


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