Cytolog is utilized for the nonsurgical termination of undesirable pregnancy. Know that the procedure of non-surgical abortion should be done in 8 weeks of pregnancy. Following 8 weeks, the abortion procedure done by utilizing abortion pills isn’t prescribed to keep away from the harm to the human body by not permitting them to experience an extreme level of pain. 

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What does it consist of? 



Sodium StarchGlycolate 

Hydrogenated castor oil 

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose 

Microcrystalline cellulose 

The packages are of 4 pills, 8 pills, and 12 pills. Though, every tablet is 200 mcg. The tablet is water-solvent however it is important to direct it through a sublingual course (under the tongue).

How is the pill demonstration? 

Misoprostol is a prostaglandin E1 simple which is uterotonic and produces constrictions of the uterus. This nature of the medication expands the uterus and cervix which encourages the pregnancy membrane to bar out through the vagina alongside blood. This abortion pill is not to be utilized if there are odds of ectopic pregnancy for example at the point when the pregnancy is in the fallopian cylinder and works just in the uterus.

Medications suggested being taken at a specific time. 

The pack of Cytolog is utilized distinctly in the primary trimester and 12 pills are taken most of the time. Can likewise be attempted following 3 days if results aren’t observed. 

For the abortion, the initial 4 pills are taken at once (800mcg) and held under the tongue for very nearly 30 minutes and shouldn’t be gulped. Following 3 hours again 4 pills are taken similarly for 30 minutes without gulping it. Again for the third time following 3 hours, progressively 4 pills should be held under the tongue for 30 minutes. The tablets should disintegrate however after 30 minutes you can sip a glass of water to drink the remaining content of the cytolog pills.

1600 mcg is the maximum portion. Overdosage should be maintained a strategic distance from as it might prompt stress, depression, extreme vaginal bleeding, and other abrupt issues.

The response or symptoms of the medication. 

Vaginal bleeding is seen for nearly fourteen days, stomach cramps and opposite symptoms like vomiting, fever, nausea,  diarrhea, and so on are experienced. Always remember reactions exhibit effective abortion and if abortion is unsuccessful then one experiences a surgical abortion.

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