How long after having intercourse can I take the emergency contraception?

Intercourse activities can take place in the heat of the moment and hence the cases of unplanned and unprotected intercourse are no less in the world. When you buy Plan B or similar emergency contraceptive, it effectively prevents the implantation in your body, thereby preventing an unwanted pregnancy despite having unprotected sexual intercourse. The sooner the pill is consumed, the better effectiveness will it show. And hence women are suggested to use it at the earliest after having an unprotected intercourse.

The pill is typically administered in following cases:

  • Missed your birth control
  • Torn condom
  • The condom has slipped out of place
  • The absence of a vaginal ring
  • Forced intercourse

Though emergency contraceptive is often known as the morning after pill, it can be administered orally with water up to 5 days after having the unprotected intercourse.

How does the emergency contraceptive work?

Implantation is the process wherein a fertilized egg gets embedded in the uterine wall. This process may occur anywhere between 6-8 days after conception. When you indulge in the sexual intercourse activity, the conception may take place within 5 days.

The hormonal elements present in the emergency contraceptive make hormonal changes in the woman’s body and inhibit the egg implantation into the uterus. The pill works mainly by delaying the release of an egg or ovulation. Since the implantation takes place after 6-8 days, the pill has to be taken before the said period. Most of the elements used in the pill are the ones in the regular birth control pills.

When should you not take the emergency contraceptive?

The pill cannot be taken if the woman has discovered that she is already pregnant or has crossed 5 days after the intercourse. The pill does not abort the pregnancy but prevents it from the conception.

Also, the pill must not be confused with the other methods of birth control/contraceptives which are to be taken before or during the sexual intercourse. When you buy Ovral or similar birth control medications, they help prevent pregnancy before the intercourse. The emergency contraceptive does not work if taken before intercourse.

What can be done if you have had intercourse and crossed the 5th day

If the woman happens to be late for the emergency contraceptive, the chances of her getting pregnant are high. It is advised that you confirm your pregnancy if you have crossed the 5th day after the intercourse and not taken any medical solution to prevent the pregnancy.

Once confirmed, you can buy abortion pills to terminate the unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The pills contain a drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol which together end an unwanted pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks.

Plan B is a reliable method of pregnancy prevention, you only need to follow the instructions given and take the pill at the earliest. To avoid any such circumstances of unwanted pregnancy and unprotected intercourse in the future, buy birth control pills and administer them regularly.

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Abortion Story: Support in Her Thick and Thin

A candle that burns and sheds light on other lives, that precisely describes her! Wendy is not only a beautiful wife, a successful entrepreneur but a social worker as well. She owns a fashion boutique which she started two years back. Her identity, however, is her project of helping poor and needy women to find their path in life. She has helped around hundred women to find their goal in life. She trains and employs some of them in her boutique as well.

The reason I’m sharing her story? Well, I certainly have many! I recently came across some articles which spoke about abortion stories of strong and confident women. It disheartened me to learn that these women went through such complicated phases of life yet managed to do an abortion on their own. However, there are other women also, who are fortunate enough to find support in their low time.

Everything was going fine until last month when discovered about her unwanted pregnancy. “It left me in dire straits” that’s what she says disheartened to learn about her unintended pregnancy news. Having recently started a boutique she was yet to settle, besides, she always had a bee in her bonnet to offer as much as help to her women who her. She knew starting a family at this point in time will not help her to pursue her vision.

Abortion. That’s the best suitable option she could see in front of her. When she spoke to her better half, appreciably, Mark, also stood by her decision and supported her for what she wished.

Since she was already spending a lot on her newly started business and the ladies who were working with her, she looked for a cheaper option, medical abortion. She decided to buy abortion pills online to end her early pregnancy.

She received a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets. Her medications worked on her body and ended her pregnancy in two weeks. More than anything, the support she received was She proudly tells how Mark helped her in the entire process, right from getting her pads, food, drink to doing house chores. What goes around, comes around! The women whom she helped, supported her bestowed love upon her.

She found all the moral support a woman could ever ask for! Rarely does that happen when it comes to pregnancy termination? Society does not want to understand a woman’s concern and just force their views and judgments on her.

It does not go as easy as it was for Wendy to find such supportive environment, people she has earned. Having said that, her husband and all the ladies who helped her in the abortion set an example before society for the support when a woman goes through one of the sensitive moments of her life.  Wendy has started using online birth control pills as a precaution and tell everyone the importance of protected intercourse and birth control medications.

Educating people about protected sexual intercourse is very important, so is making people aware of medical abortions available. Medical pregnancy termination is a great solution for women who end up in an undesired situation not understanding whys and wherefores of their path.

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Abortion decision of women: Inside Out

Pregnancy termination is an important decision in a woman’s life. Supporting her choice is vital in such cases and for this, understanding the reasons behind her pregnancy termination decision is equally important. Often women do not choose abortion, the situation makes them accept the abortion decision. If she’s in the first trimester of her pregnancy, she may buy abortion pills and end her pregnancy.

Some of the common reasons why women choose abortion:

  • Rape

The brutal act of rape happens without the consent of the women and leaves her vulnerable in a deplorable situation. Such cases force a woman to take abortion decision.

  • Contraceptive failure

The contraceptive is a birth control method which helps women prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, rare cases include failure of contraceptive methods, especially when not used correctly. A woman may miss her pill on some days. All this leads to unplanned pregnancy. In such cases, women choose abortion to get rid of the unexpected pregnancy.

  • Unplanned pregnancy

Most times, women do not indulge in intercourse unless there’s protection used by their partner. The condom used during intercourse may leak resulting in sperm reaching eggs.  These things are not under the control of a woman, but one has to be careful while using the condom. If she happens to get pregnant despite using a condom, she may have to end her pregnancy using abortion pills.

  • Unable to offer the needed healthcare to child

Every woman wishes to give better future to her offspring. For this, she expects herself to be mentally and financially stable. She may plan her pregnancy based on all such turn of events to ensure that the future of a child is stable. If she gets pregnant before she’s ready to handle all such responsibilities, she considers pregnancy termination as a suitable solution at that particular moment.

  • Unhealthy condition

For good health of the child, its mother should have good health as well. In some instances, wherein the woman is young and weak, she may not be mentally and physically fit enough to bear a child. If she gives birth to a child in such conditions, it may not be dangerous for the wellbeing of her child. Therefore, the woman is advised to terminate her early pregnancy, or she chooses to end the pregnancy herself with the use of effective abortion medication.

A woman not necessarily always takes the abortion decision herself. Often the various adverse circumstances leave her with this only option of terminating her pregnancy. Thankfully you easily get abortion pills online to terminate the unplanned pregnancy. This gives a woman a sense of relief. Further, precautions are always better than cure, so to avoid pregnancy termination, she may buy Ovral Pill Online or similar birth control medications to prevent pregnancy.

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