Things That Happen To Your Body after a Medical Abortion

When people talk about pregnancy termination, they generally focus on the pregnancy and the process itself. However once you buy abortion pills online and had aborted your unwanted pregnancy, what will happen? What is the best way to take care of you? Will it be painful or bloody, or make you sick? What drugs will make you feel better?

What happens after a Medical Abortion?

Initially, what takes place in the hours and days after your pregnancy termination will differ depending on how far along in the pregnancy you were. A woman may experience nothing but mild bleeding and cramping for a few days, or you may have heavy bleeding and pain that does not go away for a couple of weeks. Doctors say that most females feel pain similar to menstrual cramps, whereas, for others pregnancy termination is more painful.

You will most likely have cramping all through the first day after the abortion procedure, and then it should ease up, even though you will may have bleeding for up to 2 weeks. The bleeding may cease and begin a few times, so you might want to keep using pads for a few days even if it has stopped, in case it begins up again unpredictably. It is usual to have small, brown clots for a while, particularly in the morning, because blood has been sitting in your uterus or vagina while you sleep and can make clots.

You can take some analgesic drugs like Ondansetron / Zofran, Flexon-MR, Ethamsylate, or ibuprofen to aid with the pain. A heating pad on your abdomen may assist, also massaging your stomach over your uterus (if it isn’t agonizing). Push down on your uterus, just above your pelvic bone, and rub in a circular movement.

Things that can be used after Medical Abortion:

After you have completed the procedure, i.e. after you take MTP Kit (abortion pills), it is generally safe to use tampons or have intercourse within a few days of taking the second pills. But, bleeding often lasts longer with a pill-induced pregnancy termination, because in medication abortion the uterine lining comes out on its own.

Complications after an Abortion:

Complications after the medication procedure are very rare. Prior to 10 weeks gestation, only about 2% of patients feel complications. But, if you begin to notice any bad-smelling discharge from your vagina (especially if you begin passing large clots), if your pain is getting worst rather than better, or if you run a fever over 100.4°F, you need to consult your doctor immediately.  You may have an infection that requires antibiotics.

Do not panic! An infection doesn’t mean that you are going to be sterilized or that you did anything wrong, however it does need treatment, just like any infection.

What about feeling pregnant after a pregnancy termination?

Feelings of breast soreness and nausea must go away within several days or so of a medical abortion. You can get pregnant immediately after abortion: begin using some kind of contraception right away! Generally, females ovulate within a few weeks of a pregnancy termination that means they can get pregnant again, maybe suddenly. But, the HCG (human chorionic gonadatropin), the pregnancy hormones, can remain in the body for up to 60 days after an abortion. This can cause pregnancy tests with false positive results for female who take home pregnancy tests.

In the end, yes, having a pregnancy termination will possibly be somewhat painful, and you will have bleeding. However you must be about to go back to your normal life- back to work, taking care of your kids, having fun- within a day. Purchase a pack of maxi-pads and a heating pad, take your painkillers often, and aid yourself well for a few days.

Why a comprehensive healthcare plan should include abortion as well?

The ACA [ Affordable Care act] has brought significant changes to the women’s healthcare in United States. Before the legislation was passed, women could be and often were charged way more than their male counterparts for health insurance and most plans didn’t require to cover contraception.

Insurance companies could also decline to even sell a policy, due to “pre-existing circumstances”, such as for getting treated for sexual assault or domestic violence or having a C-section. Health-care quality of care, access and affordability has improved greatly since the Affordable care act was implemented. Unfortunately, however the most noteworthy exception to this case is the access to abortion.

States opt to drop abortion coverage

The states who have decided to drop abortion coverage are going a step in the wrong decision. As they refuse to cover pregnancy termination, they underpin the belief that women should pay for the essential health care completely on their own- although the same expectations are not applicable to men. This kind of discrimination based on gender and difference in pricing was supposed to be eliminated by the Affordable Care Act.

Such a decision tells the public that the insurance co-operatives do not believe that pregnancy termination is a part of comprehensive reproductive healthcare. Therefore, it further stigmatizes a medically proven and legal procedure, that [ according to statistics] 1 in 3 women will have in their lifetime. It also creates unnecessary obstacles for women who need to end their pregnancy. It is essential that women receive the care they need when they require it, regardless of their insurer or how much they have in their pocket.

Due to such reasons, many women look to buy abortion pills online for a cheaper deal.

Impact of removal of abortion coverage by the states

The decision to drop the abortion coverage, according to States healthcare departments was an “economic judgment”. For many women, the impact is economic as well. In addition to the monetary burden of paying for pregnancy termination out of the pocket, it also limits the woman’s financial security.

When women can select when and whether they want to be a mother, they are able to have better education as well as career opportunities. Therefore, it is unacceptable for states to balance its books on the backs of the women who are already struggling financially.

Life changing decisions like whether one wants to be pregnant or not, women should be able to consider all options regardless of their income. When some pregnancy-related costs are covered such as labor and deliver, excluding abortion, limits the woman’s ability to make necessary health decisions that are in best interest in their life and family. The freedom to decide what to do with their life should not be dependent on how much you have in the bank.

There are many women who sell their belongings, neglect their basic/ household expenditure to pay for abortion or straight up access illegal/ unsafe methods.  It is, therefore, important that employers and public in general, everywhere must consider to cover all-inclusive reproductive care in their health plan.

Necessity Of Abortive Services In War-Torn Areas

“Collateral Damage” these two words change a female who has been raped into a statistics; the two words that excuse sexual violence as an unfortunate but inevitable side-effect of war. In the war-torn areas criminalization cannot be the only focus; even prevention of sexual violence should be emphasized.

Even though all actions have been taken to prevent sexual violence, rape is still used as a weapon of war; therefore, those affected need our help. Some abortive services works in precarious places throughout the world and sees far too many people get away with using rape as a weapon of war.

For example, there are many women in Mali who were raped and had asked the help of abortive services. They fled the conflict in the north and survived to tell the tale. However so many others like them bear the consequences of being reduced to a statistic.  Ostracized and homeless by their community, they were left at risk of STIs and HIV, and facing the stark reality that they may be pregnant with their rapist’s child.

For the females caught up in conflict, sexual and reproductive health care is as vital as food to eat, a clean drinking water, and place to sleep.

So what does support look like?

When a female has been raped, she requires immediate protection and treatment. She needs health care to prevent a pregnancy, treat STIs, and prevent HIV. STIs and HIV that are not treated can be devastating, and the consequences of a woman resorting to an unsafe abortion are heartbreaking. Safe abortion pills should be open to the unlucky women who are much in need.

Providing safe abortive services is fraught with controversy. Certain NGOs and organizations allows for women raped in conflict to receive this support, but medical teams are often uncertain when international laws triumph, and even too scared to offer an abortion. Daily, in the countries the consequences of unsafe abortion are seen. Whether a doctor will help or not, females will literally risk their lives to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Trying to put this into context, one study of refugees in 10 countries found that up to 78% of the maternal deaths were a result childbirth or unsafe abortion.

Unexpected Pregnancy

Any adult women who is sexually active and not experienced menopause fears about pregnancy if her periods don’t come on time. Most pregnancies occur because the couple is not using birth control or not using it properly/ inconsistently. Even though contraceptives like birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, shots etc. are very good in preventing pregnancy, they are not 100% effective.

You may feel terrified, ashamed, shocked and are not ready/ do not want to be a parent. Otherwise, you may feel surprised and joyful about the possibility of becoming a parent.

What to do?

Before panicking and making any decisions, the first thing to do would be confirm your pregnancy. The earlier you know, the better it is to plan. Many of us change our minds after faced with an unexpected pregnancy, regardless of what we thought we would do. Therefore, be gentle with yourself and remember that there is help to guide you through this, no matter what your decision.

How to find it out?

There are two types of tests that you can take to find out about pregnancy-

  • Home pregnancy test

These test detect the human chorionic gonadotropin [ hCG], a pregnancy hormone which can be found in urine. These tests are generally accurate and can be done about the time when you missed your periods.

Most pregnancy work in a similar manner: You have to either pee on the stick or collect the urine sample in a cup, in which the pregnancy test card is doused. After some minutes, the results will be shown on the card. One-line means not pregnant, whereas double lines indicate pregnant.

  • Blood Test

You can do this at a health clinic, where your blood sample may testify your pregnancy. It can tell if you have conceived or not, even before a week when you are supposed to get your periods.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

  • Breast tenderness/ enlargement
  • Missed/ lighter/ shorter period
  • Frequently tired
  • Frequent urination
  • Feeling bloated
  • Vomiting/ nausea
  • Changing moods/ emotions
  • Nipple sensitivity

These symptoms may vary woman to woman. Do not assume pregnancy before taking a test.

 Is it possible to get pregnant without having intercourse?

It is possible, although rare for a woman to conceive without penetration. Pregnancy is a possibility if the sperm comes in contact near the vaginal entrance, if it’s on the clothing that is directly in contact with the vagina and also if it’s is on your fingers that is then put into the vagina etc. As sperms ejaculated form the body can only survive from minutes to few hours, the likelihood of getting pregnant is slim to none.

Learning about your options

You can go to pregnancy advisory centers and consult professionals if you are confused as to how to proceed after unexpected pregnancy. Beware of centers that are run by biased people, who often discourage and scare women from abortion, if that’s her choice.

If you decided that this pregnancy is not for you, you can buy abortion pills or access surgical abortive procedure.

If you decide that you want to continue the pregnancy, you can either be a parent or put the baby up for adoption.

Your body is going through a major hormonal change, which will affect your mood and feelings. It is best to have a talk with your closest ones to think through the possibilities.

Nevertheless, the final decision should be made by you alone.

Yet it is important that you take the decision early pregnancy to avoid complications and limited choices. Just trust yourself and determine what is best decision for you.

What is the connection between abortion and careers?

I have had an abortion.

It happened when I was in my last year of University, getting my master’s in Business administration. I used to study well into the night and start my day at 8 o clock in the morning again. Being as studious I was, I scored big in exams.

I considered myself very hardworking, and perfectly healthy. Being that I went to gym regularly and had healthy food, I rarely fell sick. However, that I was changing and found myself out of energy, tired, nauseous and snappy.

A friend joked, asking me if I was pregnant and I was suddenly concerned.

I immediately bought pregnancy tests to see if I was indeed pregnant. Three test cards showed positive results. Not believing my own eyes, I booked for a doctor’s appointment.

The next natural step would be to tell my boyfriend; however, I was too afraid for his reaction. If he was against it, would I step back from my decision to abort like I was thinking. Because of this fear, I didn’t tell him.

A dilemma

Turned out I was over 6 weeks pregnant. Suddenly all those pro-life vs. pro-choice rallies that happened in front of college flashed before my eyes. I never thought these political disputes would be applicable to my life in such a personal manner.

I had to tell my boyfriend, there was no way around it. We both were in shock, neither of us had any experience in pregnancy.

Talking to a consultant

My boyfriend was laying low, being firmly pro-choice, he had made clear that the decision was up to me. If I said so, he would find a way to access safe abortion pills or take responsibility for child care. So he drove me to a pregnancy consultant, so I could clear my mind and take the decision I wanted to. The woman there was very supportive and heard all my story without prejudice or condescension.

I laid it out there – that I was not a person that was nurturing or wanted to be parent – not only now but never.

Furthermore, my education and career would take a step back if I would have to take care of a baby.  Not only would it deter me from further education, but my plans- that I invested everything for – to get the internship at a company I wanted and to start a career that I wanted will be gone.

Making a decision

Now, I know that there are women out there who have achieved their dream careers even after having kids. However, realistically – much portion of women who have children at college do not get the time or the opportunity to get back what could have been.

Furthermore, even research proves that college going women who have children are much less likely to complete education and get a career.

Never minding the research-, I knew that I would have been unhappy and resentful if I had given up my career and education at that stage of my life.

Since I didn’t want to have children anyways, I decided to have a pregnancy termination.

Having an abortion

Being at a place we like, it was very difficult to access any abortion clinic. Therefore, I decided to  buy MTP Kit online and have the procedure done at home.

Now both my boyfriend and me have the job we enjoy with good pay. After my abortion I may have had mixed feelings, but to this day I do not regret my decision.

– By Arlene Bernstein, 22 

Women Don’t Make Abortion Decision Lightly….

Today there are N- number of studies and research carried out by universities, governments, by the UN, reproductive healthcare institutes and researchers. In all these studies, it is stated that all around world, but especially, in developing / under-developed, women whether married or not do not have access to any kind of reproductive/ family planning services.

This include lack of sex education among the girls and boys [young generation] from these countries. For e.g. in the context of Senegal, where the majority of population is Muslim, there are numerous Muslim intellectuals and writers who remind us the origin of Islam. In this, contrary to most religions, two points are acknowledged – [ in the context of matrimony] primarily, that human beings are sexual in nature and secondly, these sexual desire are one of the most profound feeling of a human being.

The crux of the problem

There is an issue with prescribing abstinence pre-marriage as the best form of contraception. In countries that have traditional weddings, marriage is far from free. The young generation don’t have the means to get married when and how they like. With that being said, they are told to remain abstinent before marriage and yet, they have to wait for marriage because of lack of financial means.

On the other hand, there is prevalence of sexual violence in such countries. There are instances where young women face pregnancy due to being victims of rape and incest.  On top of that, there is almost low to no chances for these women to access safe abortion pills or termination services.

In such cases, asking the women to sort herself out is not a practical or humane solution. Such behavior drives these girls to risk their life or be permanently disfigured with back-alley unsafe abortions.

Statistics say

According to global statistics, every day more than 68,000 women die from complication arisen from an unsafe/ illegal pregnancy termination. Meanwhile, there are approximately 2 million to seven million women who have survived unsafe abortions but suffered permanent injuries or disfigurement in the process.

Plus, there is issue of infanticide. We see a lot of women who are in prison because of infanticide as they could not abort. Plus, there are cases of abandonment of children in which they become the responsibility of the state or community.

A thing to note

Developing and undeveloped countries are part of international conventions of human rights too.

As a result, they should also eliminate the forms of discrimination done against women in regards to unsafe abortion, – that requires decriminalization of abortions.

It is important for everyone to take notice that women deciding to abort, do not do so lightly. In fact, research has proven that women who step into the clinic to buy abortion pill or access surgery are the surest of their decision compared to any other.

The experience of abortion is terrifying enough, that any suggestion of women seeking pregnancy termination, because they desire to so, is irrational.

The question then lies, whether governments of all the countries in the world have to reform their judicial system to overthrow the current oppressive/ restrictive laws and to give women the dignity to make the decisions of her body by herself.

The Woman’s Guide To Having A Medical Abortion

The actual decision of having an abortion is always ‘gut-wrenching’ or ‘horrible’ decision. In some cases, the psychological aftermath of an abortion is an engulfing feeling of relief, in most cases; pregnancy termination was just a lawful medical procedure that allowed women’s life to persist unchanged after feeling momentarily terrified, afraid, and alone. While none of those who contributed seemed that they regretted their decision. A medical abortion is a procedure that millions of women undergo every year.

Medication abortion is currently a two-medication process that involves taking safe abortion pills over the course of 2-3 days, typically while the patient is at home. Medical Pregnancy termination is safe, and is 97-98% effective. Some women prefer it because it requires no anesthesia or surgery and may feel more private or natural.

A guide to unexpectedly finding out that you are pregnant:

Firstly, you need to find out that you are pregnant. As soon as you find out and you have decided that you wish to abort, you can buy abortion pills to induce the procedure at home, because longer you wait, the more difficult the procedure can be.

You can check whether your pregnant or not with the help of home pregnancy test (urine test).  Home pregnancy test is very simple; you just have to pee on a stick again. Once a positive result is received, you may or may not take a blood test and may rely on the urine test results. You can also do ultrasound, to know how far along your pregnancy is and what method of abortion will be appropriate for you. If your pregnancy is within 10 weeks of gestational period, you can perform the least-invasive procedure possible that is medical abortion.

There are several options available for medical termination of pregnancy, however the most commonly used is one tablet of Mifeprex (200mg) followed by Misoprostol (800mcg).

A guide to Mifeprex:

Mifeprex is a pill that pharmaceutically prompts the body to miscarriage. Pregnancies that are 10 weeks along or lesser can be aborted with this pill. It is the most effective way to terminate a pregnancy if used within 7 weeks along or even fewer. It is the brand version of Mifepristone. The primary pill Mifeprex stops the development of the fetus, while the secondary pill Misoprostol induces the uterus to empty its contents.

Women, who utilize this method, may experience severe cramping in their abdomen with some nausea. Along with that they experience some bleeding normally heavier than the menstrual period. The bleeding will go anywhere from some days to 2-3 weeks after taking Mifeprex.

For most patients aborting medically is like an early miscarriage. A follow-up appointment is required after 14 days to make sure the procedure’s completion. Individuals who are not eligible for medication abortion include those with:

  • Long term steroid use
  • Chronic adrenal failure
  • Known blood disorder
  • Significant anemia

What To Do If Your Vaginal Ring Has Fallen Out

If your vaginal ring falls out, then re-insert it as soon as you can. This is because, the longer the ring has been out of the vagina, the higher the risk of getting pregnant is. As a consequence, a person may even experience breakthrough bleeding.
What to do if the vaginal ring comes has been out for less than 3 hours
1. Rinse the Nuvaring with a cool or lukewarm water [do not use hot water] and then re-insert it into the vagina as soon as possible.

2. You don’t need to use a supplementary contraception and you are protected from conception.

What to do if the ring has fallen out for more than three hours in the 1st or 2nd week of usage:
1. Wash the ring with cool or lukewarm water and then insert the same ring back as quickly as you can.
2. If the vaginal ring has been out of the system for more than three hours, then you must use an additional contraception. You must use this contraception for at least seven days from when you re-inserted the ring.
3. Ask a healthcare professional or your doctor for medical advice, if you had intercourse in the previous few days and didn’t use a condom- in this case you may need an emergency contraceptive like Plan B.

If the ring has been fallen out of the vagina for more than three hours in the third week of usage, throw away the vaginal ring, and do either one of the following:
1. Buy Nuvaring and insert the new ring immediately and start a new ring cycle. You may not experience withdrawal bleeding, however – breakthrough bleeding or little spotting may occur.


2. Do not insert a new ring. Start you seven-day break from contraception [ like you do while using birth control pills- same applies here]. You will experience withdrawal bleeding. Then you can insert a new ring, seven days after the old ring came out of vagina. This option however can only be used, if the ring was continuously used for at least seven days before it fell off.
In both situations you must use an additional contraception, until the ring has been in place continuously for a week [7 days]. Again, ask for a professional advice, if you had intercourse in the previous few days and didn’t use a condom as you may need emergency contraception to decrease the risk of getting unwantedly pregnant.

If you lose the vaginal ring, you can insert a new one and continue on with the cycle that you were on.
Use emergency contraceptive like IUD and morning after pill like Plan B in case you had unprotected intercourse. These type of birth control work faster when taken quickly, therefore you must act fast. You must not use emergency contraception like an “additional regular birth control method”.
Where can you get a vaginal ring?
Although they are available at many drug stores, many women prefer to buy Nuvaring online to get cheaper deals and for privacy purposes.


What Diet Should Be Followed After Taking Abortion Pills?

Following an abortion, it is very crucial for a female to take care of her body. In order to recover quickly after abortion procedure, she should do so. Taking care of what she is eating is the best way to take care of her body. It is vital to have appropriate diet, after a woman has undergone through termination of pregnancy.  Reducing vitamin, heavy bleeding, riboflavin level, and iron too can have a hazardous result in the body. There are some of the best diets that you need to follow after abortion:

  • Protein:

Protein is necessary in your diet. It ensures that your body is getting an adequate supply of vitamins, as well as inorganic salt, which will aid you to raise the iron supplement in the body and will also help in healing too. Protein also ensures that anaemia is averted and the flow of the nutritional supply is going on incessantly.  The blood loss following the pregnancy termination makes the body feeble, that time you need protein, and other minerals in a large amount and protein rich diet will facilitate you to reach that level of strength rapidly.

Women can also go for protein rich supplements. This will ensure that the blood flow and production of the blood cells are increased for a healthier life. They can include cottage cheese, bananas, peas, carrots, almonds, green leafy vegetables, fish, baked beans, avocado, eggs, and such type of protein rich food in your diet.

  • Go for digestable food:

Suppose you eat heavy or greasy food even after taking reliable abortion pills, then you may undergo stomach ache later on. In order to shun such type of physical pain, it is vital pain to go for food that you can digest easily without any issue.  A woman can include bitter melon, edible radish, oranges, hawthorn, and such type of other vegetables and fruits.  Avoid having heavy oil foods, cold drinks that can have a dangerous result afterwards.

  • Include nutritional diet:

Some of the best nutritional diets, which you can include in your daily diet after pregnancy termination procedures, are eggs, fish, meat, liver, soybean, tender chicken, dates, lotus seeds, fresh fruits, milk, vegetables, and others.  Such nutritional diet will make sure to build a stronger immune system and help you recover faster from pregnancy termination. Do not have spicy food, even if you are having the above mentioned diet, because it may cause pain and may need a quick check up, thus it’s better to shun spicy food from your diet.

  • Intake of water should be increased:

Following pregnancy termination, the ordinary issues, which are seen in most of the women, are sweating. This ordinary issue can lead to dehydration, thus it is really vital to increase your intake of water 8-12 glasses of water daily. This habit will ensure that you are not going to be a victim of dehydration and constipation as well.

  • Non-vegetarian foods:

If you want a large amount of protein in your body, then choose non-vegetarian food for your diet. You can have beef, chicken, tuna, fish, shellfish, peas, cooked dry beans, and other. These foods are very high in protein that will help you to increase iron, vitamin, as well as increase the blood circulation also.

  • Low fat products:

As mentioned above food which are heavy will have an adverse effect in your body, thus going for low diet will assist you to heal faster and in a better way. You must definitely include low fat products when it comes to dairy products like low fat milk. This will help you to supply your daily intake of proteins, vitamins, and calcium. The everyday intake of low fat dairy product will keep you stronger and healthier as well.

These are some of the best food that you can include in your diet after you take abortion tablets. Your body becomes feeble and it does not require lots of protein, vitamins, iron, and other minerals to heal faster and maintain the health of the body also. If you are add all the above- mentioned diet every day, then you will be able to resume your health in the best manner, devoid of any type of health problem later in your life.

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How Birth Control Pills Can Reduce The Risk Of Ovarian And Endometrial Cancer?

Even if you don’t give much thought about your endometrial lining, it continues doing its work, i.e. your periods. As time passes and your menstruation cycle continues you are more at risk of developing different types of female reproductive cancers.

One way of stopping these cycle would be to get pregnant and decrease their risk but what if you are not ready to have a baby? There is an another way you can stop the menstrual cycle and lessen these risks- you can take birth control pills.

Oral birth control like the Loette contraceptive pills have been consistently found to have properties that reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

How do hormonal oral contraceptives affect the ovarian cancer risk?

According to an analysis of more than 20 studies, researchers found that the longer the women used birth control, more the risk of ovarian cancer decreases. According to these studies, the risk reduced by 10% to 12% after one year of usage and by approximately 50% after 5 years of usage.

Furthermore, studies researched the level or type of hormones in birth control pills does not affects ovarian cancer risk. One research in particular found that the decreased risk of ovarian cancer was the same regardless the amount of type of estrogen and progestin in the pill.

A more recent analysis of the study however states that contraceptive formulations with higher levels of progestin associated with reduced risk of cancer compare to low levels of progestin.

Another study analyzed new lower-dosage progestin that have varying androgenic effects [ testosterone line effects]. As a result, they found no difference in the level of cancer risk between the non-androgenic and androgenic contraceptives.

How do hormonal oral contraceptives affect the endometrial cancer risk?

Similar to ovarian cancer risk, women using birth control pills have shown reduced risk of endometrial cancer. This protection increases with the length of time as long as oral contraceptives usage and continues for many years even after the woman stops taking birth control pills.

A study analyzing contraception usage in high income countries from 1965-2014, indicated that combined hormonal oral contraceptives such as Ovral, have prevented about 400,000 cases of endometrium cancer. A new meta-analysis also stated that birth control pills lessen the risk of developing endometrium cancer, especially if used for more than five years.

Moreover, a study revealed that the composition of the pill- i.e. the level of estrogen and progestin in the tablet did not have any effect on the level of risk. This was despite the fact that contraceptive tablets used to contain double amount of estrogen and progestin in the 60’s compared to the current versions.

Benefits of using birth control

  • Other than reducing the risk of ovarian/endometrial cancer, it is prudent to use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Since pregnancy termination- whether by abortion pills or surgery is a difficult to go through for many, it is better to prevent it from happening altogether.
  • It prevents PCOS
  • Regularizes menstrual cycle
  • Is effective in decreasing acne and other skin conditions