Abortion Story: Support in Her Thick and Thin

A candle that burns and sheds light on other lives, that precisely describes her! Wendy is not only a beautiful wife, a successful entrepreneur but a social worker as well. She owns a fashion boutique which she started two years back. Her identity, however, is her project of helping poor and needy women to find their path in life. She has helped around hundred women to find their goal in life. She trains and employs some of them in her boutique as well.

The reason I’m sharing her story? Well, I certainly have many! I recently came across some articles which spoke about abortion stories of strong and confident women. It disheartened me to learn that these women went through such complicated phases of life yet managed to do an abortion on their own. However, there are other women also, who are fortunate enough to find support in their low time.

Everything was going fine until last month when discovered about her unwanted pregnancy. “It left me in dire straits” that’s what she says disheartened to learn about her unintended pregnancy news. Having recently started a boutique she was yet to settle, besides, she always had a bee in her bonnet to offer as much as help to her women who her. She knew starting a family at this point in time will not help her to pursue her vision.

Abortion. That’s the best suitable option she could see in front of her. When she spoke to her better half, appreciably, Mark, also stood by her decision and supported her for what she wished.

Since she was already spending a lot on her newly started business and the ladies who were working with her, she looked for a cheaper option, medical abortion. She decided to buy abortion pills online to end her early pregnancy.

She received a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets. Her medications worked on her body and ended her pregnancy in two weeks. More than anything, the support she received was She proudly tells how Mark helped her in the entire process, right from getting her pads, food, drink to doing house chores. What goes around, comes around! The women whom she helped, supported her bestowed love upon her.

She found all the moral support a woman could ever ask for! Rarely does that happen when it comes to pregnancy termination? Society does not want to understand a woman’s concern and just force their views and judgments on her.

It does not go as easy as it was for Wendy to find such supportive environment, people she has earned. Having said that, her husband and all the ladies who helped her in the abortion set an example before society for the support when a woman goes through one of the sensitive moments of her life.  Wendy has started using online birth control pills as a precaution and tell everyone the importance of protected intercourse and birth control medications.

Educating people about protected sexual intercourse is very important, so is making people aware of medical abortions available. Medical pregnancy termination is a great solution for women who end up in an undesired situation not understanding whys and wherefores of their path.

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Period Cramps? Contraceptive Can be a Good solution!

For a woman, painful periods are a common phenomenon. Because of this, people often ignore the health issues related to it. There are solutions available; however, a woman needs to understand the difference between normal period pain and which type of cramps can be a trouble call for her.

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for menstruation pain or periods cramps. If you’re suffering through such painful periods, there’s nothing abnormal as it is one of the expected symptoms of a period. Try studying the various reasons behind severe painful menstruation. Extreme cases can be a serious issue; however, there are various treatments obtainable to cure the problem.

  • The cells from the lining of the uterus getting bigger into the muscles of the uterus.
  • Rare cases may have periods cramps due to the muscle of uterus is growing fibroids.
  • Prostaglandin, a substance released from the uterus during periods may be increasing. As a result, its muscles contract irregularly causing intense pain.

All that being said, your menstruation pain does have various solutions available to reduce your abdominal cramps during your menstrual cycle. If you are suffering from abnormal period pain, consult your gynec/ physician or health provider for a right treatment.  The regular period cramps issues can be resolved through following ways.

Solutions for periods cramps?

Make your periods less painful.

You can buy Loette contraceptive pill or even other birth controls can help reduce your menstrual period cramps.  Birth control pills are easily available at nearby stores or buy it online would be a better and easier option. You can administer these pills right on the first day of your menstrual periods. Besides, undergoing birth control medication makes it easier to predict your menstrual periods and reducing the pain as well, which is a win-win.

Make your periods lighter.

For reducing menstrual pain, birth control medications have proven to be a better option than over-the-counter medicines. All the birth control methods help to make your periods lighter and less painful. The lining of the uterus gets thinner when you are undergoing birth control methods.  As a result of this, there’s tissue in the uterus to pass making periods lighter.

Have fewer periods.

Fewer periods is a desire that may seem scary but is safe if you choose a right way for it. Ovral, Nuvaring, Loette are some of the contraceptives which you could consider to reduce the number of periods in a year. When you administer the thirteen-week birth medication throughout the year, it can help to reduce the number of periods to 3-4 times in a year.  It is completely safe to skip your menstrual cycle this way. Further, Birth control methods do not affect your fertility. When you stop taking contraceptive medicines or remove the vaginal ring, you’ll get back to the normal fertility phase wherein you’re capable of getting pregnant.

Birth control has many other benefits apart from reducing your period cramps problems. Women need to be educated about dealing with the basic women health issues.

Ignorance is never a solution for healthcare.

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What To Do If Your Vaginal Ring Has Fallen Out

If your vaginal ring falls out, then re-insert it as soon as you can. This is because, the longer the ring has been out of the vagina, the higher the risk of getting pregnant is. As a consequence, a person may even experience breakthrough bleeding.
What to do if the vaginal ring comes has been out for less than 3 hours
1. Rinse the Nuvaring with a cool or lukewarm water [do not use hot water] and then re-insert it into the vagina as soon as possible.

2. You don’t need to use a supplementary contraception and you are protected from conception.

What to do if the ring has fallen out for more than three hours in the 1st or 2nd week of usage:
1. Wash the ring with cool or lukewarm water and then insert the same ring back as quickly as you can.
2. If the vaginal ring has been out of the system for more than three hours, then you must use an additional contraception. You must use this contraception for at least seven days from when you re-inserted the ring.
3. Ask a healthcare professional or your doctor for medical advice, if you had intercourse in the previous few days and didn’t use a condom- in this case you may need an emergency contraceptive like Plan B.

If the ring has been fallen out of the vagina for more than three hours in the third week of usage, throw away the vaginal ring, and do either one of the following:
1. Buy Nuvaring and insert the new ring immediately and start a new ring cycle. You may not experience withdrawal bleeding, however – breakthrough bleeding or little spotting may occur.


2. Do not insert a new ring. Start you seven-day break from contraception [ like you do while using birth control pills- same applies here]. You will experience withdrawal bleeding. Then you can insert a new ring, seven days after the old ring came out of vagina. This option however can only be used, if the ring was continuously used for at least seven days before it fell off.
In both situations you must use an additional contraception, until the ring has been in place continuously for a week [7 days]. Again, ask for a professional advice, if you had intercourse in the previous few days and didn’t use a condom as you may need emergency contraception to decrease the risk of getting unwantedly pregnant.

If you lose the vaginal ring, you can insert a new one and continue on with the cycle that you were on.
Use emergency contraceptive like IUD and morning after pill like Plan B in case you had unprotected intercourse. These type of birth control work faster when taken quickly, therefore you must act fast. You must not use emergency contraception like an “additional regular birth control method”.
Where can you get a vaginal ring?
Although they are available at many drug stores, many women prefer to buy Nuvaring online to get cheaper deals and for privacy purposes.

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A Birth Control For Women Who Always Forget Taking Daily Birth Control

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One of the most used contraceptive methods over time is known to be the birth control pills and the IUDs. However, other birth control methods, like the vaginal ring have also experiencing increasing popularity in the recent years.

It is the perfect contraceptive choice for women who are always forgetting to take the pill everyday –

  1. It is similar to birth control pill

Nuvaring – the vaginal ring is a hormone secreting flexible plastic ring which functions in a pretty similar way as the birth control pills.

It contains two female hormones (just like in combo pills)- synthetic estrogen and progestin which work by suppressing ovulation and transforming the cervical mucus. Thus, making it harder for the sperm to travel towards the egg.

  1. You have to insert it in the Vagina, where you can keep it for three weeks at a time

Many women buy Nuvaring and find it confusing to use, however, its usage is pretty much simple. It has to be pinched and aimed towards the person’s back like putting on a tampon, therefore popping in place.

The position of the ring doesn’t matter.

Nuvaring’s hormones are potent enough to be effective for up to 28 days. They can be used continuously for three weeks, and then changed after seven days’ interval. The break of one week allows the person’s menstrual cycle – as it reassuring for some women as a proof, that they are not pregnant.

  1. It is a great option if you do not want to take the pill

One of the biggest advantage of choosing Nuvaring, is that you don’t have to remember to take the pill every day and enjoy all the benefits of the pill as well.

As for those who aren’t ready to make the commitment to IUDs (Intrauterine device), the vaginal ring is the best option for them.

It functions the same as the oral contraceptive, therefore it is also useful for relieving menstrual pain or period themselves.

  1. Price are comparatively lower

As one birth control pill pack is for one-month usage, compared to Nuvaring pack, one may feel that the pills are cheaper. However, being that Nuvaring’s pack contain three rings, they can be used for three months.

Therefore, when considering overall Nuvaring cost, it is relatively lower than oral birth control pills.

  1. The Side effects are pretty similar to the pills

The good side effects like less cramp, lesser bloody periods, and clearer skin can also be achieved by Nuvaring. But the unwanted risk of blood clots, lower libido and dry vagina can also be caused by the vaginal ring same as the pill.

  1. Where can you get them?

It can be bought without prescription. It sold in specific clinics, healthcare settings, pregnancy advice centers. Many even buy Nuvaring online for a cheaper deal.

  1. There is a rare chance that you may not be able to remove the ring but it’s no big deal

There is slight chance in case you can’t reach to pull the ring outside by yourself. However, that is no reason to panic; because there is no way that anything that is inserted in the vagina can get sucked into the body.

Therefore, in case where you can’t reach to pull off the ring, you can take help from another person, or tell your gynecologist/ healthcare provider to remove it.

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