How To Save Yourself From Future Unwanted Pregnancy?

unwanted pregnancyGlobal research says that unwanted pregnancy rate has fallen down worldwide, due to the usage of condoms and birth control pills. Still, in many other developing countries, women need to be educated more about the use of birth control pills, contraceptives, and the importance of family planning. Unwanted pregnancy can occur by the failure of contraceptives, such as tearing of condom during an intercourse or even not having proper knowledge of using contraceptives.

Unplanned pregnancy, can sometimes be a havoc for a woman who is not ready for pregnancy yet. The reasons can be numerous, such as financial limitations, lack of support from partner or family or educational priorities. And in such case, if an unplanned pregnancy occurs, it can be a reason of major concern for a woman. If you find yourself in such a situation, do not panic. This is not an end of the world! You still have the option of doing an abortion. You can opt for medical abortion or the surgical abortion. There are many online pharmacies available which supply abortion pills online like abortion pill pack and MTP kit. You can use them to save yourself from an unwanted pregnancy.

Reasons for unwanted pregnancy:

Lack of proper knowledge of using contraceptives
Incorrect estimation of safe days
Irregular or no use of contraceptives
Insufficiency of emergency contraceptive pills
Contraceptive failure

Ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy:
Of course not having an intercourse is the safest way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. But if you do not wish to stop being sexually active, here are some ways which will save you from an unwanted pregnancy. But remember, many options of contraceptives will not shield you from STDs(Sexually Transmitted Disease)

Birth control pills:
It is the most commonly used method of contraception. There are several birth control pills such as Ovral, Loette and plan B(emergency contraceptive pills).
Most birth control pills contain two types of synthetic female hormones- estrogen and progestin.
A birth control pill pack has 21 hormonal pills and 7 placebo pills. These pills are required to be consumed regularly without fail.
Vaginal ring:
It is a flexible polymer ring which has to be worn into the vagina. It is one of the safe, secure and affordable ways to prevent pregnancy.
It is a thin sheath used to cover genitals during an intercourse. There are two types of condoms- male latex condoms and female condoms. Condoms act as a barrier and do not let the sperm fertilize the egg during an intercourse. Male condoms are most commonly used contraceptives.
It is a type of birth control in which a shallow cup is inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix. It works as a barrier, stopping sperms from entering the vagina. Do apply spermicide to the diaphragm, before each use.
It is a commonly used method of contraception and is generally merged with other contraception methods. It can have different forms such as gel, foam, film or suppositories. Spermicides reduce the movement of sperms, which do not let them fertilize an egg.
It is a small t-shaped device, placed into a uterus to avoid pregnancy. It is a long-term and effective contraceptive tool. They can be easily removed as they are temporarily placed.

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