Roe v/s Wade: America’s Pro-choice beginning


It was a turning point of history for America when the U.S Supreme Court announced its decision in the Roe v/s Wade case, which recognized the constitutional rights of women to have privacy in her own personal medical decisions. This decision included having abortion without the interference from political groups.  After 43 years, Americans are still standing by this decision, as evident by a survey which shows that 7 in 10 Americans believe that the Roe v/s Wade should remain as the law in the country.

Access: Now and Then

Since the 70’s have been many amendments that have improved the access to pregnancy termination. One of the most influential things to ease access is the invention of abortion pill in 1988 and introduction of RU-486 in 2000 in the U.S. Now it is known by different brand names and along with a secondary drug called Mifeprex and Cytolog respectively.  These two pills are now used for terminating an early pregnancy.

Abortion then were performed illegally in back alley clinics with no safety measures, while only the rich could afford a doctor who would often charge double due to pregnancy termination being illegal.

Abortion: Now and Then

Illegal pregnancy terminations made up one sixth of all pregnancies and neo –natal mortality rates. A research conducted in between 1965 and 1967 found that eight out of ten financially backward women in New York City who had termination had attempted dangerous self-administered procedure.

Now that pregnancy cancellation is legal, it has become considerably safer. Also with the evolving science regarding termination, medical abortion and surgery are one of the safest procedures in the United States with 99% recorded success rate. Additionally, due to its legality, women who decide to buy Cytolog and Mifeprex or have surgery can receive support along the process from medical experts.

Attack on Roe v/s Wade

Despite pregnancy termination being legal, safe and constitutional protected and supported by citizens, there are number of ‘pro-life’ advocates who have made it increasingly impossible for women to access pregnancy termination.

  • The Current Federal Termination Ban – Although Roe v/s Wade is still in effect. There was an abortion ban that was legislated in 2003 and was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2007 which criminalizes certain procedures of pregnancy cancellation in second trimester which medical experts deem to be safe.
  • Threat of restrictions and bans: Congress is considering a ban on all 20 weeks abortions. Additionally, as a broader effort to repeal the Row v/s Wade, some conservative politicians are pushing for variety of bills that would restrict access to pregnancy termination. While the current change in political climate, the country is more vulnerable than ever to an abortion ban.

 Ensuring women have reproductive care

There have many medical institutions that are providing safe access to abortive services for all women. Some women’s rights groups even have online centers to help women who are bereft of their reproductive choice. Women now, more than ever are accessing Mifeprex and Cytolog online to terminate their pregnancies in private. Therefore provision of safe, non-judgmental and confidential health care services has become a necessary part of public health matter.


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