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Safe And Risk Free Abortion With Abortion Pills Online

What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion is the process which a women may opt to get rid of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. It includes intake of 2 abortion pills. Both the abortion pills are equally vital for successfully ending a pregnancy during its early stage of gestation. Let’s understand more about abortion pill and how does the pill work and how to buy abortion pill online with the help of this blog.

How do abortion pills work?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used in medical abortion they are also called abortion pills. Both are used in combination for successful abortion.

Mifepristone has antiprogesterone properties. It stops the supply of progesterone to the fetus. Progesterone is very important for the continuation of pregnancy and growth of the fetus. When Mifepristone blocks the progesterone the pregnancy terminates and the fetus gets detached from the uterus wall.

Misoprostol initiates severe contractions in the uterus wall and that removes thickened uterine lining. It also causes softening of the cervix which together expels the remains of the aborted pregnancy from the uterus.

What are the dosage and the intake method of the abortion pills?

The first medication is Mifepristone. It is a 200 mg pill and is consumed with water.

The second medication of 800 mcg Misoprostol is to be consumed after 24 to 48 hours of the first medication. It can be taken buccally or vaginally.

For the buccal intake, you keep the pills two each in both of your cheek cavities undisturbed for 30 minutes. Do not chew or crush the pills as this may decrease the effectiveness of the medicine.

It is recommended to drink a glass of water before you initiate the process as doing so is expected to facilitate faster absorption of the pills.

For vaginal intake push the Misoprostol pills deep in your vagina one after the other with your finger. Do not insert any object into your vagina.

You can choose the method of intake according to your convenience.

What to expect after taking the abortion pill?

After you take your first medication, you may not expect any major changes. It is after your second medication within a few hours you will experience the following symptoms.

There will be severe cramping and heavy bleeding. As the uterus is contrasting in an attempt to remove the pregnancy mass from the womb.

You can observe clots or masses of pregnancy tissues being expelled through bleeding.

There will be stomach pain. The duration of abortion will feel like a heavy and long menstrual cycle.

How long will it take to complete the process of abortion?

It takes a few days for abortion to be completed. After you take your second medication cramping and bleeding starts, there will be heavy bleeding with clots for 6-7 hours. This bleeding will decrease in intensity after that but you will still observe clots in the blood flow. It will still feel like a long heavy menstrual period for a few days. It is better to take proper rest at home for the first few days. In some women, bleeding continues for four weeks.

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What are the possible side effects?

Medical abortion is a safe process and does not cause any permanent form of damage to your health. All the side effects observed for medical abortion are temporary that last for a short period. These side effects are as listed below.

  • Feeling of nausea
  • Vomiting may occur
  • Feeling of dizziness
  • Constant feeling of tiredness
  • Vaginal itching, burning
  • Pelvic pain
  • Headache and body ache
  • Mild to high fever and chills

What are the necessary precautions?

If you buy abortion pills online you should have a valid prescription for it and the medication should be consumed as instructed by your physician.

Do a proper test to determine how long have you been in gestation as medical abortion can be done only up to eight weeks of pregnancy.

You should also make sure that the pregnancy is intrauterine that means the fetus is growing inside the uterus. Medical abortion won’t be effective if the pregnancy is growing in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.

Remove any intrauterine device with the help of a medical practitioner before you intake medication.

Do not use menstrual cups and tampons during your abortion period as these can lead to infection. Use sanitary pads instead.

Do not indulge in sexual intercourse while you are going through your abortion.

Avoid travel and any kind of intense physical work or exercise for a few days.

Stop smoking and drinking and maintain a healthy diet.

If you have any past or current medical history or if you are taking some medication, it is important that you properly communicate the same to your doctor before taking the prescription.

What to do if something goes wrong?

If there is no bleeding even after 24h hours since your second medication intake, you should contact your physician, you might need to repeat the dosage. If you accidentally overdose you should immediately contact the doctor. Some symptoms of overdose include fast heartbeat, fainting, difficulty in breathing, blurred vision, etc.

Who should not take the abortion pills?

In the following cases, medical abortion is not recommended: If the pregnancy period has passed more than 8 weeks (i.e 56 days) Those women who have some bleeding disorder. If there an intrauterine device is present in your uterus. Those who have heart, liver, or kidney problems. If the pregnancy is ectopic. Those women who do not have any clinic in the vicinity in the case of emergencies.

How to order an abortion pill?

You can buy abortion pills from our website using easy payment options. Your data and the payments are secured with advanced security techniques. You can choose from the various available shipping options at your convenience. The overnight shipping option is available in case you need the pill in an emergency. The medication will be delivered to you in discrete packing to protect your privacy.

How to store and dispose of the medication?

After you buy abortion pill online, you should always store the medication in a cool and dry place away from the heat and moisture. Keep it out of reach of the children.

The expired medication should not be flushed out or thrown out with domestic waste. You should ask a medical for the right way of disposal.

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