What Diet Should Be Followed After Taking Abortion Pills?

Abortion drains the body of some essential nutrients. Following an abortion, it is very crucial for a female to take care of her body. This helps her to recover quickly from the abortion procedure. Reading about the MTP kit online suggests that taking care of what she is eating is the best way to maintain her health. It is thus important to follow an appropriate diet plan and daily routine after a woman has undergone a termination of pregnancy.  Reduced vitamin and iron levels caused by heavy bleeding can have an adverse effect on the body. To replenish these vital components in your body, it is important to include a sufficient amount of the following in your diet.


Protein is a strict necessity in your diet. Pregnancy termination makes the body feeble, that time you need protein in a large amount. So, a protein-rich diet will facilitate you to reach that level of strength rapidly. This nutrient is known to help in the wear and tear of our body. Moreover, many components of the blood are made up of it. So, all that is lost through blood loss or other changes during an abortion, is made-up for by an increased intake of proteins.

They must include cottage cheese, bananas, peas, carrots, almonds, green leafy vegetables, fish, baked beans, avocado, eggs, and such type of protein rich food in your diet. You can also go for protein-rich supplements.

Go for digestible food:

If you eat heavy or oily food after taking abortion pills, then you may face severe stomach ache later on. In order to avoid such type of physical pain, you must go for food that can be digested easily by the body.  A woman can include bitter melon, edible radish, oranges, hawthorn, and other such vegetables and fruits.  Avoid having oily junk foods, carbonated beverages or other eatables that can cause harm to your body.

Include vitamins and mineral-rich nutritional diet:

You can include these in your daily diet after pregnancy termination procedures in the form of eggs, fish, meat, liver, soybean, tender chicken, dates, lotus seeds, fresh fruits, milk, vegetables, and others.  Such nutritional diet will make sure you sustain a strong immune system thus helping you recover faster from the effects of pregnancy termination. Do not add extra spices when you cook the aforementioned food items, because it may cause dietary troubles requiring immediate medical attention. It is hence better to shun spicy food.

Intake of water should be increased:

Following pregnancy termination, the common issues, which are faced by most of the women resulting in loss of water from the body, are sweating and diarrhea. These issues can lead to dehydration; thus, it is really vital to increase your intake of water to at least 8-12 glasses daily. This habit will ensure that you are not going to be a victim of dehydration and constipation as well.

Non-vegetarian foods:

Non-vegetarian food in your diet can also act as a great protein supplement. You can have beef, chicken, tuna, fish, shellfish, peas, cooked dry beans, and other. These foods are very high in protein and will aid your recovery greatly.

Low-fat products:

As mentioned above, foods which are difficult to digest will have an adverse effect on your body, thus going for low diet will assist you to heal faster and in a better way. You must only include low-fat varieties when it comes to dairy products like low-fat milk. This will supply your daily requirement of proteins, vitamins, and calcium. The everyday intake of low-fat dairy products will keep you strong and healthy.

Although following a healthy diet is important, there are also other precautions that need to be taken. This includes avoiding sexual intercourse until complete recovery, refraining from the use of swimming pools or bathtubs and giving a halt to heavy workout sessions.

Also, be informed that the female hormones are set back to their normal states soon after a complete abortion procedure. Along with keeping away from intercourse use birth control like the Loette contraceptive pill. These pills stabilize the hormonal levels in the body to prevent ovulation. Online birth control pills are available in packages with the exact number of pills to be taken in a single regimen and can be very helpful in preventing another unwanted pregnancy.

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