Reasons Why You Should Buy Prescribed Abortion Pills Online

When you consult a doctor for your unplanned pregnancy, he/she can give you the right treatment required for ending the pregnancy.  Even when you are searching for safe and effective medicine online, sending the prescription should be a must thing.  For a medical abortion, it essentially tells which abortion tablets you should take among options such as MTP kit, Mifeprex, Cytolog, etc.

This blog explains why you should be taking abortion pills from online pharmacy stores.


The cost of abortion becomes lower when you buy abortion pills online. You can compare the prices if you wish to buy the medication that suits your budget. Since you don’t spend anything on traveling, your cost gets lower there too.


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Unplanned Pregnancy? Know Your Options!

An unplanned pregnancy is indeed tough. Having said that, you should never jump on a bandwagon and have pregnancy termination or continue the pregnancy just because other women are also doing it. Abortion is a different story for everyone. You should think twice before taking any decision, once you take it, you should not feel regretful of your deeds.

Hence this blog helps you understand the options available with you in the situation of an unplanned pregnancy.

Continue the pregnancy:

If you feel that this pregnancy could bring positive change in your life and would make it better, you should. Continue the pregnancy if you wish to, however, take the decision at the earliest. Because you should not be too late if you wish to have an abortion since it implies complications which can be deadly at times.

Surgical Abortion:

Surgical abortion is when you can end an unplanned pregnancy with the help of surgical instruments. Suction or dilation are the two ways of doing a surgical abortion. You have to go to the clinic to get it done. The surgical abortion procedure is suitable for pregnancies more than 9 weeks of gestation.

The side effects of surgical abortion can be infection or impact on future pregnancies. In some cases, the side effects could be permanent.

Medical Abortion:

Taking a decision on the method of abortion:

You can perform a medical abortion without using any surgical devices. There are two medications which are used for the process of medical pregnancy termination.
(1) Mifepristone
(2) Misoprostol

You can find these safe abortion pills online on pharmacies websites. Buy from the one which is decent and offers pregnancy termination medications on time at an affordable cost.

Once you receive these abortion pills, you can begin administering the medicines at the earliest. Consume them as instructed by your healthcare provider.

You will be expecting two major symptoms of medical abortion. After the first pregnancy termination medicine stops the development of pregnancy in 24 hours, the second pill initiates the content removal process.

The second pill, Misoprostol causes contractions, thereby leading to stomach pain and vaginal bleeding for a few days. If you undergo a medical abortion procedure, ensure that you go through these two symptoms. If not, get medical help for the same.

The abortion medicines side effects can although be painful they are not permanent. Visit your doctor for any prolonged side effects.

Which one suits your situation:

If the pregnancy is normal and in the first trimester, medical abortion is economically a great option and the safer one among the two. For rest cases, you should consult your physician who may suggest surgical abortion method for ending the pregnancy.

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Understanding The Human Reproductive System

The human reproductive system is a bit complex in the medical world. It is a biological process which is carried out in the human’s body. It takes place through sexual intercourse when a sperm produced in a male’s body gets transported to the ovum present in the female reproductive organ.

If the sexual intercourse takes place when the female partner has ovulated, there are more chances of the ovum getting fertilized and hence the woman getting pregnant.

One can easily find an online pharmacy on the internet which offers medications for improving the reproductive health of men and women both.

This blog explains how human production takes place.

To explain the human reproduction system, you should know the different phases of the human reproductive system which are explained below:

  • Releasing of an egg
  • Internal fertilization of the egg by sperm cells
  • Passing of the egg from the fallopian tube to the uterus
  • Implantation
  • Development of placenta
  • Birth

The reproduction system refers to the mechanism through which humans reproduce. The biological process occurring for the reproduction requires organs and structures to be in a certain manner in both male and female body.

In a female body, there are fallopian tubes which end at the pelvic cavity. This pelvic cavity holds ovaries having female germ cells (eggs). This is an important part of the women reproductive system.

In case of a male body, the testosterone which hangs below the penis is the crucial organ in their reproductive system.

Each month, an egg is released from the ovaries to prepare for fertilization. During sexual intercourse, the penis is inserted in the vagina and it reaches the cervix. At this point in time, when the penis ejaculates, it passes semen to the vagina.

This semen is produced in the testosterone of the male reproductive organs further transport it to the penis at the time of sexual climax. The sperm cells present in the semen meet eggs and the strongest among all fertilized the ova.

Once the egg is fertilized by the sperm, it places itself in the uterus and womb creates a surrounding for the development of pregnancy. If the fertilized ovum gets properly placed in the uterus, the woman becomes pregnant.

In the span of 9 months, the fetus developed in the uterus goes through different stages and takes the shape of a baby.

A woman generally experiences pregnancy symptoms during 3rd or 4th week of its gestation. If the pregnancy is unplanned and needs to be ended, the woman has to take the decision in the first trimester. For medical abortion, she can buy MTP kit online which contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills to end the first-trimester pregnancy (up to 9 weeks).

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The Age When A Person Is Old Enough To Have Intercourse

Today’s curious child and growing teen have many questions in their mind. There has to be a system where such young minds will be given sex education. We need to educate the children and teenagers about the risks, safety, precautions, women healthcare and online pharmacy options available.

Many of us even do not know the right age to have sex and this lack of knowledge may lead them to numerous physical and mental troubles. An unplanned pregnancy is one such trouble that women get into due to lack of knowledge of how unprotected sexual intercourse can affect their lives. For women, medical abortion is one option.

What’s the case in the US and other parts of the world?

In the US, the legal age to decide if one should sexual intercourse is 16. In Europe, the age limit varies with region. While in Germany it’s 14, many other parts have 18-20 years old as the age of consent. Most of the middle east countries, there’s no age of consent but marriage being the decision maker.

The other aspects:

Apart from physical and legal consent, couples should also consider other aspects while getting into sexual activities. By maturity, it is not always about the development and growth of the body but also minds. Both, man and woman involved in sexual intercourse should be mature enough to understand what sexual intercourse is. Along with the physical aspect, sexual intercourse is also of psychological and practical and emotional viewpoint in any sexual relationship.

Pregnancy and age:

There may be different age of consent limitations in a different region, but if one speaks of pregnancy and healthcare perspective, it is very important for a woman to understand that 18 and above is the age when she and her pregnancy can be normal and healthy. Even the 18 may not be the right age for some women whose physical growth is slower than usual.

That’s why, it is advised that precautions such as birth control pills, condoms, and other contraception method be used and promoted for such sexual intercourse activities where an unplanned pregnancy may affect the couple.

Is there any age limit for medical abortion?

Yes, the age limit is 18. If you are above the age of 18, you end the unplanned pregnancy through medical termination of pregnancy. Even the online pharmacies offer safe abortion pills online if your age permits.

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How To Safely Buy Prescribed Abortion Pills Online?

A reliable online pharmacy typically offers pills and services that one can trust. Also, a genuine pharmacy does not limit itself to the products and services offering. It goes the extra mile to educate people for better healthcare. When you buy abortion pills online, you must look into all such factors and ensure that the website is worthy of your trust, time and money.

When it comes to abortion pills, there will be many websites offering abortion pills without a prescription letter submission. However, such websites can put you in risks if the products are not safe enough to consume or bad effect on your body.

Why prescription is necessary when you buy MTP kit or abortion pills:

Abortion pills such as Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Cytolog, Generic RU 486 or even MTP kit are FDA approved and safe to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Having said that, the efficacy of these pills largely depends on the woman’s age, her gestation and health condition.

For this, consulting a physician is the best possible solution in medical abortion. When you receive guidance from a professional healthcare provider, it helps understands if the abortion pills suit your body. Of course, the online pharmacies from where you find the abortion pills will give you in-depth information about the procedure and dosage, however, it is always better if you are being guided by an expert as per your personal health traits.

Hence, always choose a website which makes it compulsory to submit a prescription letter.

Here are some tips to check if the online pharmacy you are referring to is genuine and safe:

A trusted and safe online pharmacy will always contain site information with transparency maintained. See when the pharmacy was started and how many years it has contributed to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.
The website you are referring to must include information about approval of the Food and Drug Administration. If the abortion pills are FDA approved, you can indeed buy safe abortion pills from this website.

Customers are always the first priority for any safe and genuine pharmacy. Their feedback is the most reliable way of judging if the website is safe & reliable. Before you buy abortion pills from such online pharmacies, you can go through what other customers are talking about the website.

Some of the websites typically have a healthcare experts board made available for customers who are in need of guidance. You can speak to the expert sell and make your decision.

This way, you can easily find online abortion pills which are safe to use and terminate an early unwanted pregnancy. Listen to the instructions properly and follow them to get the best results from the tablets consumed.

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After Abortion Care For Faster Recovery

After Abortion care is something that most women tend to ignore. However, it is an equally important factor in medical termination of pregnancy. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular combination that terminates an early pregnancy within a week or two. If you have bought online abortion pills, you’re most likely to find information about the after abortion care on the same website or online pharmacy.

Do not get into intense physical activities:

If you get yourself in any intense physical activities during or soon after the abortion procedure, this can put pressure on the vagina. At a point when the vagina is already delicate, putting more pressure is not advisable for a woman who has recently undergone the procedure of abortion.

Do not smoke or drink:

It is advised not to drink or smoke during or immediately after performing the procedure of non-invasive abortion technique.

Do not insert anything into the vagina:

When you perform the medical termination of pregnancy, your vulva and vagina are prone to infections. The procedure of abortion makes it delicate and vulnerable. At such a time of delicacy, be it a sex toy or tampon or any other thing, inserting anything in the vagina is not advisable.

Do not have sexual intercourse:

Once you perform a medical abortion, the support or soft corner you receive from your partner may bring you to close again leading to sexual intercourse. However, one must refrain oneself from getting into any such sexual activity. The reason mentioned in the previous point applies here too. Also, you should not misunderstand that performing unprotected sexual intercourse cannot make them pregnant after the abortion procedure. That’s surely not true. The procedure does not affect your fertility. Every woman performing medical abortion should continue her sex-life immediately after the procedure. And even when she begins having intercourse, must use contraception.

Do what you like the most:

Recovering from abortion is more of an emotional thing than the physical care impacting the healing phase. It is observed that among women underwent a medical abortion, the ones who were surrounded by a positive environment could heal from the abortion procedure faster than the ones who couldn’t.

To ensure that you’re surrounded by the positive environment after an abortion procedure, here’s what you can do:

Watch movie
Read your favorite book
Listen to your favorite music
Do simple yoga
Do craft and artwork

Most importantly, the people around matter the most when it comes to emotionally healing from the abortion procedure. Hence, you must speak to your loved ones and share your feelings with them. Speak to the ones who you think can understand your situation. Such people will surely help you recover from the procedure faster.

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What Is The Ideal Age To Get Pregnant?

The availability of contraception has helped women to control and plan their pregnancy age as per their needs. Recent studies suggest that the number of age is shifting to 30s from the early 20s as it was before.

Since you can buy Ovral online through online pharmacies, the use of online pharmacies for birth control has increased. Subsequently, the demand for safe abortion pills online has also increased. Woman do not feel ready for a family in their 20’s but end up with an unwanted pregnancy due to unprotected sexual intercourse or failure of contraception. In such cases, they buy MTP kit or similar abortion pills and end their pregnancy at home.

Since medical abortion is an affordable option and does not affect future pregnancies, it is the most preferred method to end an early unwanted pregnancy.

The quality of eggs declines as you age. Risks and complications in the pregnancy too increase as you age toward your 40’s. Hence, most women prefer having a baby in their later 20’s. However, the priorities of women are strongly changing these days and career and financial stableness is given more importance than starting a family.

There’s no specific age that can be determined as the best age to get pregnant. However, this blog explains how pregnancy at different age looks like.

When you are 20+

This age is considered as a most fertile phase of women as they have more chances of getting pregnant during this time. Not only the quality of eggs is high, but the number of risks during this time is also the lowest.

When you are 30+

This is neither the worse not the best age to get pregnant. The quality of eggs gradually declines around the time of 32-33. The speed of this decline may speed up in women after 35.

By the age of 37, women approximately have 25,000 eggs left in them.

After 35, women may face problems in their pregnancy or the complications in the child. Hence, the doctor advised taking more caution and care if you happen to get pregnant.

When you are 40+

The decline in the fertility is steep when you cross 40. The quality of eggs changes and eggs tend to have chromosome complications which eventually leads to a birth defect.

Though the quality of eggs is low and the chances of pregnancy after 40 is very low, there are cases of women who have had a healthy child even in their early 40s’. That said, the complications involved in the births cannot be ignored. After the woman crosses her 40 age, she faces the following complication in her pregnancy.

birth defects
premature birth
C-section delivery
low birth weight

It is advised to consult your doctor for your pregnancy planning. If your body has contradictions for a healthy pregnancy, you may have to try early to increase the chances of getting pregnant. The problems such as PCOS or other reproductive health issues create complications in the pregnancy. Reaching out to health experts, gynecologists as soon as possible can help solve the problem.

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What to say to your teen about sexual intercourse and safety

The discomfort in the discussion of sexual intercourse and its safety between parents and teen has been a common scenario in families. Notwithstanding, it is in face one of the important subjects that teens need to be taught before they learn unhealthy practices from wrong sources.

Research says, unplanned pregnancy cases are more in teens and women early twenties and the number is increasing every year.

Here’s a guide on what to say to your teens about sexual intercourse and its safety.

Parents are the most important educators for Guide them to right kind of articles of sexual intercourse and safe practices.

Online education:

Most parents find it difficult to begin the topic. In such a case, you can guide them to a trustworthy online pharmacy or any other reliable online website. Tell your kids about the website. There are many women healthcare websites which offer birth control pills, MTP kits, condoms and other products and services for reproductive health care. Such websites are especially recommended for useful sexual information to forward to your teens. This can be a great start for your speak up with your son/daughter.

Clear doubts:

Clear the doubts of your kids. Speak to them more often. Talk about relationships. Understand their relationships and help them understand what needs to be done during complicated situations. You can also tell them stories of people and how they tackled a complicated relationship. Sexual intercourse is often considered an integral part of a relationship. If that isn’t taught properly, it may also hamper the relationship.


There may be moments of unwanted pregnancy. Make sure your teen does not fall into any such situations. And hence education regarding safe sexual intercourse and pregnancy prevention methods is a must. You can educate them that how an unwanted pregnancy can be dealt with. How women in twenties buy abortion pills and perform a medical abortion at home. what to say to your teens about sexual intercourse and its safety.

What should be the topics to talk about sexual intercourse and its safety:

Sexual Intercourse
How Alcohol and Other Drugs Affect Decisions
Male & Female Reproductive Systems
Unwanted pregnancy and medical pregnancy termination
Abstinence/Postponing Sex
Measures of Birth Control
Safe sexual intercourse.
Sexual Orientation
HIV/AIDS and other STDs
Consequences of forceful intercourse

The more you talk to your teens, the more will they open up. That the key to speaking to your teen about sexual intercourse and safety. Studies have found that parents who speak to their teens about sexual intercourse, those teens are more likely to wait for the right age and right moment for intercourse. Also, such teens found using birth control measures/contraception while having sexual intercourse.

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Frequently asked questions about medical abortion

Surgical termination of pregnancy had been the predominant method of abortion and hence most women are aware of and educated about the procedure and details. Medical abortion is comparatively new to the world. Food and drug administration permitted abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Ever since the number of women who buy MTP kit or get any other similar abortion pill combination has increased.

What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a method which allows women to end their unwanted pregnancy at home with the help of two pregnancy termination medicines.

Is medical abortion a safe method to end the pregnancy?

Medical termination of pregnancy is a safe method that carefully removes pregnancy tissues from the body and ends the pregnancy without any permanent side effects to the woman.

When can we perform a medical abortion?

Medical abortion can be performed by women who have pregnancy is up to 8-10 weeks gestation.

What are the pills of medical termination of pregnancy?

Medical abortion cannot be performed through one single pill. There are two types of abortion pills. The first type is anti-progesterone. Anyone of the following pills can be taken in the drug combination for the first type.

Generic RU 486

The second type is called prostaglandin pill. Anyone of the following pill can be taken for the consumption of the second type of pill.


How do you administer the pregnancy termination pills?

Mifepristone, which is the first medicine is taken orally with water. The second medicine, Misoprostol has two methods of administration. The buccal method requires the woman to keep the medicines in the cheek pouches for half an hour. The vaginal method requires a woman to place the medicines in the vagina for half an hour.

Where can I get the abortion pills?

You can buy abortion pills online as there are many online pharmacies who dedicatedly offer women healthcare products and services.

How does abortion pills work?

The first tablet in the medical abortion drugs stops the fetus from growing with the help of its anti-progesterone constituents. The second pill in the drug combination expels these fetal tissues from the body with the help of prostaglandin constituents.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy termination?

The symptoms of pregnancy termination begin showing 3-4 hours after taking the second medicine. For some women, it may take time up to 24 hours. Cramping and abdomen pain in the first symptom of medical abortion.

The second symptom is an important one and every woman must experience this after effect, without which a medical abortion cannot be called complete. Vaginal bleeding is the second after effect/ symptom. If you do not experience any of the two aforementioned after effects, consult your physician at the earliest. It may be a sign of incomplete abortion or complications in the termination.

What are the side effects of medical pregnancy termination tablets?

A headache
Chest Pain

Are the side effects of medical abortion are permanent?

None of the side effects of abortion pills are permanent, nor do they require any medical attention to be cured.

Medical abortion is becoming a widely used method for terminating an unwanted pregnancy as it is easy and allows women to have their privacy during the procedure. Additionally, it does not affect the future pregnancies or fertility of the woman.

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