5 Things to Know Before Buying Abortion Pills Online

Ending pregnancy with pills is a convenient method to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Several women prefer to buy abortion pills online, because it is easy and cost-effective. You can get assured home delivery in discreet packaging. Even you can choose fast shipping and avail yourself of the medicines in no time. With secured transactions, safety, and privacy, you will also receive the necessary healthcare support from the medication provider. There is probably a Live Chat support 24 x 7 where you can access expert advice on your medical abortion queries.

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So, with such a huge array of benefits of purchasing the abortion pill from the web, what else do you have to know before checking out? In this post, we will take you through this topic.

1. How Far Along is Your Pregnancy?

The abortion pills will only work if the gestation age is within 9 weeks. So, a pregnancy older than this period is only safe for termination with the hospitalized procedure and not the pills. Make sure that you are within 9 weeks of pregnancy when using the medicines. You can count the gestation age starting from the first day of the last period. Or, a uterus scan will tell you exactly how old your pregnancy is.

2. Do You Have Pre-existing Health Issues?

Certain medical conditions need to be discussed with a physician before you choose medical abortion. Because severe health issues may make it unsafe for you to take the medicines for pregnancy termination. Some of these are heart/liver/kidney issues, adrenal failure, severe asthma, uncontrollable high blood pressure, inherited porphyria, long-term use of corticosteroid therapy, allergy to the abortion pill, bleeding disorders, cancers, and others.

3. Can You Access Emergency Care During the Procedure?

Before you buy abortion pill online, make sure you have contact with the nearest emergency care. And you must also have someone who can help you get transported to this facility during the pregnancy termination procedure if the need arises. The risks of complications are low in the case of medical abortion. However, you must always ensure this precautionary step for safety,

4. Is the Pregnancy Intrauterine?

The pills are effective for a fertilized egg that is inside the uterus. If the pregnancy is outside the womb, i.e., ectopic pregnancy, then the medicines will not end it. A scan of the abdomen will help to know the location of the pregnancy. If the embryo has implanted in the fallopian tubes or anywhere, but inside the womb, you will need immediate surgical termination.

5. Do You Have a Prescription and Meet the Age Limit?

A legit healthcare store will only provide you with an abortion pill online If you are over 18 years of age. If you are a teenager, then you must look for an alternate option. Also, you must have a valid prescription from a professional. You need to upload or send the prescription to the website, electronically. After verification of the same, you will be allowed to proceed with the purchase. If you do not have the doctor’s advice slip, then the pill provider may perhaps help you with getting the prescription.

To Conclude

Using abortion pills is a good alternative to ending early pregnancy. Yet before obtaining the medicines online, you must know certain things, and keep those in mind.

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