What To Do If Your Vaginal Ring Has Fallen Out

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If your vaginal ring falls out, then re-insert it as soon as you can. This is because, the longer the ring has been out of the vagina, the higher the risk of getting pregnant is. As a consequence, a person may even experience breakthrough bleeding.
What to do if the vaginal ring comes has been out for less than 3 hours
1. Rinse the Nuvaring with a cool or lukewarm water [do not use hot water] and then re-insert it into the vagina as soon as possible.

2. You don’t need to use a supplementary contraception and you are protected from conception.

What to do if the ring has fallen out for more than three hours in the 1st or 2nd week of usage:
1. Wash the ring with cool or lukewarm water and then insert the same ring back as quickly as you can.
2. If the vaginal ring has been out of the system for more than three hours, then you must use an additional contraception. You must use this contraception for at least seven days from when you re-inserted the ring.
3. Ask a healthcare professional or your doctor for medical advice, if you had intercourse in the previous few days and didn’t use a condom- in this case you may need an emergency contraceptive like Plan B.

If the ring has been fallen out of the vagina for more than three hours in the third week of usage, throw away the vaginal ring, and do either one of the following:
1. Buy Nuvaring and insert the new ring immediately and start a new ring cycle. You may not experience withdrawal bleeding, however – breakthrough bleeding or little spotting may occur.


2. Do not insert a new ring. Start you seven-day break from contraception [ like you do while using birth control pills- same applies here]. You will experience withdrawal bleeding. Then you can insert a new ring, seven days after the old ring came out of vagina. This option however can only be used, if the ring was continuously used for at least seven days before it fell off.
In both situations you must use an additional contraception, until the ring has been in place continuously for a week [7 days]. Again, ask for a professional advice, if you had intercourse in the previous few days and didn’t use a condom as you may need emergency contraception to decrease the risk of getting unwantedly pregnant.

If you lose the vaginal ring, you can insert a new one and continue on with the cycle that you were on.
Use emergency contraceptive like IUD and morning after pill like Plan B in case you had unprotected intercourse. These type of birth control work faster when taken quickly, therefore you must act fast. You must not use emergency contraception like an “additional regular birth control method”.
Where can you get a vaginal ring?
Although they are available at many drug stores, many women prefer to buy Nuvaring online to get cheaper deals and for privacy purposes.

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