How to Care For Yourself Physically and Emotionally While Having Medical Abortion

Medical abortion

Every woman responds differently to an abortion. When you have made your decision to have medical abortion you must take care of yourself even more intensely. Before you buy abortion pill, it is always best to take a pregnancy test. Also, the pregnancy gestation has to be within ten weeks.

  • Understand your body type and know if you are eligible for medical abortion
  • Check if you have any heart/ liver/ kidney disease. Are they taking long term corticosteroids
  • Are you allergic to prostaglandin or anti-progesterone
  • Do you have blood clot problems, or high blood pressure

Things to do to have a safe abortion

Eat light food. Drink plenty of fluids and keep drinking it especially before you consume abortion pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

It’s preferable if you eat in smaller portions while you’re going through medication. It can help to handle it better.

If you experience diarrhea or can’t digest any food or liquids for more than five hours, contact your nearest medical care team.

The bleeding is usually heavier than the normal periods. There are possibilities that your bleeding may not look normal. Women bleed heavily for almost 5 hours or even more, as the blood clots and pregnancy tissues are expelled out of the body.

Don’t panic even if the bleeding goes for more than a week. It will get reduced.

Physical care

Physical care during abortion process must be given utmost importance. Hence, here are a few things you should keep in mind for better physical care during abortion activity.  Below listed things can help you overcome the side effects that you may get while undergoing the procedure.

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Drink hot water if possible or keep heating pads alongside
  • Make sure you have enough sanitary pads with you
  • Maintain emergency contacts in your phone
  • Take suitable painkiller if it pains
  • Keep a thermometer to have a regular check on fever and your health
  • Have energy drinks whenever you’re feeling weak and tired
  • Eat chocolates or snacks.
  • Drink enough of water to keep yourself hydrated

 Emotional care

  • Do what you really like, especially an art form like painting or writing.
  • Talk to people you love the most, spend some time with pets
  • Think positive, decorate your house with flowers and paintings to keep a positive environment

Speedy recovery after medical abortion also depends on the psychological impact on your body. You must look after your feelings along with the above physical precautions of your body. Stay positive; pamper yourself with a nice novel or a movie of your choice. Be around people who make you happy. Talk to them.