Tips for Breastfeeding While Having Medical Abortion

tips for breastfeeding during medical abortion

Medical abortion is a pregnancy termination method which utilizes Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills to end a pregnancy that has not yet past the initial 10 weeks. An increasing amount of women are choosing to undergo pregnancy cancellation through abortion pills. Of course, many of them are already mothers. Out of them, many of them still have infants that they are breastfeeding while they have a pregnancy that they wish to terminate. Studies have reported the presence of abortion pills in the breast milk collected from women during their pregnancy termination.


Women buy abortion pills online, in the format of Mifepristone [ anti-progesterone] 200mg and 4 Misoprostol pill [800 mcg total]. Samples of breast milk collected showed that Mifepristone was only detected in the breast milk if the dosage was 600 mg or more. Since according to a new regimen, only 200 mg of anti-progesterone is required, Mifepristone is not passed into the milk.


Since the abortion pills also dissolve fast in the body, it was shown that the medicine was in a higher percentage in the initial samples compared to samples that were taken 5-6 hours later.


Which method of aborting is best while breastfeeding?


It is advised to stop breastfeeding while getting your pregnancy terminated with pills. There is a possibility of some negligible amount of drug being passed into breast milk, which can cause diarrhea to the infant being fed. Although the FDA has reduced the dosage of Mifepristone abortion pill, and the effects are said to be minimum. If the woman wants to continue to breastfeed while doing medical abortion she must follow guidelines.


Storing your breast milk before you consume the abortion pills is the best suitable option for women who can not afford to skip feeding to their babies. Preserving your breast milk is an easy process which is done using a breast pump. You can easily find these breast pumps at your nearest medical stores. Do not store your milk once the pregnancy termination medication starts. Breast milk preserved in a refrigerator can last up to 3-4 days which can be used to feed your child during the abortion procedure. You can resume normal breastfeeding once you’ve completely recovered from an abortion


“Medical experts suggest storing the milk at least 2-3 days before so that it can be fed during the whole process.”


Measures should be taken to avoid complications in both individuals lives. In case the woman is taking abortion pills to end her pregnancy. Maintain hygiene while you collect your milk.


Since the anti-progesterone dosage is towed low they are not passed into the milk. Whereas as Misoprostol dosage is 800 mcg and does enter the milk. Therefore, you must dispose of the milk that is produced after taking any of the abortion pills – Mifepristone anti-progesterone or Misoprostol prostaglandin analog.


After 6 hours when you have thrown away the milk produced in those hours, you can nurse the baby with freshly produced milk, which is safe for the baby. If you too tired or feverish, however, you must consult a doctor as to your suitability to breastfeed in such situation.