The Age When A Person Is Old Enough To Have Intercourse

Today’s curious child and growing teen have many questions in their mind. There has to be a system where such young minds will be given sex education. We need to educate the children and teenagers about the risks, safety, precautions, women healthcare and online pharmacy options available.

Many of us even do not know the right age to have sex and this lack of knowledge may lead them to numerous physical and mental troubles. An unplanned pregnancy is one such trouble that women get into due to lack of knowledge of how unprotected sexual intercourse can affect their lives. For women, medical abortion is one option.

What’s the case in the US and other parts of the world?

In the US, the legal age to decide if one should sexual intercourse is 16. In Europe, the age limit varies with region. While in Germany it’s 14, many other parts have 18-20 years old as the age of consent. Most of the middle east countries, there’s no age of consent but marriage being the decision maker.

The other aspects:

Apart from physical and legal consent, couples should also consider other aspects while getting into sexual activities. By maturity, it is not always about the development and growth of the body but also minds. Both, man and woman involved in sexual intercourse should be mature enough to understand what sexual intercourse is. Along with the physical aspect, sexual intercourse is also of psychological and practical and emotional viewpoint in any sexual relationship.

Pregnancy and age:

There may be different age of consent limitations in a different region, but if one speaks of pregnancy and healthcare perspective, it is very important for a woman to understand that 18 and above is the age when she and her pregnancy can be normal and healthy. Even the 18 may not be the right age for some women whose physical growth is slower than usual.

That’s why, it is advised that precautions such as birth control pills, condoms, and other contraception method be used and promoted for such sexual intercourse activities where an unplanned pregnancy may affect the couple.

Is there any age limit for medical abortion?

Yes, the age limit is 18. If you are above the age of 18, you end the unplanned pregnancy through medical termination of pregnancy. Even the online pharmacies offer safe abortion pills online if your age permits.

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