Guide To Maintain Good Vaginal Health

Maintain Good Vaginal Health

A woman who talks a lot may shut her mouth for her vaginal problems. That’s how the case is with most women. They seldom talk about their vaginal discomforts. Consulting an expert for such problems is a next level expectation for such women. Thanks to online pharmacies and women healthcare websites which are spreading vaginal health words to the women all around the world.

Following guidelines help you maintain good vaginal health.

Protecting vaginal pH balance

The normal pH level in a woman’s vagina should remain around 3.8 to 4.5. However, when you douche, it the vaginal pH level can get disturbed. The pH acid in the vagina is necessary and you reduce it with unnecessary douching. This makes your vagina prone to bacterial infections.
Do not wash your vagina with water. You are blessed with a self-cleansing mechanism which keeps itself clean and hence unnecessary washing/ douching is not required.

Here’s what you can do:

Do not douche!
Do not use soaps or perfume near the vaginal area.

When to see a doctor:

If the vagina continuously smells badly or strong weird odor.

Healthy Diet
A maintained diet helps not only your body shape and digestive system but also to your reproductive organs. In certain cases, experts suggest changes in your diet as a solution for particular vaginal health problems.

Here’s what you can do:

Drink lots of water
Have yogurt base foods

When to see a doctor:

If you counter prolonged urinary tract infections

Practice safe sexual intercourse

Surgical abortions have more risks of infections. You can buy safe abortion pills online or from the local stores and terminate your unwanted pregnancy at home as medical abortion is one of the safest methods of abortions. Use condom contraception methods while having intercourse with your partner. You must not share your sex toys with any other person.

Here’s what you can do:

Contraception use
STD checkup every time you have intercourse with a new partner.

When to see a doctor:

If you experience painful sexual intercourse
Pain when urinating after intercourse.

Maintain hygiene

Do not wash your anal to the vagina. The movement should always be from the vagina to the anal. The reverse can lead to severe bacterial infections. Regularly change your pads and tampons. For After-pregnancy or post medical abortion bleeding, you must you must use pads and not tampons. To avoid excessive bleeding after an abortion, you can use the abortion pill pack which contains medicines to treat the excessive bleeding side effect.

Here’s what you can do:

Follow the aforementioned tips

When to see a doctor:

Uncontrolled excessive bleeding and pain near the vagina during menstrual periods.

Some more tips:

Treat your infection as early as possible. An online pharmacy generally provides guidance on woman healthcare. You may get information for home remedies. If that does not solve your problem, you must meet your healthcare provider at the earliest. Some of the infections or vaginal problems can lead to severe complications if ignored.

Use underpants which allow breathing well. Do not use over-tight and uncomfortable panties. You may feel good in such bikinis but that prettiness may be turned out to be a nightmare for its health.

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