Abortion with Mifeprex and When You Will Get Menses Thereafter

A medication procedure is 99% effective with the combination of Mifeprex and Misoprostol pills. Since Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone and can only stop the pregnancy hormone so that the fetus does not grow ahead, it does not evict the pregnancy parts out of the body. But the medicine breaks the endometrial lining so that the embryo does not stay attached to the uterus wall anymore. Thus, the implantation does not last. However, after the successful mechanism of the pill, the pregnancy remains are still present in the womb.

How to Termination Early Pregnancy Completely?

For complete expelling of the pregnancy tissues, sac, and embryo, you need to take another type of medicine – Misoprostol or Cytolog. While taking Mifeprex 200mg orally with water on day 1, you must administer Misoprostol 4 x 200mcg pills after 24 to 48 hours. And there are two ways to take this medication.

· Buccally: Put two pills in one of the cheek pouches, and repeat the same with the other cheek cavity. Then let the medicine remain here for half an hour. Do not eat or drink anything during this duration. After half an hour, consume the melted contents orally with a sip of water.

· Vaginally: Or, put the pill one after the other inside your vagina with the help of your fingers. Make sure the pills go deep inside and near to the cervix and then lay down for half an hour. By doing this, the pills will melt soon and get into the uterus to cause the necessary actions.

With Mifeprex and Misoprostol administration, you will start to experience cramps from uterine contractions within an hour or two. And then within 2 to 4 hours, heavy bleeding will begin to flush the pregnancy portions out of the womb and outside the vagina. You can use large sanitary napkins for the bleeding. But avoid tampons and menstrual cups.

Where to Get the Abortion Pills?

You can buy Mifeprex online from a pharmacy of your choice. But you may have to register on the platform, and that shall take just a few minutes. Then proceed to select the product and choose the number of pills you need. Remember, a legit platform will ask for an e-prescription for the medicine or offer support to help you legally obtain the pills. Add your shipping address and choose the shipping type, like how many days you need the medicine.

You will now get to see the total cost of the order along with the shipping charges and get the payment link to your registered email id. Depending on the payment mode chosen, complete the payment to receive the order information with the tracking id on your email. Within the stipulated time, you will get the pills at your address that too in a discrete package. For any doubts or queries, you can always reach out to customer care.

When Does Menses Happen?

Bleeding after abortion can continue for a few weeks. That purely depends on how further you were into gestation when you underwent the medication abortion at home. Usually, it can last for 4 to 8 weeks. The amount of bleeding will reduce after the expelling of pregnancy parts from the uterus. So, the bleeding will be light or moderate, tapering off to spotting and then stopping completely. Only after this, the menses will regularize.

You may see a change in the date of menses from your original cycle. This is because of pregnancy and abortion and the changes in the hormonal balance in the body during the period. All these occurrences are normal and there is nothing to worry about. It can take 2 to 3 cycles for the menses to follow a pattern, which you can keep an account of for future cycles.

To Conclude

Mifeprex pills are essential to cause a medical abortion. But along with that, you will require Misoprostol for complete pregnancy termination. Bleeding is a common symptom along with cramps due to uterine contractions. But menses can take a few weeks to come back to normalcy after a successful abortion.

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