Terminate your unplanned pregnancy with safe abortion pills

safe abortion pills

In September 2000, the food and drug administration of the USA approved a few anti-progesterone (1st type) and prostaglandin (2nd type) pills for ending a pregnancy up to 49 days. ever since the approval, the practices of wrongly ending a pregnancy have been reduced. The availability of abortion pills has increased with more information being spread about the various facets of medical abortion.

What are the safe abortion pills available?

Generic RU 486

For the second type of abortion pill, there are two options:


Anyone of the pill from the first category along with any one of the pills from the second category becomes a combination for terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

MTP kit and abortion pill pack are the two abortion pill products which allow you to purchase the drug combination together. The key difference between the two is that the abortion pill pack contains other medicines to lower the impact of side effects of abortion pills.

How can you terminate your unplanned pregnancy using safe abortion pills?

Take the first pill (200 mg) orally with water.
You may or may not experience any visible bodily changes.
After 24 hours, take the second pill either (1) buccally or (2) Vaginally
You will experience abdomen cramps caused by the second pill. This is essential to initiate the removal of pregnancy tissues from the body.
You will start bleeding vaginally within 24 hours and this shall be an indication of pregnancy termination process getting completed.

The symptoms of pregnancy termination:

As mentioned before, abdomen cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding are the two important symptoms of pregnancy termination. If you do not experience these two symptoms, it is advised to consult a doctor at the earliest.

The side effects:

The side effects of a medical pregnancy termination such as vomiting, diarrhea, headache, nausea, sickness etc may or may not occur with every woman. These side effects do not last longer than the pregnancy termination period. The process may take up to a week.

Visit the doctor as soon as soon possible if you encounter extreme side effects or prolonged adverse effects of abortion medicines.


Use pads ( not a tampon) to soak blood.
Do not have sexual intercourse during or immediately after the procedure.
Do not smoke or drink during or right after the procedure.
Do not insert anything into the vagina.

Why should you use abortion pills to terminate the unwanted pregnancy?

Abortion pills are a safe method to end an early pregnancy.
None of the side effects are permanent or affect health severely.
It does not have any impact on the future pregnancies.
It does affect the fertility of the user.
It helps maintain a complete privacy.
One can easily buy abortion pills online.

Confirmation of pregnancy termination:

You must confirm the efficacy of medical pregnancy termination tablets 10-14 days after the medical abortion procedure. You can perform a home pregnancy test or visit the nearest center to get the pregnancy status.