What happens if I don’t Take Birth Control Pill at Same time Every day?

Birth control Pills Ovral

Birth control pills are an effective way of preventing an unplanned pregnancy. However, women have to take these pills throughout their menstrual cycle. During this period, if you miss a pill or delay the intake of your birth control pill, you have to be a little careful when you have sexual intercourse. Medical experts typically advise taking extra protection for any such case. You can speak to your healthcare provider to know more on how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy using birth control pills such as Ovral G. If taken regularly, the contraception medication is effective for women who do not wish to rely on men for a condom or protected sexual intercourse.

Why pregnancy prevention is important?

If a woman fails to have proper contraception methods while having sexual intercourse, the chances of getting into an unplanned pregnancy situation are high. This can lead to depressive and negative situations in a woman’s life.

How does the birth control pill kit help for pregnancy prevention?

The birth control pill contains estrogen and progestin components which thicken the lining of the cervix. As a result, it puts obstacles in the path of sperms who try to enter the uterus. This is how the hormonal changes brought by birth control pills help a woman prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

It is okay if you don’t eat the birth control pill at the same time:

There’s no specific time at which you have to take the birth control pill. Having said that, if you followed the same time every day, the efficiency of the birth control pill may be improved. An online pharmacy like safeabortionpillrx.com can help you with affordable birth control pills to choose from. The day women’s period ends, they can begin their menstrual cycle with birth control pill kit.

What happens if you don’t miss your birth control pill dosage?

If you happen to miss your birth control dosage, it is advised to continue taking the dosage on as soon as you realize. If you miss the dosage for consecutive two days, the effectiveness of the pill can be doubtful. If you have sexual intercourse during this period, the chances of getting pregnant could be high. You may have to buy abortion pills to end an unplanned pregnancy. With this, you can end the unplanned pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks of gestation.

However, precaution is always better than cure. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take birth control pills if you wish to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. An hour here and there is okay with the timings, but do not forget to take the medicines daily around the same time.

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