Why Are Abortion Numbers Going Down?

The Centers for Disease Control announced that rate to pregnancy terminations in the U.S. were the lowest levels since tracking for statistics began, which may mean good news? But, the truth may seem harsher. The reactions administrators, owners, doctors of clinics that provided services to end pregnancies have a different story to tell. While speculating that it is the women’s will that could have convinced her to go ahead with the pregnancy, the reason was not so. The record to illegal or unrecognized pregnancy terminations is however fairing high.

Abortion Restrictions

Why women are visiting less of the clinics and looking for simpler option to end pregnancy? More women began to look for services outside the hospitals like buy abortion pill online, the back-alley regimens and lot more ways of seeking pregnancy termination from third party sources. How does that affect a person’s health? It is sure that not all sources, which provide the healthcare, are up to the mark for protecting a female’s reproductive well being.

Some of the providers think only about money and may not take precautions to upkeep the person’s health. It is fact that few bad apples exist. But clinics that are running since years may have made it a business that caters to first taking care of women and her concerns than only a money minting process.

Aggressive Pro-Life Campaigns

However, women have lost faith in pregnancy termination facilities, not because they do not want to end pregnancy, but they are constantly riddled with fake news of complications resulting from the procedure, thus influencing their decisions by inaccurate information. Females order abortion pills from other pharmacies than going physically to the clinic because they are scared about threats or stress those pro-lifers throw at them. How does that actually bring pregnancy termination rate down?

Lack of facilities for ending pregnancy also results from closure of the clinics that give the relevant care. Women then think of taking on an unwilling pregnancy ahead and may not buy abortion pills online even if it is necessary to end the conception. So if the numbers are really going down because women are taken a conscious and well aware decision to not end pregnancy, it is good, but otherwise it is really a bad thing.

Illegal Pregnancy Terminations

Few of the stories are actually sad where women are forced into ending pregnancies by family members or the person is unwilling to end pregnancy but has a health issue. If the clinic understands the female is being forced, then it can help the person access legal ways to protect her decision. At the same time, if the pregnancy termination is because if inevitable condition, then counseling support can be provided.

Some of the internet pharmacies could dispense fake medicines or not supply the products at all. The risks are endless. Another misconception pro-life movement activists believe that it is their effort and campaigns that has deterred women from ending her pregnancy. Very well it is true, but not by the reason the activists believe.

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