Is it safe to have a medical abortion?

blogTo a plain question, ‘Is medical abortion safe?’ the answer shall be yes, certainly! Medical abortions, if performed to abort a normal pregnancy which is up to 8-10 weeks of gestation period can be assuredly safe with less or no complications involved. Studies have shown that women who buy abortion pills, and perform the medical pregnancy termination as instructed, experience a smooth abortion process.

Medical abortion pills involve two primary medicines. (1) Mifepristone (2) Misoprostol

You can easily buy Mifepristone online or from the stores nearby you. With its anti-progesterone elements involved, it does the job of stopping the growth of the pregnancy. The other pill, Misoprostol as well can be easily found online and local stores. It has prostaglandin elements in it which cause uterine contraction and heavy bleeding. It ejects the pregnancy contents from the body. The heavy bleeding can last up to 4-8 days depending on the body type and growth of the pregnancy.

Learning the side effects of medical abortion:

Women often misinterpret pregnancy termination symptoms for its side effects. Learning the difference between the side effects and symptoms bifurcates the after effects as follow:
tableNote: The symptoms of the pregnancy termination are observed by all the women undergoing the medical abortion while every woman may or may not experience its side effects.

Other factors that make medical abortion a safe option:

No permanent damage:

Unlike the case of surgical abortion wherein, some of the cases have reported permanent damage to the cervix due to surgical instrument infection, medical abortion does not have any permanent side effects.

Does not affect future pregnancies:

As stated before, the side effects of medical abortion are temporary in nature and go on their own once the pregnancy termination process gets completed. In no way, a medical abortion affects your future pregnancies. Women can have a healthy offspring even after past medical abortion experiences.


Does not cause infertility:

This concern is often raised by women while consulting medical experts. It is essential here to note that medical abortion does not affect your fertility. When you buy abortion pills and administer them, after you have fully recovered, you’re as fertile as you were ever before. Hence, medical experts advise women not to indulge in sexual intercourse immediately after the medical abortion process.

The efficacy of abortion pills also depends on the source of purchase. Especially while purchasing the abortion pills online make sure the website is genuine, active and offers safe abortion pills.

The worst and rare cases can involve incomplete medical abortion, unnecessarily heavy bleeding, infection etc.

Millions of people worldwide have used abortion pills and aborted their unwanted pregnancies successfully. When you perform a medical abortion, the process typically takes a week to get complete while 10-12 days to completely heal from the abortion procedure get back to the normal life.