Key Details of the Cytolog Abortion Procedure

Ups and downs are part of life, and so is an unplanned pregnancy for a woman, as even after taking precautions, it is possible to conceive. But what if you do not want to carry the pregnancy to full term, and need an immediate solution for the situation? Then you can take the Cytotec abortion pill and help yourself get past the unintended pregnancy by being at home. Yes, it means no hospitalization, no surgery, no anesthesia, and no expensive procedure to worry about.

Cytotec is also available as Misoprostol or Cytolog, and a prostaglandin E1 analog is used individually or in combination with Mifepristone to end a pregnancy. But for a successful result, you should be within 9 weeks of gestation to use this medication. The pregnancy must be inside the uterus and not outside. If you are allergic to the pill contents, then you will have to look for an alternate treatment.

Until then, you can buy Cytolog online safely and get doorstep delivery of the same in a discreet package. In this post, we will talk about medical abortion with pills and its effects.

How to Use Cytolog Pills?

Apart from understanding the importance of medication abortion, you should know how exactly to administer the pills:

· You can take Cytotec abortion pill buccally by putting 4 x 200mcg pills in your cheek pouches (2 on either side), and allowing them to melt for 30 minutes before oral consumption.

· Or, insert the pills in the vagina and rest for half an hour so that the uterus can absorb the melted contents.

· Now, you can take medicine individually to cause an abortion. For this, you may need an additional 400mcg dose over the standard 800mcg dose. But confirm with your physician about the exact dosage according to your gestation age.

· Otherwise, you can also combine it with Mifepristone 200mg for a better result giving pregnancy termination. Here, you need to orally consume Mifepristone on day 1 and then after 24 to 48 hours, you can start with Cytolog.

What Are the Effects of Medication Abortion?

To buy Cytolog online responsibly, you must also know the symptoms that you will encounter on taking the pills:

· Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone oriented to stop the availability of progesterone hormone, necessary to keep a pregnancy going. Thus, the fetus detaches from the endometrial lining as the latter sheds and makes way for the next step to pregnancy termination.

· Misoprostol causes uterine contractions to dispel the pregnancy remains along with its tissues, out of the womb through heavy vaginal bleeding. As there are large blood clots, the medicine also widens the cervical opening for those remnants to pass through easily.

· You can expect cramps and pain from the contractions. You can take a painkiller prior to half an hour starting with Cytolog. This will give some relief. Or, apply a hot water bag or heating pad to the pain points.

To Conclude

After 14 days of starting the medical abortion course, visit your healthcare provider to check if your pregnancy has been successfully terminated. An ultrasound scan of the uterus shall give you the result. Follow a healthy diet and stay hydrated for quicker recovery from the procedure.

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