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The best option for terminating early unwanted pregnancy - Safe abortion pills

Welcome to If you are looking to buy abortion pill online, enquire about medical abortion or curious as to how pregnancy is terminated with medicines, then this is the website for all information. We are an online pharmacy recognizing important of women's reproductive health. Every female has the right to receive medical care for her pregnancy. If you want to end a pregnancy with abortion pills, talk to us. Our customer service is active all day long.

We have many abortion pills products like Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Mifeprex, Cytolog, Generic RU486, MTP Kit, Pregnancy pill and Birth Control Products like Plan B, Ovral, Ovral L, Ovral G, Loette, Yasmin and Nuvaring. We have in-house experts, who will guide you to get the cheap abortion pill online, make you aware of medicine details, and safety measures. However, in case of confusion or health issues, you must talk to a healthcare provider before taking the tablets. Here are some of the queries you may have in your mind, and we are happy to answers to all these.

The most effective medical abortion pills combination – Mifepristone and Misoprostol

A safe and effective method to end early pregnancy with the help of two medicines- Mifepristone and Misoprostol is termed as medication or medical abortion. The drugs are taken alone or in combination, administered orally, buccally or vaginally to cause expulsion of conception contents from the womb. Medical pregnancy termination is non-surgical and performed in the first 10 weeks of fetus age. Pregnancy over 10 weeks must be ended with surgery.

Mifepristone: It is anti-progesterone medicine that ends an early pregnancy, and taken at the start of medical abortion. The mifepristone tablets are safe, and functions to thin uterus endometrial lining, along with dilating the cervix.

Misoprostol: Used as a secondary medicine in pregnancy termination, Misoprostol is taken after Mifepristone to expel pregnancy parts from the woman womb. It is taken buccally and causes symptoms like heavy bleeding, womb cramping, etc. It is the ultimate abortion tablet that causes abortion.

Buy abortion pills online with assured customer privacy

With you get the benefit of ordering quality products with assured secure transaction. With our high-end encryption technology, anyone can access without any worry for profile and transactional privacy. Our products only consist of quality Pregnancy pills that are essential in canceling a pregnancy that is within 10 weeks of gestation. Our international accessibility ensures woman around the world are assisted in acquiring trustworthy abortive medication easily and cost-efficiently. We prioritize customer information security with an assurance that no user data is divulged to a third party. Our products benefits include

  • Easy dosage – administration doesn't need another help
  • Instruction manual on the medical website as well as in the pillbox
  • No surgical tools or anesthesia involved
  • No expense on travel or additional hospital fees required

Abortion pills- its mechanism and intended effects

Mifepristone blocks the action of progesterone (pregnancy hormone needed to continue conception and fetus growth). The results are pregnancy detachment from endometrial when uterine lining thins and breaks. The cervix softens and dilates. Misoprostol, a prostaglandin E1 analog tablet, causes uterine contractions, helping to expel pregnancy parts out of the body and womb. Emotionally, a woman may feel guilt, relief, anger, etc. given the nature of the procedure, and its impact on her life. If you are confident about the decision and encounter emotional troubles before or after taking abortion pills, talk to someone you trust or a counselor. Physically, there are lots of things you will experience during medical abortion:

  • Bleeding: Depending upon the pregnancy length (earlier the better), the bleeding will vary. Those in 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy may bleed more than those less than 6 weeks pregnant. Bleeding can start within an hour or after 2-4 hours of using Misoprostol. Bleeding can be more than 2 weeks also.
  • Uterine Contractions: Cramping because of womb contractions is a sign that the medication abortion is nearing the stage of expelling pregnancy sections. The contractions will push the fetus and pregnancy tissues out of the womb. It can cause slight to moderate abdominal pain, greater if gestation age is more.
  • Pass Blood Clots: Most females pass large blood clots, and clumps, tan or gray tissues (less or more than one and a half inches in length). It is advisable to flush the contents in the toilet or keep bleeding and passed parts in check by wearing sanitary pads.
  • Abdomen Pain: Events in medical abortion are the same as early miscarriage, with bleeding heaviest in the first few day hours of taking prostaglandin analog tablets. After completion of pregnancy ending, the pain vanishes, and bleeding resumes lightness or spotting.

Abortion pills online – Process for home administration

  • Day 1: You should start by orally taking 1 Mifepristone tablet (200mg each), with water. Having a light meal beforehand is fine. But, you may start on an empty stomach as well. Avoid the intake of alcohol or smoking and any interacting drugs.
  • Day 2 or 3: Administer Misoprostol (4 tablets, 200mcg each) buccally (between gum and cheek). You may even choose to insert the tablets deep beyond the cervix, vaginally. If bleeding does not begin in an hour or 3, then take 4 more pills similarly.
  • More than two-thirds of females successfully complete abortion in 4 hours of using Misoprostol, while 90% of the user will get the pregnancy terminated within 24 hours or a few days of having the abortion medicine.
  • Day 7-14: Check-in at the nearest clinic, where a clinician can assess completion of home abortion by uterus ultrasound, blood test, or other methods. If the pregnancy termination is incomplete discuss with a doctor for other treatment options (aspiration abortion).

Side effects of taking abortion pills

Here are some temporary abortion pill side effects which you may encounter. These come to an end with successful termination of pregnancy.

  1. Fever chills warmth
  2. Hot flashes
  3. Nausea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Headache
  7. Dizziness

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Prerequisites to order abortion pills online

Women above 18 years of age, and with intrauterine pregnancy (fetus developing in womb) can use abortion pills. The person must be in good health. If suffering from any disease or disorder, she can contact her doctor. Females lower than 18 –years old cannot make a purchase of the tablets given safety reasons. If any teenager wishes to receive pregnancy termination, she must speak to a healthcare provider.

Confirmation of Pregnancy - a requirement prior to buying abortion pills

If you have missed your periods for more than a week, and have been sexually active, it is best to get a pregnancy test (uterus ultrasound, blood tests) done to know if you are really pregnant. If you are already pregnant and wish to end the pregnancy in the privacy of home, then order abortion pill online soon. Abortion pills can be only used if a woman is under 10 weeks pregnant. You can count your pregnancy age as the days gone by from the first day of last periods until now.

Women who should not purchase abortion pills online

Medication pregnancy termination may be contraindicated for females who suffer from specific diseases, or conditions. Discuss with a doctor about your eligibility for taking abortion pills. Here are the aspects, which disallow or render abortion pill unsafe for females.

  • Chronic adrenal failure, issues concerning heart liver-kidney, diabetes, high blood pressure, age over 35 years, and pregnancy for more than 10 weeks.
  • Inherited porphyries, anticoagulant therapy, and use of blood-thinning medicines.
  • If IUD (intrauterine device) in situ, then it must be removed prior to an abortion.
  • Allergy to mifepristone and Misoprostol, breastfeeding, no access for follow-ups.
  • Ectopic pregnancy, long-term utilization of corticosteroids.


Medical abortion is effective for ceasing early pregnancies. Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills regimen has 95-98 percent success rate for termination of pregnancy below nine weeks.

  • Recent research revealed that the medicines could even end a 10-week old pregnancy, but the efficacy rate is 92%.
  • In some regions, laws restrict utilization of abortion pills to 49 days from the start of pregnancy, while others may allow the same up till 70 days.
  • Misoprostol alone is successful to end pregnancy about 85% of times, but when combined with Mifepristone, the efficiency is more than 95%.


There are no reported permanent ill-effects to abortion. If there is any rare complication, it can be fairly treated. However, risks to such events are minimal. You can get pregnant again comfortably, in fact soon after pregnancy termination. There is no relative connection of breast cancer, infertility, and low libido to abortion pills. You can proceed to purchase abortion pill online without any doubts.


After the medication course, you have to visit a clinic for abortion confirmation. But, it is not mandatory to do so, If you are sure the pregnancy was terminated successfully. you can also use a pregnancy test card to know the results. However, an urgent follow-up may be required in between or after regimen, if you experience any severe abortion pill side effects such as Intense bleeding or painful cramping for days and weeks together.

  • Unexplained complications or serious breathing problem
  • Allergic reaction to the tablets.
  • Fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more lasting for 24 hours and greater.
  • Smelly discharge from the vagina after abortion.
  • Feelings of still being pregnant after abortion etc.

Abortion Pills can be taken up to 12 Weeks

Medical pregnancy ending pill method is effective if the fetus age is less than 10 weeks. As the gestation age increases, it becomes difficult to achieve complete abortion with tablets only. Any pregnancy over a 10-week duration can be removed with surgical aspiration procedure. As the fetus grows it is harder for the tablets to push it out off womb, along with other tissues, etc. But, in a surgical method, the tool is equipped to oust all the pregnancy contents.

Why Women Prefer Abortion With Medicines?

  • Many women take the medications to end a pregnancy as it feels less intrusive and similar to miscarriage or heavy period.
  • It can be a convenient and private option- women can terminate pregnancy in-home or a place where they can feel comfortable.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates abortion pills one of the safest ways to terminate a pregnancy.
  • It may be a cheaper method for pregnancy termination.

Breastfeeding While Medical Abortion

The Misoprostol components can pass into breast milk, when you take it, which may cause stomach upset or diarrhea in the infant. Inform your healthcare provider to avoid such ill effect on a child, in case you are breastfeeding prior to starting of abortion pill regimen.

Confirming About a Successful Abortion

Signs of completed abortion include reduced bleeding, cramps, or side effects. However, to ensure the results, you will have to check-in for an ultrasound later to 10 to 14 days of pregnancy termination. The pregnancy testing kit may not display appropriate results for several weeks together. In case of any leftover blood or tissue in the uterus, these are expelled in the next menstrual period. If you face no serious effects such as vaginal discharge, fever, continued bleeding or pain, then you are in a healthy state.

Who Must Not Order Abortion Pills Online?

Talk to the doctor to understand if you are suitable for medical pregnancy termination. Some health conditions may interfere with abortion pills:

  • Anticoagulant treatment, allergy of Mifepristone and Misoprostol, inherited porphyries, breastfeeding, blood-thinning medications, etc.
  • Problems linked to the adrenal gland, kidney, liver, heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, undiagnosed abdominal mass, unable to visit for follow-up care.
  • Pregnancy more than 10 weeks, long-term treatment with corticosteroids, an un-removed uterine contraceptive device, over 35 years old.

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