Know How to Plan Abortion after an Accidental Pregnancy

You took birth control, timed everything right but missed the periods. Thinking it is just one of those moments where periods do delay, you though there could be no risk for pregnancy. But, your menses did not come, and you took a pregnancy test. The result was positive, and now you are shocked. How could you get pregnant despite taking precautions? The situation is something not uncommon and known as accidental pregnancy. If you are not ready for parenthood, then out of the two options- adoption or pregnancy termination, you need to choose one.

Using Abortion Pills at Right Moment

Mostly, continuing pregnancy does not work out with all, and for them, ending the conception is an option. If you are accidentally pregnant, then buy abortion pill as soon as possible, as these work until only less than 10 weeks of gestation. After which, the only hope is surgical termination, but that will take a lot of time and investment, taking an appointment, counseling, tests, admission charge, anesthesia, surgical instruments, travel, after care and a lot more. Thus, medical facility is the best for early termination of pregnancy.

Medicine Process for Ending Conception

The medications work step by step. The Mifepristone anti-progesterone helps displacing fetus and placenta away from the uterus, which ends the pregnancy development. Misoprostol prostaglandins then expel pregnancy parts by issuing uterine contractions. In the tenure of the whole process, bleeding will be heavy when the conception is being ousted, and then turn lighter or gentle flow over few weeks. You need to however, get pregnancy tested after 14 to 16 days of starting the medical treatment. The test if for uterus an ultrasound that reveals pregnancy absence or presence.

Talking About Managing Pregnancy

If you are confused about keeping the pregnancy, then you may take in confidence your family members or partner for discussing the option. You can get abortion pillsĀ from a doctor, clinic or website as soon as sure about pregnancy termination. You may even talk with a pregnancy care counselor in knowing what is best for you at the moment. Birth control may fail one percent of times, and this does not mean, you do not use it later to ending pregnancy. Just because it did not work this time, do not lose hope. Without protection there is a greater chance of an unwanted pregnancy again.

Necessary Care Tips

Be it surgical or medication support via which you get pregnancy terminated, after care is important, and you must never ignore it. It is true that if you buy abortion pills for the regimen, there is no risk to cervical injury or other stuff that may happen if an untrained person does surgical treatment. You just need to abstain from vaginal intercourse for 3 weeks or so, and remain hygienic. No insertion of tampons but only pads for the bleeding must be followed. The idea is to let uterus and cervix heal well, and let these regain ability for maintaining healthy pregnancy in future.

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