The Woman’s Guide To Having A Medical Abortion

medical abortion

The actual decision of having an abortion is always ‘gut-wrenching’ or ‘horrible’ decision. In some cases, the psychological aftermath of an abortion is an engulfing feeling of relief, in most cases; pregnancy termination was just a lawful medical procedure that allowed women’s life to persist unchanged after feeling momentarily terrified, afraid, and alone. While none of those who contributed seemed that they regretted their decision. A medical abortion is a procedure that millions of women undergo every year.

Medication abortion is currently a two-medication process that involves taking safe abortion pills over the course of 2-3 days, typically while the patient is at home. Medical Pregnancy termination is safe, and is 97-98% effective. Some women prefer it because it requires no anesthesia or surgery and may feel more private or natural.

A guide to unexpectedly finding out that you are pregnant:

Firstly, you need to find out that you are pregnant. As soon as you find out and you have decided that you wish to abort, you can buy abortion pills to induce the procedure at home, because longer you wait, the more difficult the procedure can be.

You can check whether your pregnant or not with the help of home pregnancy test (urine test).  Home pregnancy test is very simple; you just have to pee on a stick again. Once a positive result is received, you may or may not take a blood test and may rely on the urine test results. You can also do ultrasound, to know how far along your pregnancy is and what method of abortion will be appropriate for you. If your pregnancy is within 10 weeks of gestational period, you can perform the least-invasive procedure possible that is medical abortion.

There are several options available for medical termination of pregnancy, however the most commonly used is one tablet of Mifeprex (200mg) followed by Misoprostol (800mcg).

A guide to Mifeprex:

Mifeprex is a pill that pharmaceutically prompts the body to miscarriage. Pregnancies that are 10 weeks along or lesser can be aborted with this pill. It is the most effective way to terminate a pregnancy if used within 7 weeks along or even fewer. It is the brand version of Mifepristone. The primary pill Mifeprex stops the development of the fetus, while the secondary pill Misoprostol induces the uterus to empty its contents.

Women, who utilize this method, may experience severe cramping in their abdomen with some nausea. Along with that they experience some bleeding normally heavier than the menstrual period. The bleeding will go anywhere from some days to 2-3 weeks after taking Mifeprex.

For most patients aborting medically is like an early miscarriage. A follow-up appointment is required after 14 days to make sure the procedure’s completion. Individuals who are not eligible for medication abortion include those with:

  • Long term steroid use
  • Chronic adrenal failure
  • Known blood disorder
  • Significant anemia
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