How to Take Pills For Your Abortion and What to Expect

Process to consume Abortion pills


Medical abortion is the most preferred method of early pregnancy termination in women. Its procedure is simple if one understood how to administer the abortion pills and observe the changes which the body goes through. Women typically choose medical abortion method as (1) they wish to maintain privacy (2) have pregnancy ended at a low cost (3) ensure the procedure is safe. All these things are well taken care of when women take abortion pills from an online pharmacy.

The same online pharmacies are also likely to educate women on medical abortion and address FAQs of women. How to take abortion pills and What to expect tops the FAQs list when it comes to understanding the medical pregnancy termination procedure. Hence, this blog aims to explain the administering part and after effects of medical abortion.



How should you take Mifeprex?

The method of administering Mifeprex is very simple. A glass of water and oral consumption sums up Mifeprex administering part. One pill of Mifeprex with 200 mg weight is the average dosage for medical abortion up to 9 weeks.

How should you take Cytolog?

Cytolog has 2 methods of administering. You can take this abortion pill (1) Vaginally (2) Buccally.

Vaginal consumption:

Since there are 4 pills of Cytolog to be taken during the procedure, you have to insert each pill in the vagina one by one. Some women may squat or stand on one foot to place the pills in the vagina. To make sure that the pills are not removed from the vagina during the process, you can consider urinating before pill insertion.

Buccal consumption:

In this method, you can keep the 4 pills in the cheek pouches. The saliva in the cheek pouches helps the woman dissolve pills quickly. The pills should not be chewed at any point in time. Let it remain there for 30 minutes and you can chew it later or gulp it down.

What to expect?

Most of the visible changes in the body begin after you consume the second pills from the abortion pills combination. There are 2 symptoms of medical abortion procedure which start within 3-4 hours after the Cytolog consumption. As the pill consists of prostaglandin components, the woman starts experiencing cramps in the abdominal area. The bleeding also begins around the same time. Reportedly, the cramps experienced during abortion procedure is different for women.


The cramping and bleeding experience is believed to be influenced by the gestation of pregnancy and how the body reacts to the medications. Symptoms are expected to be observed by every woman undergoing the medical termination of pregnancy. You should visit your healthcare provider if you don’t experience any. Also, know the side effects of abortion pills such as diarrhea or fever. Your pharmacists could also help you with the same.

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