Medical Abortion Care Instructions

Abortion care tips


Taking medication is never enough in any medication procedure. Every procedure has a certain way of doing things. Similarly, even the medical termination of pregnancy has certain instructions and guidelines. If followed, the guidelines contribute to making the process smooth and with fewer or no complications. To understand the medical abortion care instructions better, this blog sheds light on a few factors that you need to take care of.


Manage your diet:


How well you eat during the medical abortion procedure influences how quickly you recover from the abortion procedure. Your healthcare provider may ask you to have light meals and more fluids in the diet. Diet keeps you hydrated and light meals can help you maintain your digestive system properly even during the medical abortion procedure.



Follow the precautions of medical abortion:

Smoking or drinking should be avoided during the procedure.
Do not lift up heavy things while you’re on medications.
Do not insert anything in the vagina.
Avoid having sexual intercourse during or soon after the medical termination of pregnancy.


Be abortion-ready!


While you end your pregnancy with medications, you’re perhaps, looking for safe abortion pills online or at local stores. However, it is advised to learn the things needed in the pregnancy termination procedure. This includes pads (strictly pads, and not tampons), other prescribed tablets for the side effects or allergies.


Take rest:


Medical abortion procedure can be exhausting at times. To heal faster from the medical termination of pregnancy, the woman should at least rest for 3-4 days post consumption of Cytolog abortion pill. It is okay to work from home during the procedure, however, avoid traveling or wracking your brains into something. Relax! Do things that can make your mood light and bring peace.


Maintain hygiene:


When you are ending the pregnancy using safe abortion pills, the bleeding and cramping are going to be the part of this process. It is you who has to ensure that you change your pads at least 4-5 times a day. Since the bleeding is heavier than the menstruation, the vagina is prone to become vulnerable. You have to ensure that you keep your vagina clean.


Be positive:


This is one factor that most women tend to neglect during the medical abortion procedure. While medications, diet, and other abortion care instructions contribute to the healing process of pregnancy termination, not stressing up and staying positive throughout the procedure also helps heal faster.

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