Use of Generic RU-486 all over the world

It’s been about more than twenty six years when the first approved abortion pill was introduced to people in France. Then known as Mifegyne, it is known by many names such Generic RU-486 and Mifepristone etc.  Still after two decades of introduction to medical abortion, it is still banned and illegal in various parts of the world.


Abortion in France where the pregnancy is within 12 weeks is legal since the Veil law in 1975. Surgical procedures are also allowed if the doctors can attest that they can prevent grave injury to the woman’s health by abortion (physical or psychological); i.e. if the child suffers from a severe incurable disease or if the pregnant woman risks losing her life.

In France, medical pregnancy termination is the most preferred type of procedure.  Compared to 1996 where 18% of women chose this type of abortion, then number has been continuously growing with 38% in 2003, 42% (2004), 44 %( 2005), 46% (2006), 49% (2007) and since been growing.

Even then, there has been fierce opposition from pro life supporters and Christian campaigners to have it banned.


Abortion in Germany is legal if the pregnancy is within first trimester, with doctor’s prescription. Late pregnancy termination is only allowed in severe cases. The Generic RU 486 was approved in Germany in 1999. According to a research, as of 2010, the abortion rate is 6.1 per 1000 women in Germany.

Since the access to drugs have become easier, the abortion pills price has also become cost efficient.

United States

The right to medically abort is legal in most states of America and with the help of various pro-choice centers, it has been somewhat accepted. The pill, Generic RU486 known as mifepristone in US was approved in 2000. The decision was based on the research on the tablet’s 12 year usage in European countries.

The U.S FDA after a series of research approved the drug as safe, accounting that the amount of risks resulting from it were minimal. Some of the medical schools also offer special courses on abortive medication and other contraceptives such as the morning after pill. This emergency contraceptive requires no prescription and can be bought as an over the counter drug in some states.

Although acceptance of mifepristone shows growth, it is constantly threatened by pro-life activists.Many things have change since the decade when the drug was made legal. Since the perceptions of society towards pregnancy termination have changed dramatically from twenty years ago, access to them have become easier. Nowadays to you can buy generic RU 486 abortion pill online with a prescription and have it delivered at home. This is a hugely different when even doctor’s providing abortive services were arrested.

Research shows us that women from twenty different countries such as Britain, Spain, France, Russia, USA, Scandinavia etc have reported successful medical pregnancy termination. Since the medical pregnancy termination science has improved so much, women can choose generic RU-486 online option and have the meds delivered at home.

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