A Birth Control For Women Who Always Forget Taking Daily Birth Control

One of the most used contraceptive methods over time is known to be the birth control pills and the IUDs. However, other birth control methods, like the vaginal ring have also experiencing increasing popularity in the recent years.

It is the perfect contraceptive choice for women who are always forgetting to take the pill everyday –

  1. It is similar to birth control pill

Nuvaring – the vaginal ring is a hormone secreting flexible plastic ring which functions in a pretty similar way as the birth control pills.

It contains two female hormones (just like in combo pills)- synthetic estrogen and progestin which work by suppressing ovulation and transforming the cervical mucus. Thus, making it harder for the sperm to travel towards the egg.

  1. You have to insert it in the Vagina, where you can keep it for three weeks at a time

Many women buy Nuvaring and find it confusing to use, however, its usage is pretty much simple. It has to be pinched and aimed towards the person’s back like putting on a tampon, therefore popping in place.

The position of the ring doesn’t matter.

Nuvaring’s hormones are potent enough to be effective for up to 28 days. They can be used continuously for three weeks, and then changed after seven days’ interval. The break of one week allows the person’s menstrual cycle – as it reassuring for some women as a proof, that they are not pregnant.

  1. It is a great option if you do not want to take the pill

One of the biggest advantage of choosing Nuvaring, is that you don’t have to remember to take the pill every day and enjoy all the benefits of the pill as well.

As for those who aren’t ready to make the commitment to IUDs (Intrauterine device), the vaginal ring is the best option for them.

It functions the same as the oral contraceptive, therefore it is also useful for relieving menstrual pain or period themselves.

  1. Price are comparatively lower

As one birth control pill pack is for one-month usage, compared to Nuvaring pack, one may feel that the pills are cheaper. However, being that Nuvaring’s pack contain three rings, they can be used for three months.

Therefore, when considering overall Nuvaring cost, it is relatively lower than oral birth control pills.

  1. The Side effects are pretty similar to the pills

The good side effects like less cramp, lesser bloody periods, and clearer skin can also be achieved by Nuvaring. But the unwanted risk of blood clots, lower libido and dry vagina can also be caused by the vaginal ring same as the pill.

  1. Where can you get them?

It can be bought without prescription. It sold in specific clinics, healthcare settings, pregnancy advice centers. Many even buy Nuvaring online for a cheaper deal.

  1. There is a rare chance that you may not be able to remove the ring but it’s no big deal

There is slight chance in case you can’t reach to pull the ring outside by yourself. However, that is no reason to panic; because there is no way that anything that is inserted in the vagina can get sucked into the body.

Therefore, in case where you can’t reach to pull off the ring, you can take help from another person, or tell your gynecologist/ healthcare provider to remove it.

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