Supporting your partner during a medical abortion

Ending an unintended pregnancy is never an easy decision for women. Although the process of medical abortion is uncomplicated, a woman requires support from her close pals. Supporting her makes her feel stronger and positive throughout the process of medical pregnancy termination. It’s the best stress buster than the medications given along with the abortion pills. However, people still do not understand how the support can be given to a female undergoing a medical abortion.

First of all, understand that pregnancy termination can be necessary but a bitter decision for a woman. If you come across such a woman, here are some tips for helping and supporting her.

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Home Remedies for The Normal Side Effects of Medical Abortion

Medical abortion effectively ends your unwanted pregnancy, when detected early, without having any permanent side effects on your body. A pregnancy termination performed this way does not affect your future pregnancies or fertility in any manner. When you buy abortion pill online and administer the medication, you’ll face some minor and temporary side effects.  These side effects do not really require any medical attention, although, you can treat them to recover faster.


Home remedies to replenish nutrient loss from bleeding:


Though heavy bleeding is bound to happen, the nutrient loss from it can be recovered if you plan your diet accordingly.


  • Vitamin C has been proven to have important biological roles. Its plunged levels can be replenished through the intake of Vitamin-C rich citrus foods.


  • Iron being one of the major constituents of blood, consuming a diet rich in it is also considered important


  • Green veggies such as spinach, mustard greens or broccoli are also a good source of iron which can be taken during the abortion procedure.


  • Beetroot or pomegranate juice are some of the best blood purifiers resources you can have while you bleed heavily during the process.  


Get rid of nausea/vomiting:


Women typically feel nauseous during their pregnancy. The feeling may increase when they undergo the abortion procedure. It is important to note that the feeling is temporary and does not require any special medication as such. However, to get rid of the nauseous feeling immediately here’s what you can do:


  • Ginger has been in healthcare use for many centuries. It not only treats the nauseous feeling but also the stomach pain and diarrhea. You can have cooked food or drinks made using ginger. Licking a ginger candy also helps in this case.


  • Peppermint is another way of treating the nauseous feeling as you temporarily feel better and it also helps for the relaxation of abdominal muscles.


  • If you do not feel like eating anything in such circumstances, you can try the aromatherapy for nausea which involves smelling ginger, peppermint or isopropyl alcohol through a tissue/cloth. Spray the extract of ginger/peppermint on your tissue and smell it whenever you feel nauseous.


Treat your diarrhea:


Despite being termed as a symptom, diarrhea is one of the best defense mechanisms of our body which help expel harmful substances from it. When you’re on the abortion pills, you naturally tend to feel weak and diarrhea adds more weakness to the condition. It is expected to go in a few days, but you can get rid of diarrhea faster by treating it through simple home remedies!


  • Drink more hydrated drinks and try eating light. Fibrous food is always recommended while you’re on diarrhea.


  • You must eat fruits and veggies which contain high water, fiber, and electrolyte content. If you cannot eat fruits, try making sorbet or smoothies which you can easily drink throughout the day.


  • As said before, ginger is a great solution for your diarrhea. You can additionally consider having raw honey or herbal tea more often.


  • Most importantly, take rest since your body becomes weak due to constant discharge from the body.


Relief from the pelvic pain:


The uterine contractions due to the consumption of Misoprostol can cause pelvic pain in women.. You can lower the pain through following ways.


  • You can take hot showers (not a bath) and it will soothe your body ache magically.


  • Sleep in a comfortable position. Relax! Do not get involved in difficult or excessive physical activities that can exert your body.


All of the above home remedies help to lower the side effects of abortion. They also aid a faster recovery process. However, immediate relief from these side effects or their prevention can be done through medications as well. If you buy the abortion pill pack, apart from the regular abortion pills, it also contains the pills required to treat the side effects.


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