MTP Kit for Abortion in the First-trimester of Pregnancy

First-trimester abortion with medicines is the simplest method to manage your unplanned pregnancy. You can buy MTP Kit online and take the medication at home to obtain the required pills for the procedure. The pack contains one pill of Mifepristone 200mg, which is an anti-progesterone. You will also get 4 x 200mcg Misoprostol pills. Both medicines, when used together, have a high success rate of 97-99%. The pills work efficiently only if the pregnancy is inside the uterus. Also, it must be within 9 weeks of gestation.


You can follow the medication method instead of going in for surgery. As such, the invasive procedure takes place at a clinic or hospital. And you may have to travel for it. But when you can use Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortions for in-home termination, then why have tools worked on you? Instead, you heed the advice of your healthcare provider. Then complete the dosage of the abortion pills to get past the unexpected pregnancy.

Why Use MTP Kit Pills for Medical Abortion?

MTP Kit medicines give you an effortless experience with abortion. It causes natural miscarriage-like symptoms that you can self-manage. Mifepristone stops pregnancy by blocking the progesterone hormone. It then breaks the uterine lining and separates it from implantation within the womb. Misoprostol removes the pregnancy portions out of the womb and the vagina. For this, it causes uterine contractions. And the pill also widens and softens the cervix.

Heavy vaginal bleeding contains large blood clots so it is normal to expect that. The procedure takes 24 to 72 hours to complete. Abortion bleeding may last for a few weeks. The duration of which depends on how further you were along in the pregnancy at the time of medicine intake. The more advanced the pregnancy is, the longer time it will take for the bleeding to halt. After this, the menses will regularize.

Is MTP Kit Good to Take in First-trimester?

Remember that the earlier you end the pregnancy, the better it is for your health. There are lower risks involved in the process. And you can only take the medicines if the gestation is within 9 weeks. For an advanced pregnancy, the medication method will not work. But after conceiving, you have the facility with you when still a month or two pregnant. The uterine contractions caused by the medicine alone are sufficient to remove the products of conception from the womb.

What is the Dosage of MTP Kit Medicines?

Firstly, consume Mifepristone 200mg orally with water on day 1. Then wait for a day or two before continuing with Misoprostol 200mcg x 4 pills. You can take this medicine buccally or vaginally. In a buccal way, you need to place two pills each on two sides of the cheek pouches. Let the pills melt for half an hour and intake it orally thereafter. Or, you can push the pills inside the vagina one by one with your finger. Let yourself rest for 30 minutes so that the uterus absorbs the melted contents.

To Conclude

The abortion pill process with MTP Kit can get you over your unintended pregnancy. You can get an early pregnancy termination in the first trimester with Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

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