Can I Live a Normal Life Post-Abortion?

Prevention is always better than cure. To sustain hopes for a normal life after abortion, one must ensure taking the necessary precautions during the procedure itself. The woman must have good knowledge about the medication be it through an online abortion pills consultation or a discussion with the physician in person. She must duly consider all contraindications for the procedure and not make a hastened decision. Women who have an abortion in the right time-window and following the right protocols have a very reduced chance of risking their health.

Nutritional requirements of the fetus are derived from the mother’s body during pregnancy. This already burdened system is further put under stress during abortion due to the hormonal changes. Moreover, ending a pregnancy is not an easy decision. Emotionally, it affects every individual differently. Thus, following a successful pregnancy termination, physical and mental well-being should be the top priorities.

Mental recovery and the grieving process:

There are different reasons why women choose to end their pregnancy. This may be health-related or personal. In either case, most of them experience a sense of relief after a successful termination of pregnancy. However, since medical abortion is a hormonal play, most women experience mixed emotions. Anxiety or extreme sadness may prevail in the recovery phase. Circumstances also shape a woman’s abortion experience.

It is important to understand that with the choice of an abortion comes the responsibility of being able to handle oneself and one’s emotions. There are different ways of coping with this mental stress.

Do not treat abortion as a shame
The impact of not grieving can be a lot more adverse. Abortion is a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with care. But one must always have a support system. Be it a professional counsellor or a close acquaintance, one must be open to talk about it to someone. If abortion is treated as a shame and kept in closure, one might enter the depression phase unable to comprehend the rush of emotions. At times, the guilt also lands a person into a chronic rage.

If your past experiences reflect that your adverse reactions in situations of stress, you must particularly arrange for support and guidance well before the process. There are also plenty of women support groups that you can enquire about to offer you support.

Exploit the internet
The Internet has been a conduit for the right knowledge to reach people despite the prevalence of hackneyed ideas. Proponents of the anti-abortion ideologies claim that most women regret their abortion decision because it can never be undone. Contrary to this popular belief, a lot of them live a very normal life. These strong women very often write or document their stories for their peers to understand the abortion process. One can go online and view these videos to acquire hope for a normal post-abortion life.

Ensuring good physical health:

To ensure the good physical health and a sustained fertility, a woman must understand the abortion medication regimen well. There are various combinations of pills available and they are also known by different trade names. For instance, Mifepristone can also be bought as Generic RU-486 online. It is important to be aware of these facts and also to follow the guidelines for good health after an abortion.

Change Your Lifestyle Choices

One must alter their lifestyle choices to lead a normal life after an abortion. You must quit smoking and drinking to avoid any risks from its constituents to your reproductive health. The vaginal opening and cervix are also highly sensitive during and post an abortion (until recovery). So, women must avoid the use of tampons, stimulation devices and must also opt for a shower rather than a bathtub. These will avoid any stress to the female parts and also prevent infections.

A woman is also advised to refrain from sexual intercourse for about 2-4 weeks. To prevent another undesired pregnancy, she must also opt for contraception immediately after the pregnancy termination procedure.

Eat The Right Foods

Gradually work your way up to the fats. Post-abortion, for the initial few days of recovery, it is essential to consume easily digestible and nutrition-rich diets only. This includes whole grain, fibrous, protein-rich and iron-rich items. You must completely avoid junk food.

As your body recovers, you can eventually shift to your regular diet routine.

Regular follow-ups are a must

Follow-ups are as important as a successful pregnancy confirmation. Even 2 regular ones ensure that you face no infections or complications throughout your life.

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5 Things to Know About Bleeding During a Medical Abortion

The heavy bleeding during a medical abortion frightens some women, however, the turn of events is not as intense as it seems to be. Once you buy abortion pills to end your early pregnancy, you’re expected to bleed in the due course of the abortion procedure. It is important for women to understand what the bleeding during this procedure actually means and things to watch out for abortion healthcare.

Following points explains ins and outs of the bleeding phase during a medical pregnancy termination.

  • You do not necessarily bleed after the second medication:

There’s a misconception in women that a woman undergoing a medical abortion bleeds only after administering the second pill which is Misoprostol. Though it’s a fact that most women bleed soon after consuming the prostaglandin medicine, there is nothing abnormal if you bleed right after the first pill i.e. Mifepristone abortion pill. She can expect vaginal blood discharge to pass within 24 hours of first or second medication.

  • Saying no to tampons:

Any kind of insertion into your vagina during the medical abortion period is nothing but risking for several infections. In a recent survey conducted in the US, it was found that most of the women prefer using tampons than pads during their menstrual periods. There’s no serious harm which can occur with the use of tampons, having said that, using them during a medical abortion has to be strictly avoided. As an alternative, pads or maxi pads can be used for the same.  

  • Bleeding during is actually an indication of the process getting complete:

While the side effects of a medical abortion include heavy bleeding, it is necessary to bleed during the process since the fetus particles pass with through this bleeding. When you bleed, it is an indication that the pregnancy termination is in the process. All the fetus particles are expelled from the body with this bleeding. The woman has to monitor her bleeding to examine the blood clots. She may witness blood clots of lemon size when the blood passes.

  • Cramping:

Consumption of second medication causes uterine contraction which results in abdomen pain. It can vary for every woman depending on the body type. For some, it’s similar to the cramps experienced during menstrual periods, while for others it can be more intense. However, the cramping is, it’s temporary and does not last for more than 2-3 days. Further, it does not require special medication to ge

  • The bleeding time varies for every woman:

The whole process can take up to 7-10 days while for some women experience 4-5 days bleeding similar to their regular menstrual periods. It depends on the body type and pregnancy gestation period and the bleeding pattern of the woman. She can confirm her abortion after 10 days once the bleeding stops.

Excessive bleeding? Here’s what you can do!

It is advised to consult a physician immediately if your bleeding is heavier than expected. To recover the blood loss caused due to noninvasive pregnancy termination, the woman can plan her diet which gives more iron, vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin B-1, B-6, B-12.

For women who can not find abortion pills nearby their region, such women can buy MTP kit online at their convenience. Taking care of yourself during the abortion procedure is very important, it helps you recover from the abortion quickly.

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Aborting an Early Pregnancy with Misoprostol Alone?

The combination of mifepristone and misoprostol is widely used across the globe to terminate an early and unwanted pregnancy. Although the antiprogesterone (Mifepristone) and prostaglandin (Misoprostol) tablets work successfully to end an early pregnancy, a lot of women still have a doubt if one can abort an early pregnancy using Misoprostol alone.  Be sure to read further safety instructions when you buy Misoprostol online.

Misoprostol plays a role in emptying the uterus which causes heavy bleeding. It is capable of expelling all the pregnancy contents from the body, but only after the fetus to be detached from the uterus lining. Misoprostol mechanism does not involve separating the fetus. Mifepristone plays this role.Using only Misoprostol does not terminate your pregnancy completely. The chances of successful abortion through this method are considerably low.

The best way to administer pills:

Take Mifepristone(200 mg)  orally the day you receive the pills. Misoprostol (200 mcg) can be taken buccally or vaginally in the next 48hrs. Vaginal administration of Misoprostol has shown more efficacy compared to buccal consumption. The instructions for the same are as follow:


When you administer the pills buccally, you’re expected to keep the four pills (200mcg each) in your both cheek pouches. You can keep two pills each side. The tablets usually get dissolved within half an hour. In case the pills don’t get dissolved within the said period, you can gulp down the remainders later.


Insert the 4 pills (200 mcg each) into your vagina carefully. The medicines can be placed one by one. Once the medicines are placed, it is advised not to pass urine for at least half an hour. The vaginal administration is a better option in the process because even if you feel nauseous and vomit after the medication intake, the pills will continue to function in your body.

What to expect post Abortion:

Women who buy abortion pills and administer them as mentioned should expect following things_

  • Bleeding after 4-8 hours of misoprostol intake.
  • Some cases observe vaginal bleeding a few hours before or later depending on how the body reacts to medications.
  • It is normal to see blood clots passing which may be of lemon size at times.

The blood clot is nothing but an embryonic sac which must be removed from your body. This is an indication that the abortion process is getting completed while the fetus contents are being expelled from the body. Cramping is also another expected side effect of an abortion.

In case you do not experience the aforementioned symptoms, you can consider taking another dose of 4 Misoprostol pills after 8-9 hours. This way, you can successfully terminate your early pregnancy using abortion pills.The medical abortion procedure has a few minor side effects which are temporary in nature. These are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Mild fever
  • Flashes

Since these side effects are minor and temporary, they do not require serious medical attention. The effects are expected to get heal inevitably.

If the misoprostol intake is more, you could take other over-the-counter medications to lower the abdomen cramps and pain caused due to the drug. However, if you experience an extreme case of any of above side effects, the person is suggested to visit a physician at the earliest.

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Abortion Story: Support in Her Thick and Thin

A candle that burns and sheds light on other lives, that precisely describes her! Wendy is not only a beautiful wife, a successful entrepreneur but a social worker as well. She owns a fashion boutique which she started two years back. Her identity, however, is her project of helping poor and needy women to find their path in life. She has helped around hundred women to find their goal in life. She trains and employs some of them in her boutique as well.

The reason I’m sharing her story? Well, I certainly have many! I recently came across some articles which spoke about abortion stories of strong and confident women. It disheartened me to learn that these women went through such complicated phases of life yet managed to do an abortion on their own. However, there are other women also, who are fortunate enough to find support in their low time.

Everything was going fine until last month when discovered about her unwanted pregnancy. “It left me in dire straits” that’s what she says disheartened to learn about her unintended pregnancy news. Having recently started a boutique she was yet to settle, besides, she always had a bee in her bonnet to offer as much as help to her women who her. She knew starting a family at this point in time will not help her to pursue her vision.

Abortion. That’s the best suitable option she could see in front of her. When she spoke to her better half, appreciably, Mark, also stood by her decision and supported her for what she wished.

Since she was already spending a lot on her newly started business and the ladies who were working with her, she looked for a cheaper option, medical abortion. She decided to buy abortion pills online to end her early pregnancy.

She received a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets. Her medications worked on her body and ended her pregnancy in two weeks. More than anything, the support she received was She proudly tells how Mark helped her in the entire process, right from getting her pads, food, drink to doing house chores. What goes around, comes around! The women whom she helped, supported her bestowed love upon her.

She found all the moral support a woman could ever ask for! Rarely does that happen when it comes to pregnancy termination? Society does not want to understand a woman’s concern and just force their views and judgments on her.

It does not go as easy as it was for Wendy to find such supportive environment, people she has earned. Having said that, her husband and all the ladies who helped her in the abortion set an example before society for the support when a woman goes through one of the sensitive moments of her life.  Wendy has started using online birth control pills as a precaution and tell everyone the importance of protected intercourse and birth control medications.

Educating people about protected sexual intercourse is very important, so is making people aware of medical abortions available. Medical pregnancy termination is a great solution for women who end up in an undesired situation not understanding whys and wherefores of their path.

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Is Online Consultation Safe for Women in their Medical Abortion?

A recent study reveals online consultation as most preferred option by women who needed medical abortion guidance. The number of safe and successful abortions through online consultation is considerably more.

Medical abortion is a delicate issue which needs to be handled carefully. Earlier, women were unable to find the right consultation for their unwanted pregnancy issues. Besides, hardly a few physicians understand the urgency and need for an abortion. They seldom suggest surgical abortion which is more expensive than then the medical one. In such cases, a woman may not get a suitable consultation which online consultation is successfully able to deliver nowadays.

What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a procedure of terminating an early pregnancy with abortion pills. When you buy abortion pills, you get a combination of medicines including mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone helps to stop the growth of the pregnancy while the secondary medications, misoprostol are taken buccally or vaginally helping you to evacuate the uterus lining. This does the job of removing fetus particles from your body.  When a woman confirms her pregnancy and makes her decision of performing a medical abortion, she can begin as soon as she gets prescription for the same.

Online consultation: a convenient option:

When you visit a doctor, he/she generally consider your answers to his questions related to your health. Unless you tell the person what you experience, the doctor/physician cannot discern your medical condition. Hence, learning contraindication in women is similar to discussing with a doctor with one-on-one interaction. The reason why women prefer online consultation over a personal visit to medical center lies in the question itself. The woman not only gets the abortion pills online but also speak to medical experts at home as per her convenience.

The online consultation does not suggest medication if_

  • The woman is under eighteen years of her age.
  • The woman is forced to end her pregnancy.
  • Her gestation period is not more than nine weeks.
  • She’s not allergic to abortion pills or similar medications.
  • She does not have a disease such as
  • Chronic adrenal failure
  • Hemorrhagic disorder
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Severe anemia
  • Severe untreatable asthma
  • She has an ectopic pregnancy.
  • She has someone with her for help and support.
  • A woman residing in a country where abortion is restricted/banned.

What report says:

A recent report on women who underwent medical abortion showed that 95 out of 100 women chose online abortion medication to terminate their pregnancy. Most of them have had an online consultation as well.

Most women felt alone and difficult to approach a doctor for all her queries. Online consultation gave them the needed privacy and helped them open up about their problems. An online consultation is a great option for women who shy away from the open discussion with their doctors as many of them consider them strangers. The online consultation gives them the same kind of guidance as they would find in medical centers. Besides, speaking to them online is similar to talking to the virtual doctor and hence women feel secure while discussing their problems.

Medical abortion is never an easy decision for a woman. She expects support and assistance from someone whom she can trust. Reports suggest that the guidance given to them online was not only about abortion process but also helped them to mentally relax and recover from the event.

Precaution before you consider online consultation:

  • Make sure that the site is genuine
  • The medications available are FDA approved
  • Acknowledge their medical experts’ profile

A few steps of care and online consultation is assuredly a safe option for women who wish to terminate their pregnancy using abortion tablets.






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Does Ovarian Cyst Affect your Fertility?

The ovarian cyst issue is not uncommon in women. Many women experience at some point in time which does not create any kind of irritation to them.  Most cases show ovarian cyst were resolved without any special treatment being given for the problem, however, taking care of your ovaries for good reproductive health is essential to prevent any such problem.

Although Ovarian cyst does not directly affect a woman’s fertility,  some ovarian may be associated with a decrease in the fertility. Again, there are different types of ovarian cyst and all of them do not affect the decrease in the fertility. Following are the types of ovarian cyst which can affect your fertility.

  • Endometriomas:

Endometriosis is a medical condition which results from endometrial tissues outside the uterus. This causes pelvic pain and endometriomas ovarian cyst.

  • Ovarian Cyst due to Polycystic ovary syndrome:

When many small cysts occur on the ovaries, the condition is known to be PCOS i.e. Polycystic ovary syndrome. This takes place due to irregular menstrual cycle or high levels of insulin. One of the important reason for this cyst to be associated with decreased fertility is irregular ovulation which takes place in PCOS cases.

Following are the types of ovarian cysts which do not affect your fertility, however, the extreme cases have shown decreased fertility.

  • Functional Cysts:

Follicular cyst and corpus luteum cyst are two commonly found cases of functional cysts. This type of ovarian cyst gets formed during the regular periods. A functional cyst is one of the indicators that ovaries are undergoing some of the necessary activities which are associated with fertility.

This itself is enough to explain that functional cyst does not affect your fertility.

  • Cystadenomas:

Another ovarian cyst that does not affect your fertility in any way. However, it can not be neglected and requires a treatment as it arises from the surface of the ovaries.

  • Dermoid Cyst:

This is slightly different from the other ovarian cysts since these do not form fluid sacs. Dermoid cysts contain solid cysts such as hair or skin. Some cases have also shown teeth particles in the cyst.

An ovarian cyst may or may not affect your fertility but it’s a condition which cannot be neglected. Pelvic pain, heaviness in the abdomen, bloating are the few of the symptoms of ovarian cyst. You need to see a doctor if you in case you feel any of aforementioned symptoms. Seek immediate attention if you feel pain with fever or nausea. As you may know that early contraceptives reduce the incidence of functional ovarian cysts, you may also buy birth control pills to help treat your Ovarian Cyst issues.

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Abortion decision of women: Inside Out

Pregnancy termination is an important decision in a woman’s life. Supporting her choice is vital in such cases and for this, understanding the reasons behind her pregnancy termination decision is equally important. Often women do not choose abortion, the situation makes them accept the abortion decision. If she’s in the first trimester of her pregnancy, she may buy abortion pills and end her pregnancy.

Some of the common reasons why women choose abortion:

  • Rape

The brutal act of rape happens without the consent of the women and leaves her vulnerable in a deplorable situation. Such cases force a woman to take abortion decision.

  • Contraceptive failure

The contraceptive is a birth control method which helps women prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, rare cases include failure of contraceptive methods, especially when not used correctly. A woman may miss her pill on some days. All this leads to unplanned pregnancy. In such cases, women choose abortion to get rid of the unexpected pregnancy.

  • Unplanned pregnancy

Most times, women do not indulge in intercourse unless there’s protection used by their partner. The condom used during intercourse may leak resulting in sperm reaching eggs.  These things are not under the control of a woman, but one has to be careful while using the condom. If she happens to get pregnant despite using a condom, she may have to end her pregnancy using abortion pills.

  • Unable to offer the needed healthcare to child

Every woman wishes to give better future to her offspring. For this, she expects herself to be mentally and financially stable. She may plan her pregnancy based on all such turn of events to ensure that the future of a child is stable. If she gets pregnant before she’s ready to handle all such responsibilities, she considers pregnancy termination as a suitable solution at that particular moment.

  • Unhealthy condition

For good health of the child, its mother should have good health as well. In some instances, wherein the woman is young and weak, she may not be mentally and physically fit enough to bear a child. If she gives birth to a child in such conditions, it may not be dangerous for the wellbeing of her child. Therefore, the woman is advised to terminate her early pregnancy, or she chooses to end the pregnancy herself with the use of effective abortion medication.

A woman not necessarily always takes the abortion decision herself. Often the various adverse circumstances leave her with this only option of terminating her pregnancy. Thankfully you easily get abortion pills online to terminate the unplanned pregnancy. This gives a woman a sense of relief. Further, precautions are always better than cure, so to avoid pregnancy termination, she may buy Ovral Pill Online or similar birth control medications to prevent pregnancy.

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Period Cramps? Contraceptive Can be a Good solution!

For a woman, painful periods are a common phenomenon. Because of this, people often ignore the health issues related to it. There are solutions available; however, a woman needs to understand the difference between normal period pain and which type of cramps can be a trouble call for her.

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for menstruation pain or periods cramps. If you’re suffering through such painful periods, there’s nothing abnormal as it is one of the expected symptoms of a period. Try studying the various reasons behind severe painful menstruation. Extreme cases can be a serious issue; however, there are various treatments obtainable to cure the problem.

  • The cells from the lining of the uterus getting bigger into the muscles of the uterus.
  • Rare cases may have periods cramps due to the muscle of uterus is growing fibroids.
  • Prostaglandin, a substance released from the uterus during periods may be increasing. As a result, its muscles contract irregularly causing intense pain.

All that being said, your menstruation pain does have various solutions available to reduce your abdominal cramps during your menstrual cycle. If you are suffering from abnormal period pain, consult your gynec/ physician or health provider for a right treatment.  The regular period cramps issues can be resolved through following ways.

Solutions for periods cramps?

Make your periods less painful.

You can buy Loette contraceptive pill or even other birth controls can help reduce your menstrual period cramps.  Birth control pills are easily available at nearby stores or buy it online would be a better and easier option. You can administer these pills right on the first day of your menstrual periods. Besides, undergoing birth control medication makes it easier to predict your menstrual periods and reducing the pain as well, which is a win-win.

Make your periods lighter.

For reducing menstrual pain, birth control medications have proven to be a better option than over-the-counter medicines. All the birth control methods help to make your periods lighter and less painful. The lining of the uterus gets thinner when you are undergoing birth control methods.  As a result of this, there’s tissue in the uterus to pass making periods lighter.

Have fewer periods.

Fewer periods is a desire that may seem scary but is safe if you choose a right way for it. Ovral, Nuvaring, Loette are some of the contraceptives which you could consider to reduce the number of periods in a year. When you administer the thirteen-week birth medication throughout the year, it can help to reduce the number of periods to 3-4 times in a year.  It is completely safe to skip your menstrual cycle this way. Further, Birth control methods do not affect your fertility. When you stop taking contraceptive medicines or remove the vaginal ring, you’ll get back to the normal fertility phase wherein you’re capable of getting pregnant.

Birth control has many other benefits apart from reducing your period cramps problems. Women need to be educated about dealing with the basic women health issues.

Ignorance is never a solution for healthcare.

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Does Your Abortion Affect Fertility?

Women choose abortion option for various reasons. Every woman who chooses abortion does not necessarily hate motherhood. Many of them take time to ready themselves to become a mother and hence buy abortion pills and abort their pregnancy.

There are various methods of pregnancy termination.

(1) Misoprostol used alone.

(2) Mifepristone and Misoprostol

(3) Generic RU 486 / and Cytolog.

The combination of mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular amongst rest which is widely used by women across the globe, a report suggests.

All the above medication has obtained medical abortion usage approval from FDA i.e. Food and Drug Administration in 2000. The use of abortion medications from all around the world has increased ever since then. However, there still remains insecurity about medical abortion in women due to lack of education. People feel abortion medication an unsafe method because according to some, it has its effects on future fertility.

Many study reports have shown that medical abortion has only short-term side effects on the body while questioning the long0term safety of surgical abortion. If compared, after effects of medical abortions are minor and do not require much attention as they go on their own. On the other hand, one cannot be assured about the side effects as they may lead to serious infections or uterine perforation.

We’ll see why_

Effects of surgical abortion on succeeded pregnancy:

  • Since surgical abortion is an invasive technique, it may cause blemish or scarring to the uterine.
  • It can possibly affect the fertility of a woman in direct or indirect ways.
  • Rare cases may involve future pregnancy being ectopic.
  • Some of the cases have witnessed fertilize egg implanted outside the uterine cavity.

Medical Abortion:

Since the internet is now easily accessible it has made access abortion pills online and undergoes an abortion at home. Medical abortion aids to terminate an early pregnancy up to 8 weeks.

The medication comprises a tablet of an anti-progesterone element and 4 tablets of prostaglandin element. The combination terminates pregnancy within a week. You can easily find MTP kit, a medication that involves two medications for the cancellation of pregnancy.

Effects of MTP kit on your succeeded pregnancy:

  • Dysentery, nausea, abdomen cramps, excessive vaginal bleeding are some of the side effects faced by a woman during her abortion process. However, these are expected symptoms of a pregnancy termination which are concerned with the future pregnancy. Besides, these after effects are temporary and get cure without any medication.
  • Typically, abortion medication does not affect the fertility of the woman, neither does result in complications in future pregnancy.

Medical abortion is assuredly a safe way to terminate an early pregnancy as it does not have any kind of permanent side effects. Most importantly, the medication does not affect fertility. Many women around the world have used abortion medication while having healthy pregnancy experiences in the future which ensures its effectiveness and safety. Hence it’s a method that women can trust.

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Taking Care of Your Ovaries for Good Reproductive Health

Reproductive age in a woman’s life is one of the most dynamic phases and poses great mental and physical challenges. If you do sustain good reproductive health, your bodily cycles will be regular and you can further take good care of it.

Your crucial aim must be to nourish your reproductive system failing in which you may not be able to revive some of your most important body functions. For instance, there may be a loss in ovarian function before the age of 40. This condition is called Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) or Primary Ovarian Insufficiency. It can be treated but not cured completely.

How to maintain good reproductive health:

Sometimes the causative agents for such diseases can be genetic. Otherwise, a healthy happy lifestyle can be sufficient to keep them at bay.

  • Stay happy

A stress free life supports ovary health and a balanced hormonal cycle. Increased stress levels may put your periods temporarily at halt due to a hormonal imbalance.

Unwind by inculcating stress management practices like yoga, meditation or massages in your routine.

  • Eat well

Make your diet a  hormone-helping one. This will program your glands for proper secretion of hormones.

Avoid junk. Include Maca, Shatavari, Vitex, Royal jelly, and foods containing Calcium and Vitamin D in you diets.

  • Exercise regularly

High fat diets provide our body with excessive amounts of estrogen which is an important hormone in females. But higher levels, especially with fats stored around the belly, paves way for cancers.

Manage your BMI by incorporating exercise in your lifestyle.

  • Take hormonal contraception with care:

Hormone contents in contraceptives override our natural ones and it takes time for our body to settle back to the natural cycles.

Take a period of 3-4 months before you plan on getting pregnant to avoid stress to the reproductive system.

Suspect ovaries in bad health if:

  • Your periods are irregular

Irregular periods are a sign that you aren’t ovulating regularly. There may be anovulation, oligoovulation or irregular ovulation. Any of these cases would mean that your ovaries are producing unhealthy eggs or aren’t functioning effectively.

  • You are unable to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse

A proportion of these cases do occur due to male infertility. However, a physician’s opinion might tell exactly. It is important to communicate this to him and your partner.

  • You smoke or drink

The effect of such a lifestyle on ovaries is prolonged and dose-dependant. For good ovarian health, or reproductive health in general, to quit smoking and alcohol intake should be your priority. If you fail to do so, your eggs are more prone to abnormalities and miscarriages.

  • Someone else in your family has it

A number of causative genes and chromosomal aberrations have been identified to be related to reproductive disorders. And thus, if you don’t relate to the other causes, your disease might just be genetic.

  • You underwent depression

There is a strong link between mental health and reproductive health. Stress, depression and anxiety have been identified as risk factors for ovarian disorders.

  • You are exposed to certain chemicals at work

Data from population-based samples of women from various occupations, who responded to surveys was assessed in all eligible participants by self-report of a doctor’s diagnosis. RESULTS showed that women exposed to certain chemicals like synthetic dyes or BPA were more susceptible to reproduction related disorders.

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